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Nov 19, 2015

His Soul to Keep by TW Knight

Cover, Excerpt & Trailer

His Soul to Keep by TW Knight
Dark Knights of Heaven Book One

His Soul to KeepLose your soul...find your heart

Where fallen angels battle Hell’s demons, find their lost souls, and discover love while hunting for a prophecy that holds the key to either their redemption or their destruction.

At twenty-eight, Cassidy Long is happy with her life. She has a job she loves, a great family, and a future open to possibilities. That all changes after she discovers she is the vessel for the immortal soul of an angel cast out of Heaven, and the only way to break the bond is by her death. Spirited away, Cassidy finds herself in the middle of an eternal war and falling for her angel.

Rail is captivated by Cassidy immediately, but fears it’s only the connection to his soul fueling his interest. He’s vowed to never fall in love, but fate has different plans. The more he fights his growing feelings, the deeper in love he falls. Cassidy not only holds his soul, but his heart. Now, he will fight Heaven and Hell to protect her.

Heaven abandoned them, but they did not abandon their calling. Once they were the Watchers, teachers, and mentors to human kind. Now soulless and exiled from Heaven, forced into an endless war, some will fall while others rise to find their destinies. They are the Dark Knights of Heaven.

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Content/Theme(s): Fallen angels, Angels, Demons
Release Date: October 21, 2015
CHBB Publishing
Excerpt & More

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Cassidy inhaled deeply, enjoying the woodsy, rain-clean scent of her pillow—too bad the thing wasn’t softer. She moved to fluff it and skimmed her hand across hard, warm flesh trembling beneath her touch. Shocked into consciousness, she pulled away.

God, she’d fallen asleep lying on Rail's chest!

"What’s wrong?" he rumbled sleepily. "Why did you move?"

Heat spread across her cheeks. "I was practically on top of you."

Rail opened his eyes half-mast. "I didn’t mind." He held out his hand and beckoned her back. "It’s hours until dawn. Come back to bed."

As wonderful as that sounded, Cassidy moved over and lay back against the pillows. "I’m fine over here. Thank you."

"Are you embarrassed?"

"Of course. I barely know you, and here I am in bed with you. Again!" Cassidy was sure her cheeks were bright red.

"Oh, that." Rail laughed. "I thought you were embarrassed about crying in front of me."

"That too," she huffed.

"Don’t be. You kept it together when you were needed. There’s nothing wrong with letting your emotions out when the crisis is over."

"Do you?"


"Really? You cry?" Cassidy asked, dubious of his answer.

Rail stretched his powerful arms over his head. "No, I take it out on the heavy bag."

Cassidy shifted, feeling awkward as Rail caught her watching him stretch.

He had a fantastic body. The memory of having those powerful arms wrapped around her made her shiver. To cover her ogling, she rolled her eyes and pulled the sheet up a little further. "Of course you do."

"What’s that supposed to mean?"

"Women cry. Men beat things up."

Rail considered telling her there had once been a time when he’d been able to cry. A long time ago. Before his world changed. But he got the feeling she would think he was lying. Instead, he asked, "Do you think it’s weak to cry?"

"No. You cry because you need to. Happy or sad. But I think it’s weak to use crying as a weapon. You know, to make someone feel guilty."

"You’ve never done that?" Rail rolled to his side, tucking the pillow under his head.

"Not since I was twelve. And J.J. didn’t give in anyway. Just rolled his eyes and walked away." She groused. "Brat. Called me a baby."

"Who’s J.J.?" Did that possessive growl come from him?

"My brother. Well, technically he’s my cousin. When his mom died, he came to live with us. His dad never really wanted him, so J.J. stayed with us." She shrugged. "After a few years, we got legal custody and adopted him." Cassidy wiped her eyes. "God, he’s probably going nuts. I told Dad not to tell him I was alive."

"About that…"

"Kaz isn’t happy with you, is he?"

Rail grunted in agreement. "Nothing new."

"I don’t care what he thinks. Besides, what did it hurt to say good-bye? I’m never going to see or talk to my family again. I know that. It’s just, I couldn’t leave them wondering again."

Stunned, he asked, "Again?"

Cassidy sighed and wiggled back into the pillows, twisting the end of the sheet in her fingers. "When I was a kid, we went camping—someplace near the Grand Canyon. Or in it. I don’t remember. Anyway, I saw a rabbit and followed it. I thought I was keeping the camp in sight, but before I knew it, I was lost."

"How long before your parents found you?"

A dark shadow flitted over her face. "I was out there alone, overnight. A ranger found me in the morning. He told me I was lucky; there had been a mountain lion attack nearby the night before." She shivered. "I can still remember feeling as if something was following me, watching me. Glowing yellow eyes staring at me from the brush."

Rail’s heart went out to that frightened little girl cold and alone in the darkness. An ugly thought clawed its way to the surface, making Rail's blood go cold. Had Cassidy narrowly escaped a demon attack as a child?

"So you see," Cassidy continued, "I couldn’t leave them hanging, wondering what happened to me this time. Don’t worry, I promise I won’t try to contact them again."

"You thought about it though, didn’t you?" Rail pulled the sheet down a little and took her hand in his, stroking it softly with his thumb.

"Of course I thought about it. I thought you guys were nut jobs. But after seeing Margarite, I think I understand things a little better. What you’re up against. What’s out there waiting. I won’t endanger you or this place. Kaz doesn’t need to worry."

"Thank you."

"For what?" Her eyebrows popped up in surprise.

"For admitting you thought about trying something. My impression of you would have taken a dramatic plunge if you hadn’t even considered trying to get away or contacting your family."

Cassidy laughed. "Does that mean you like difficult women?"

"I like you." Rail slid closer and kissed her palm.

"Oh." Fluttering started in Cassidy's belly, and a heated blush crept over her cheeks, moving down her neck. Did he have to keep giving her those gentle heart-melting kisses? "Well, I like you too," she said with less confidence than she felt.

Rail moved closer, tucking her body against his. "How much?"

"Well…you know…I like you…" Cassidy silently cursed the breathlessness of her voice and the way her body trembled. If the bulge against her hip was any indication, he enjoyed the contact too.

"There’s like, and then there’s like," he rumbled seductively against her neck.

"I—I don’t know you well enough to like you more than friends." Now lust? That was a different matter. Cassidy had a flash—the two of them tangled in the sheets, hot, sweaty, and doing things she’d only read about.

"Your heartbeat tells me differently," he whispered, his voice thick with desire. "And I can feel your arousal."

"Stop it." Embarrassed, Cassidy bolted from the bed and into the bathroom, followed by Rail’s rumbling laughter. "It’s just the soul connection," she told her reflection. Unfortunately for her, the blushing woman in the mirror wasn’t buying it. She was beginning to like him.

"Cassidy?" A soft rap on the door followed the warm voice. "Do you want breakfast now?"

"No. Thank you. but some coffee would be nice. Cream and sugar, please." She listened intently to Rail's footfalls. When the bedroom door opened and closed, she breathed again. Thank God he wasn’t going to press her about her feelings. Right now, she wasn’t really sure what she felt. "Okay, girl, get it together." She took a washrag from the rack, wet it, and gave herself a quick wipe down to cool off.

Unfortunately, she knew the cool respite wouldn’t last with Rail around. The thought of his broad, hard, naked chest sent heat through her blood.

Staring at her reflection, she took a moment to settle her mind and drag her thoughts away from Rail’s gorgeous body. She had more important things to think about—like how she was going to keep herself from going insane.
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