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Nov 8, 2015

Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch series by Anna Lowe

Covers & Excerpts
Desert Hunt
Desert Moon
Desert Blood
Desert Fate
Desert Heart
Desert Hunt
Book .5
Desert Moon
Book 1
Desert Blood
Book 2
Desert Fate
Book 3
Desert Heart
Book 4
Anna Lowe's Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch paranormal romance series

Desert Heart
Desert Heart
by Anna Lowe
Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch Book Four

As oldest daughter of the retired alpha, Tina Hawthorne lives to serve her pack.

She’s never been tempted to throw caution to the wind for a man — until Rick Rivera returns.

The sweet boy from the adjoining ranch is all grown up, but that doesn’t make the irresistible human any more suitable as a mate.

Especially with a dangerous new foe haunting the night and Rick harboring a few secrets — and enemies — of his own.

Genre: Western Paranormal Romance
Content/Theme(s): Werewolves, Shifters, Cowboys, Suspense, Demons, Psychics, Baseball, Sports
Release Date: October 20, 2015
Publisher: Twin Moon Press

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Desert Heart Excerpt:
Rick’s eyes met hers, and her memories rushed into an overwhelming blur, like a landscape seen from a carnival ride. The kind that terrified you, even if you never wanted to get off.

“Tina,” he said quietly. The warmth of his hand on hers sent a ripple through her body. “It’s been a long time.”

Seven years since their last, rushed encounter, and another five back to the time when they’d spent breathless nights together, all summer long. That made twelve long years. Tina knew. She’d counted every day, every night.

Too long, her body sang.

Not long enough, huffed the tiny section of her brain that still worked. Because for all the smoothness in Rick’s voice, she could feel a tiny, hopeful tremor in his hand.

He remembered, all right.

The realization rocketed through every nerve in her body, which wasn’t a good thing. If he felt the buzz that she’d never forgotten, it would be harder than ever to stay away. Hard to stay away from those earnest, golden-brown eyes that shone with some secret wish she’d never been able to figure out. Hard to keep her fingers from raking through that thick brown hair the way she still did in her dreams.

It would be impossible to say no to this man one more time.

“Hello, Rick,” she managed.

In some ways, he hadn’t changed a bit: same dimple on the left cheek, same perfect teeth. Time had been good to him. He’d gone from cute rookie to smoking hot pro. His face had an extra line or two, just enough to hint at the depth of character inside. He was only a couple of inches taller than her but easily twice her weight, with most of his bulk in his shoulders and chest—the chest slowly rising and falling, just inches away. She caught her hand sneaking up toward that broad expanse, ready to rest over his heart to feel the beat.

Which, of course, she couldn’t do. Not with her brother a foot away. Not with Dale Gordon, the Seymour Ranch foreman, stamping up from behind. Not with her inner wolf wagging its tail like a bitch in heat.

Dale nodded his greeting; Ty grunted back. The cowboys of Arizona had their own brand of charm, and social graces weren’t high on their list. Rick was somewhere in between, as he’d always been: a country boy who’d acquired just enough polish without forgetting his roots. The man was one in a million. But she’d known that from the very start.

“You’re the new manager,” Ty barked.

So much for starting with cookies and a cup of tea.

Tina dragged her eyes from Rick just in time to catch Dale’s scowl. Wasn’t hard to miss, nor was the slight tightening of Rick’s shoulders in response. But Rick’s easy expression remained unfazed.

“That’s me.”
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Desert Fate
Desert Fate
by Anna Lowe
Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch Book Three

Kyle Williams is just a lone wolf trying to settle in to a new skin.

But when the brown-eyed girl from his past turns up, bloodied by a rival male, the instinct to protect overrides everything else—including duty to his pack.

Stefanie Alt is a woman on the run, and fate is hot on her heels.

The only one who can help her is the neighborhood bad boy she once knew. But even after one hot night under the desert moon, Stefanie isn’t sure she can trust him—or herself.

There’s more than meets the eye on Twin Moon Ranch, home to a pack of shapeshifting wolves willing to battle for life and love.

Genre: Western Paranormal Romance
Content/Theme(s): Shifters, Werewolves, Military
Release Date: May 7, 2015
Publisher: Twin Moon Press


Desert Fate Purchase links:  Amazon
Desert Fate Excerpt:
His head snapped up at a movement in the distance. Stef was coming out of the hills. She came bounding along like an Amazon, so tough and bristling, he could almost hear her armor clink. He pulled in a slow breath and let it out again, counting the seconds until she came thumping up the stairs as if she was planning to sweep right past him and fly into the house.

Well, he wasn’t letting her fly anywhere, not yet. Not like this.

He parked himself on the top step, right in her path.

Stomp, stomp, stop. She came to a thudding halt, one step below.

“Stef,” he started, not really sure what he’d say next.

She glared.

Yeah, she was upset. He got the message. But it was a stubborn, forced kind of glare. The kind that said she was trying to convince herself as much as him.

“Look,” they both said at exactly the same time.

For a minute, she glared on, but then the anger seeped away and all he saw before she dropped her eyes was pain. Pain and emptiness. He would have bartered anything for the right word or gesture to make things right, but the desert wasn’t exactly throwing ideas at him, not the way it had been wildly suggesting last night.

“Stef,” he tried again, trying to make it softer this time. A plea, not an accusation. “What’s wrong?”

She tilted her head up slowly, and it was awkward, standing on the steps like that. But she seemed okay with awkward, so he didn’t move. Her jaw was clenching, and a vein on her neck pulsed.

“Everything’s wrong,” she mumbled. Her hands fluttered in the air as she searched for words.

“Last night wasn’t wrong.” He meant for it to come out soft, but it was more of a declaration. The second part, though, came out in a whisper. “Us, I mean. You didn’t want it?”

His ears strained for her answer.

“I wanted it too much,” she whispered.

He could barely hear her voice after her chin dropped and her shoulders rounded like a turtle halfway into its shell. God, he wished he could see something other than the top of her head. He put a finger under her chin and tipped it up so he could see the warm brown of her eyes, sparking gold and green. Scared and defiant at the same time. Shining with tears she refused to release.

“I barely know you,” she said.

“You know me,” he growled.

“We were kids then…”

“What’s so different now?”

She looked away and let a finger wander to the scar on her neck. “A lot of things.”

He shook his head and looked at her long and hard until she was forced to look back.

“So okay, we grew up.”

She snorted. “Sure did.”

“But what’s so different?” No one had ever understood him as well as her; no one ever would.

She opened her mouth with a retort then closed it again, along with her glistening eyes. Slowly, she leaned forward until her forehead was on his chest and let his arms slide around her shoulders to pull her close. And even though it hurt to see her so upset, something in him sang.

She wanted it too much. She wanted him.

“I’m just so…so mixed-up,” she sniffed into the fabric of his shirt.

He snorted. “If I’d been half as together as you the morning after my first change…”

You’re nearly that messed up now, the rational part of his mind snapped. Get yourself together!

Part of him wanted to sit her in his kitchen and feed her cookies and warm milk; the other part wanted to take her to his bedroom and have her again and again. It was just like last night, when his the wolf had chanted for him to bite her—on their first night! The beast was no better than Ron, getting carried away on the intense scent of a Changeling. Damn wolf was getting greedy.

Damn wolf knows his mate when he scents her, came the rumbling reply.

He pulled her up to the top step and hugged her long and close, scrunching his eyes tight like that might keep reality away. If only it could be him and her and nothing else.

“Some things don’t change, Stef.”

“Yeah?” She sniffed, but there was a tiny thread of hope in it. “Like what?”

“Like what really counts.” Like you and me and someday, he wanted to add, but couldn’t quite get that part out. “Like us.”
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Desert Blood
Desert Blood
by Anna Lowe
Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch Book Two

Heather Luth knows nothing about the paranormal world until one awful night changes everything. Now she’s on the run — straight into the arms of forbidden love. Her mind knows better than to fall for a werewolf's sunny smile and mesmerizing voice, but her heart — and destiny — have other ideas.

On the surface, Cody Hawthorne is warm, witty, and fun, but beneath his carefree facade, Heather sees a real man struggling to break free.

Day by day, Heather and Cody grow closer and closer, unable to resist their simmering passion — while day by day, a serial murderer closes in on his prey.

Duty fights desire; fear wrestles trust as the human world clashes with the paranormal in a tale of forbidden love.

Genre: Western Paranormal Romance
Content/Theme(s): Werewolves, Shifters, Cowboys, Vampires, Suspense, Psychics
Release Date: April 2, 2015
Publisher: Twin Moon Press


Desert Blood Purchase links:  Amazon
Desert Blood Excerpt:
“Everything okay?” A voice came from the doorway, completely unperturbed. It was soothing, like the sound of waves over a smooth, sandy shore. The voice warmed her from the inside even before she spun and spotted the newcomer.

“Cody! Cody!” the children cried.

Heather’s stomach did a flip. It was him. The one she’d noticed around the ranch. The one she couldn’t not notice.

The ranch seemed to be a breeding ground for gorgeous men, but this one was in a class of his own. Lean, blond, relaxed. Most of the others came in the strong-but-silent, earthy category, but this one should be bobbing on a surfboard, wiping salt water out of his eyes. He seemed in no hurry whatsoever, as if today was just another great day of many.

The kids whipped themselves into a new frenzy, pointing at the bat, high on another shelf.

“Cody! A bat! A bat!” Timmy jumped up and down on his desk, and a panicked Becky threw herself into the man’s arms. He scooped her up and patted her back while Timmy shouted. “I saw it first! I saw it first!”

“Timmy, sit down!” Heather shot him her best teacher look.

Cody whispered to Becky, bringing a smile back to her face. Then he pointed at Timmy, eyes sparkling with mischief. “Do I know you?”

That voice could soothe a thousand wailing babies. She wanted to wrap it around her like a blanket.

“Cody! It’s me, Timmy!”

He looked at the boy then right into Heather’s eyes. Her heart skipped a beat. “I swear I don’t know this child.”

“Cody!” Timmy protested.

The man tousled Timmy’s hair and lowered Becky back to her seat. Then he stepped up to Heather, eyes utterly, unfailingly devoted to hers. She caught a breath and held it. He’d never been this close before. Never done anything but wave a friendly hello from across the way. She’d had to force herself away every time because the urge to stop and talk—to look, to get closer, maybe even to touch—was damn near impossible to resist.

Now he was inches away. Big, broad—but not too much of either. Just right. The nick in one ear was the only part of him that wasn’t perfect. She caught his scent, and it was an ocean breeze gone walkabout in the desert.

She gave herself an inner slap. No, no, no! Men were not to be trusted. Not ever again.

Not even this one? a small voice in her cried.

Especially not this one! came the slamming reply.

“Cody, get the bat!” the kids urged. “Get it! Get it!” Pandemonium once again.

A second voice boomed into the doorway, deep and gravelly. “What the hell is going on here?”

Without thinking, Heather wheeled, slammed her hands onto her hips, and shot out a reply. “Watch your language! This is a school!” For a moment, she felt like her old self—in command, not only of the students but herself. The Heather from before the nightmare.

When the second man stepped in, the air pressure in the room immediately rose, as if a storm system were squeezing itself through the doorway. Scampering feet pounded the wooden floorboards as kids rushed back to their seats and stood stiffly at attention. She could swear everyone was holding their breath—including the bat.

The man’s piercing eyes glowed with anger. The old Heather might have stood her ground, but the Heather she’d become wavered and took a step back. She might have melted onto the floor, mortified, if Cody hadn’t stepped between them, practically growling.

Her shoulders slumped. Oh God, the second man was the ranch boss. She’d lose her job. She’d be thrown out. She’d—

“Don’t mind my brother,” Cody said softly.

That tenor was magic, sending a warm, secure rush her way. Heather straightened slightly and looked from Cody to the other one. Ty, that was his name. Were they really brothers? One was a thundercloud; the other, pure sunshine. As opposite as opposites can be.

Before she knew it, Ty whisked the towel out of her hands and stepped toward the bat. He must have fixed it with that laser of a gaze because the bat submitted without so much as lifting a wing. When Ty scooped it up and stepped outside, moving quickly down the flagstone path, the whole room exhaled.

Heather leaned against the wall, suddenly drained. “Five minute break, kids.” They broke into gleeful cries and ran out to the playground, leaving Heather and Cody alone.

“My brother does have a soft spot, you know.” Cody grinned. “It comes out every second year or so.”

Definitely opposites, those two. She’d take this one in an instant and worship him like the sun.

His eyes were studying the blackboard, reading the words. “My dream home?” He grinned like Huck Finn, but all grown up. Very grown up.

She would bet anything he’d been like Timmy as a kid. Sweet, energetic, mischievous. And now, sweet, studly, and mischievous. She’d give anything to make like Becky and hide herself against that chest.

Heather cleared her throat. “Geometry. They have to find shapes in the house, and then draw their own dream homes.”

“And this one is yours?” He nodded to the board.

The U-shaped ranch she’d been kidding herself about for years? She shrugged the notion away. “Nah. Just an example.”

He chuckled. “Right.”

God, that smile could make her forget everything. Like the fact that she’d sworn off men. Like the fact that she had eleven rambunctious kids to supervise instead of standing there, letting goose bumps tickle her skin.

Like the fact that the last man she’d let this close nearly killed her.

But with those gold-brown eyes caressing hers, she just might forget.

“Cody!” Ty growled from outside, breaking whatever spell had wafted in with the wind.

“Gotta go,” Cody sighed. He stood looking at her for a long, mournful minute—a kid watching the ice cream truck pull away before he got a scoop. “Gotta go,” he repeated, eyes sliding shut. Seemed to Heather he’d aimed that whisper at himself.

And then he was gone, leaving the room emptier than it had ever felt before.
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Desert Moon
Desert Moon
by Anna Lowe
Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch Book One

Lana Dixon knows well enough to steer clear of alpha males, but Ty Hawthorne is as impossible to avoid as the sizzling Arizona sun.

Her inner wolf just won’t give up on the alpha who’s tall, dark, and more than a little dangerous.

One midnight romp under the full moon is enough for Lana to know she’ll risk her life for him — but what about her pride?

Ty puts duty above everything — even the overwhelming instinct that says Lana’s the one.

She’s the Juliet to his Romeo: forbidden.

And with a pack of poaching rogues closing in, it’s hardly the time to yield to his desires. Or is love just what this lonely alpha needs to set his spirit free?

Genre: Western Paranormal Romance
Content/Theme(s): Werewolves, Shifters, Cowboys, Suspense, Psychics
Release Date: March 4, 2015
Publisher: Twin Moon Press


Desert Moon Purchase links:  Amazon
Desert Moon Excerpt:
Ty glanced down to find mere scraps on his plate and tried to recall what he’d just shoveled down for dinner. He could barely remember going through the motions of eating. Well, rogue or no rogue, he wouldn’t let dessert get by him that easily. Not with key lime pie on the menu. He shoved back from the table and stalked across the room, barely acknowledging the packmates scurrying out of his way.

Cody was already at the dessert table, helping himself to a double serving as he joked to the person next to him. “Aren’t you worried about getting fat?”

Ty stiffened when he saw who it was: Lana, waiting her turn. She crinkled her nose at the comment. “You’re the one with two pieces.”

Sassy thing. She’d probably burn through a thousand calories just fidgeting at the table.

Sensing his presence, Cody froze, then grabbed the nearest woman and made a quick exit. “Beth, honey! Going to the movie tonight?”

Lana watched them go with an amused expression that faltered the moment she spotted Ty. “Hi,” she mumbled, her eyes meeting his. The blue hues of her irises were so varied and vivid, he could swear they were swirling and changing as he looked on.

“Hi,” he said. Well, he tried to. His lips moved but the sound didn’t quite make it out. He struggled to remember where he was and why.

Right, dessert. He reached for a piece of pie exactly when Lana did. Their hands froze halfway to the platter, both wavering over the key lime pie. The last slice.

“Cody!” He cursed under his breath.

Lana pulled back. “You take it.”

“No, you.”

Her eyes narrowed at him. Crap. He hadn’t meant for it to come out as an order, but she was already gritting her teeth.

“No, you,” she ground out.

“I’m good.” He tried taking the edge off his voice, but he was badly out of practice.

Lana studied him so closely he would swear she could see into his childhood memories. Her nostrils flared, and he saw her catch a breath and hold it. Then she slowly exhaled and turned to the platter, scooping the last piece onto the last plate. She forked it roughly in half and held it between them with icy determination.

“We’ll share,” she growled.

The alpha in him both bristled and admired her pluck. The wolf licked his lips — and not for the pie.

Her eyes flickered, focusing on something in his. He noticed an outer edge of green in her eyes that he’d missed before, like the foam that slid off the crests of waves.

“Trouble today?” she asked, keeping her voice down.

Trouble? So she’d noticed the meeting. “No trouble,” he insisted.

She snorted. “I do that, too.”

“Do what?”


Ty blinked. “I don’t pretend.”

“Then what’s the trouble?” She took a bite of pie and licked a smudge of cream off her lips.

A breath caught in his throat, and a word slipped past his lips before he could catch it. “Rogues.”

Her face hardened as some dark memory rocketed through her eyes. “Confirmed report?”

“Not yet, but…”

She nodded, letting him trail off. In an absent movement, her right arm rubbed briefly over her left, where a wicked scar trailed out of her sleeve.

“Trouble?” he murmured, eyes on the scar. For a shifter to scar, it must have been bad.

She yanked the sleeve down. “No trouble.”

I do that, too, he wanted to say. Pretend. His gut warmed with something strangely close to pride. This East Coast wolf wasn’t just sassy; she was tough.

Lana shrugged and brought her fork up to her mouth. “You should see the rogue who gave me that scar. Except he’s dead, along with his pals.” She took a vengeful bite.

He wondered just how many rogues there’d been against how many on Lana’s side. He was about to ask when a voice shoved between them, wielding a sledgehammer.

“Ty! Ty!” He felt a soft arm slink around his and fought the instinct to flinch. “Ty, I’ve missed you,” Audrey murmured, her tongue all but making contact with his ear. He eased out an elbow, trying to edge away from her fleshy breasts. The bleached blonde turned to give Lana a predatory smile. “Aren’t you going to introduce us, Ty?”

He cast a desperate eye around the dining hall. Where was Cody when he needed him? “Audrey, meet Lana,” he murmured, searching for a way out.

“Hmpf,” Audrey said by way of greeting. “You’ll get fat eating all that pie.”

He could tell a retort was trying to itch its way out of Lana, but she swallowed it along with another bite of the pie. He needed to brush Audrey off, pronto. What if Lana thought he actually went for Audrey’s type? He shot a mental command across the room. Cody, get your ass back here now!

“Staying long?” Audrey asked of Lana. His ears leaped to attention.

“Just a few days.”

Why the rush?

“Will we see you later?” Audrey asked. “It’s movie night, you know.” She nestled closer and gave him a bedroom look, like she couldn’t wait for the lights to go down. “You’re coming, aren’t you, Ty?”

He shook his head. “Work.” Thank God.

“We have our own little theater, you know,” Audrey boasted to Lana. “The boys converted the old barn.”

“Nice.” Lana nodded. “But I prefer open space.”

His wolf perked up his ears, liking what he heard.

“So you won’t be coming?” Audrey didn’t sound disappointed. “Too bad. You could stuff your face with all the popcorn you like.”

Lana sidestepped the jab. “I need to run.”

God, I could use a run, too.

“Are you sure that’s safe?” Audrey asked, looking hopeful that it wasn’t.

He shrugged, trying to dislodge Audrey’s arm. “Just keep to the property.”

Lana nodded, venturing the slightest smile. Ty itched to reach out and coax the rest out of her, but his fists stayed clenched by his sides.

“Audrey!” Cody appeared, flashing a Broadway grin. The cavalry had finally arrived. “How’s my girl?” he said, stooping to give Audrey a peck on the cheek.

She gave him a halfhearted kiss. “One of your girls, you mean.”

“Life is short, sweetheart.” With a wink that could have been aimed at Ty, Lana, or Hollywood, Cody danced Audrey away, murmuring about back row seats in the theater.

They slipped out of the periphery of his vision and immediately ceased to exist, at least as far as he was concerned. The room began to hum and throb, and his vision narrowed to a tunnel that pushed out everything but Lana. Her eyes pulled him in and made his heart thump low and hard. Or was that her heart? They were only inches apart now. The air shimmered around them like noontime heat over the desert. When she leaned closer, his wolf whined. What he wouldn’t give to circle her now, rub along her side—

“Ty!” A cacophony of voices and clinking tableware suddenly filled his ears. Kyle was approaching him, and the room was pulling back into focus. “Ty, about the patrols…”

In his haze, he felt Lana press the dessert plate into his hands and slip away. He reached for her too late, his hand clutching air, then balling into a fist. His body ached with every step she took, and he willed her eyes to touch him one more time. He wished for it the way he’d once yearned for the freedom to be his own person, to choose his own destiny.

Destiny, however, had just turned its back and was walking away.

Just as he was about to give up hope and tune in to Kyle, though, Lana turned and pinned him with a steady gaze.

A shot of warmth flooded through him and without thinking, he put the fork into his mouth, licking past the key lime pie to the last hint of Lana. She turned away then, and he spent the next half hour buzzing from the high.

She’d felt the pull, too. Which could only mean one thing.

Trouble. Pure trouble.
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Desert Hunt
Desert Hunt
by Anna Lowe
Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch Book .5 (Prequel)

Rae has a secret — one she can’t allow any wolf pack to discover.

But with an old enemy hot on her heels, she has no option but to trust Zack, the man from the wrong side of the tracks.

Taking off on the back of Zack's Harley seems like good idea at first, but when she lowers her defenses for the captivating coyote shifter, she might just be risking it all.

The new she-wolf in town may be strictly off-limits, but Zack just can’t keep away.

When the thrill of the chase gets his blood pumping in more ways than one, he’s ready to overstep every boundary and break every rule.

Destiny says she’s his—but the pack’s ruling alpha says she belongs to another.

Genre: Western Paranormal Romance
Content/Theme(s): Werewolves, Shifters, Cowboys, Suspense, Psychics
Release Date: July 2, 2015
Publisher: Twin Moon Press


Desert Hunt Purchase links:  Amazon
Desert Hunt Excerpt:
“Getting ready to kill someone?”

He heard the words before even realizing they were his own, murmured in her ear. Somehow, the last couple of steps had happened all on their own. And somehow, his voice was steady despite the blood hammering in his ears.

Rae tensed, though she casually brushed a lock of hair behind an ear as if she weren’t surprised to find a near-stranger right at her side.

“Depends,” she muttered.

“Depends on what?”

“Depends on how much someone pisses me off.”

Okay, so he’d snuck up on her. Stealing up unnoticed was one of his best tricks. Coyotes knew stealth—one of the few things about that part of his ancestry that did him any good.

She was playing it cool, but his coyote caught the flare of her nostrils, the pink flush on her cheeks. Either she was annoyed at being caught off guard or she liked having him this close.

Maybe a little of both. His coyote grinned and decided to push a little more.

Never mind that he was supposed to be keeping guys away from her.

Of course not, his coyote huffed. We’re just doing our job. Keeping a close eye on her.

Right. Not showing inappropriate interest. Not salivating over whatever it was about her that was so…so…irresistible.

Well, trying not to, anyway.

“And what does it take to piss you off?” the coyote made him say.

She kept her eyes firmly fixed on the target. “You don’t want to find out.”

Zip! The arrow’s flight sounded different from up close, but the effect was the same: another shaft nestled amongst the dozen bristling from the bull’s-eye. Part of him wouldn’t have minded if that arrow had gone wide of its mark, giving away her emotions. But she was cool, calm, collected.

He hid a smile. He’d been worried about other men getting too close to Rae, but clearly, this woman was not someone to mess with. And yet she let him this close. Why?

“Calling it open season on straw targets?”

“Archery season on pronghorn opens next week,” she murmured, lips against the string.

“You like to hunt?”

“I like to chase.”

So do I, his wolf nodded, licking his lips.

For a moment, he wondered if she’d somehow caught that. Because her lips parted and her shoulder dipped ever so slightly—just enough to make him wonder if she felt it, too. This link. This pull. Like the two of them were a couple of wobbly magnets suspended in that moment of truth before the poles finally made up their minds on whether they’d line up or repel.

“So what’s the bow for, if you’re just going to chase?”

She fingered the barbed tip. “Just in case.”

“In case of what?”

He watched Rae’s eyes close on some ugly memory and regretted the question immediately. Wary fingers stroked the shaft like a talisman, and just like that, her easygoing veneer had vanished, revealing something hard and angry beneath.

“In case I find the right kind of prey.”
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The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch series reading order:
  • Desert Hunt - Book 0.5 Prequel
  • Desert Moon - Book 1
  • Desert Wolf - Book 1.1 (novella)
  • Desert Wolf 2 - Book 1.2 (novella)
  • Desert Wolf 3 - Book 1.3 (novella)
  • Desert Blood - Book 2
  • Desert Fate - Book 3
  • Desert Heart - Book 4
  • Desert Yule (novella) in Sugar, Spice, and Shifters coming Nov 2015
  • Desert Rose - Book 5 - coming late Fall 2015
Other titles by Anna Lowe:
Desert Wolf
Bk 1.1
Desert Wolf 2
Bk 1.2
Desert Wolf 3
Bk 1.3
Off the
the Alpha
and Claws
Find Anna Lowe at:
Twitter: @AuthorAnnaLowe
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Be on the lookout for Anna Lowe's future release(s): Desert Rose coming late Fall 2015 and Desert Yule in Sugar, Spice, and Shifters coming Nov 2015

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