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Dec 6, 2015

Furry Christmas—Unleashed by Sotia Lazu

Covers & Excerpts
Furry Christmas
Furry Christmas
Curse, Magic
Fangs & Fur
Shifter, Vampire
Two paranormal romances by Sotia Lazu

Furry Christmas
Furry Christmas
by Sotia Lazu

Alice has hated Christmas for a decade, and this year is no exception. She’s spending the holidays alone with her best friend’s cat, while everyone she knows is out partying. To add to the fun, a huge stray dog just made a mess of her parents’ living room, and her dreams are haunted by the sexy stranger she slept with almost six months ago.

Quinn wasn’t always a dog. At least that’s what he thinks, but he can’t be certain, because the killer migraines kick in. His collar reads Prince Charming, and he may turn out to be just that, if only he manages to remember that one important thing in time for…he’s not really sure.

All Quinn’s sure of is he knows Alice. All Alice needs to do is believe in magic.

And they’re both running out of time.

Note: This story takes place in the same world as The Tenant

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Content/Theme(s): Shifter, Curse, Magic
Release Date: December 3, 2015
Publisher: Hartwood Publishing

Excerpt, Unleashed & More

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Furry Christmas Excerpt:
Despite his size, Prince Charming seemed like the least dangerous dog in the world, and Ms. Thing was easily adaptable to both two- and four-legged companions, according to Becca.

Prince Charming put his head on the cushion next to her without even having to stretch from his spot on the floor. His eyes were a striking golden yellow, ringed with orange, and he was beautiful now that his fur was no longer caked with three layers of sludge. He sort of looked like he had a good percentage of Irish Wolfhound in him. She petted him. He was silken too—and didn’t shed, judging from the lack on loose hairs between her fingers.

Soft and cuddly.

Alice sat back, pulled the blanket on, and patted the back of the couch. “Here, boy.” She could do with some cuddling. It had been a while since she’d felt that way. Last time she’d wanted to cuddle, she’d still been with Dorian.

There might have been a time after that, but— Nah.

To the soundtrack of feline protests, Prince Charming climbed up and curled his body into a big, fluffy ball next to her. Alice wrapped an arm around his neck, enjoying his warmth. His presence felt so comforting, she might forget to whine about the holidays for another ten minutes.

Or not.

The Grinch was over. She channel hopped and landed on yet another annoyingly upbeat Christmastime movie. This one came complete with a miracle. Alice grunted. “I hate TV during the holiday season.”

Prince Charming nodded against her knee.

She patted his head. “You’re a wise dog, despite your stupid name.” If she kept him, she’d have to rename him to just Prince.

Well, that was a dumb thought. Even if pets were allowed in her building, she was barely able to make ends meet as things were. A part time job in data entry and occasionally selling one of her street portraits didn’t exactly leave her with much at the end of the month, and a dog Prince’s size would probably need two pounds of dried food per day. There was no way she could afford it.

He placed a heavy paw on her thigh, and she realized she’d stopped petting him. She ran her fingers through his fur in long strokes. “You’ll stay with me tonight,” she said.

The dog nuzzled her palm.

“Maybe tomorrow too?”

He gave her puppy eyes.

“Okay, till the New Year tops, ’cause it’s the holidays, but on Friday we’ll start looking for your family.” He had to have a family, ’cause, seriously, who but a ten-year-old girl would name a dog Prince Charming?

He sniffed.

“I bet they miss you. I bet they’re out there looking for you as we speak.” She doubted that was the case. She could easily trace the dog’s ribcage under his thick coat. He was at least twenty pounds lighter than she’d initially estimated; he’d probably been eating poorly for months. Lost, wandering, searching for a place to call home. Alice felt sorry for both him and his people. Whoever had lost him had given up hope by now. “I’m going to take some beautiful pictures of you, and we’ll post them everywhere. Even if your family doesn’t see them, someone is bound to fall in love with you and give you a permanent home.”

She kept petting him until her arm began hurting. She looked at her wristwatch. It wasn’t even eleven yet, but she doubted she had it in her to stay up much longer. And she had to let the cat out.

Prince seemed to have drifted off and Ms. Thing had quieted down, so Alice opened the crate slowly. The feline looked around, then took an experimental step forward. Alice remained still while the cat crawled on her lap and extended her neck so she could sniff the dog.

Prince opened his eyes.

Ms. Thing hissed and arched her back. Before Alice could react, the cat leaped off the couch and up the ledge of the fireplace, scattering some picture frames on her way.

Prince closed his eyes again.

“Nothing fazes you, huh?” She thought the dog smiled. “I may be turning into crazy dog lady after all.”
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by Sotia Lazu
a Fangs & Fur novella

Grayon is ousted from the only life he knows, for trying to do the right thing. The Earth plane is his punishment, and both his human and wolf nature hate the smell of London and long to return to The Forest, but for now he has to accept the hospitality of the local vampire Master and the annoying undead chick that comes with it.

Raven loves nothing more than control. Her life was all mapped out, as was her death. The only thing she hasn’t planned for is this hot piece of shifter that grates on her nerves, with his cocky grin and sculpted body.

Vampires and shifters were enemies till recently, and some still consider this to be the case. It’s up to Grayon and Raven to decide if they will hate each other or…
Note: This story originally appeared in the Paranormal & Loving it! anthology.

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Content/Theme(s): Shifter, Vampire
Release Date: November 27, 2015
Publisher: Acelette Press


Unleashed Purchase links:  Amazon
Unleashed Excerpt:
Grayon’s head throbbed. His heart hurt. His body ached with the effort to keep the wolf down.

Chivalry had gotten him ousted. To Earth.

Where fucking vampires roamed.

Right on cue, the one in front of him took a step closer. Grayon jumped to his feet. The only vampires he knew had fought on his side, after their kind and his became allies. That had been back in his plane, though. For all he knew, this bloodsucker was out for Grayon’s blood.

“Chill out, pooch. I mean no harm.” Her giggle grated his nerves.

“I’m not a dog, and I doubt you could hurt me, Deadgirl.” He hunched his shoulders and lowered his body mass, preparing for a fight, if that was what she sought.

He relaxed when she stepped out of the shadows and within his field of vision. She barely came up to his clavicle and had to weigh less than a werefox in animal form.

His smirk was still forming on his lips, when she swept his legs from under him and landed him on his ass. His head thunked on a tree root. “Ow.”

The vampire came to stand next to him. “See? I can totally hurt you.” She was even shorter than he’d thought and balanced her weight effortlessly on chunky six-inch heels. Tight black leather stretched over her generous curves, and the tips of her jet-black hair were bright blue.

“What? You got a concussion now?” She nudged him with the toe of her lace-up boot.

Grayon growled. He rolled to the side and was back on his feet in no time, glad his head and sight were now clear. “Next time I’ll be ready, bloodsucker.”

It seemed as good a line as any, to end the unpleasant exchange with. He made a show of turning his back to her and hoped she couldn’t tell he had no clue where he headed. At least he had a plan. Once he put some distance between himself and the annoying female, he’d try to figure out exactly where the witch’s spell had landed him. He was pretty sure it’d be a terrible place. After all, the witch followed Xenon’s instructions, and Grayon was in the pack leader’s shit list these days.

“Like you know where you’re going.” The vampire’s voice came from ahead, and Grayon cursed under his breath. “I heard that,” the vampire said.

“Good. Now hear this too. Go the fuck away, or I’ll rip your head off.”


By the time he realized she was rushing him, he was on his ass again.

“You weren’t ready this time either.” She crossed her arms and looked down at him.
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