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Aug 4, 2015

No Barriers by Breeze Marturell

Cover & Excerpt

No Barriers by Breeze Marturell
Moon & Ocean Book One

No Barriers-Moon and OceanPJ is a proud member of the gay community of the city: Director of the District Art Gallery, self confident and possessive man. In the most casual way, he met Brigitte, a school teacher who enjoy the nightlife without concern.

The unusual encounter will let them emotionally engaged. The initial attraction confuses PJ but it does not mean that he will give up. Brigitte knows that she is playing with fire and has high possibilities of being hurt. Her efforts to walk away from this relationship that only can give her frustration are useless. They have no alternative but to explore this attraction in the middle of a society that is not ready to accept them.

In a city near the sea, in the middle of anonymity, arises this story about the complexity of an out-of-common relationship.

A gay man. A straight woman. It is just absurd. But despite society, reason and even themselves, their love survives and remains almost intact across a journey of self knowledge, overcoming discrimination and, at the end, the evolution of their souls. They will discover that nothing is predetermined by the rules and that barriers are useless when an authentic feeling is burning their hearts.

Note: English translation of Luna Mar: Amor Sin Barreras. Has Latin American phrasing and formatting.

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Content/Theme(s): Gay man, Straight woman
Release Date: April 20, 2015
Publisher: Indie

Excerpt & More

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IT WAS FRIDAY. PJ was crossing the main avenues of the city on his convertible. His city. Located at the edge of the bay, seemed to pay homage to the charms of the sea. It was not the only attraction the city could offer. Vibrant and cheerful, Friday’s evening had always been iconic, making it unique. People walking on the streets, everybody was entering on a “party mood” for the promise of a fun night with a lot of “shots”.

The environment changed with a new energy as soon as the offices’ clocks in the tall buildings marked four in the afternoon. People were relaxed, even the concrete of buildings seemed softer in the dim light of the last hours of sun.

Any traveler spending a weekend in the city fell for it.

He took the secondary road that would lead him to his destination. At the end of the hill, he could see Emora Rossi's house.

"Last time I turned to the… right? No, to the left... But I'm not lost"

For an instant he thought was forgotten the address. Finally, he arrived. Got out of the vehicle and walked slowly, looking for his hostess. She appeared at the front door. Her jet black hair fell in cascades, framing her face and contrasting with her amber eyes and very white porcelain skin.

- Peter! - She approached.

- Emora…How are you? - He held her hands while kissing her cheeks.

- I’m doing great! You’re gorgeous… this shirt looks great on you! - Said detailing the striped shirt he was wearing.

The woman that, despite of being in her fifties had a beauty almost immune to the years, not only was wealthy as well as persistent and determined… also was obsessed with PJ.

- Come on in, please! As always, I need your expert opinion!

They entered the house... although it was not the first time PJ was there, always felt overwhelmed by the opulence. He would not live in such a place. Not in a thousand years. But... it was something to admire: Columns in Roman style, marble floors... a bunch of endless luxuries details and too much… ornate for his own personal taste. He preferred simple and modern lines.

- I prepared some tea, brought it from India.

She sat in front of him, crossing her legs. The short skirt she was wearing allowed exhibit it. Her pride was justified. He had to admit it. They were in shape. Actually, her whole body was in shape, toned. It was, for sure, the product of hours in the gym.

- What did you buy this time? – He said sipping from the porcelain cup.

- Not much, jars and a tapestry. I need you help me to value it.

Nodding, he thought they had played that game for years. She called him after one of her trips. They talked about artworks added to her impressive collection. It wasn't annoying being at her house. He did not dislike her, she was his friend... but this "ritual" that had arisen between them was becoming awkward: She waited for him to make the first move.

"Some people cannot accept the truth."

Tired of dodging hints that were turning increasingly into unsubtle signs, he decided... to be honest.

- Emora... why do you ask me to come? You are an expert in art. There are many buyers in the city who come to you... you don’t need my advice. You could advise me!

She smiled at the praise, staring at him.

- At my age, PJ... women... we become more secure. We say what we mean, ask things... by name. But... you... you're inaccessible, don’t know how to reach you, how to insinuate...

- Insinuate?

- I like you... PJ - she looked down and he felt... pity.


She continued.

- Many friends have told me that you... that you don't...

- That I'm gay... - he came straight to the point.

- Yes... - still without looking.

It was hard to see this beautiful and proud woman embarrassed, diminished... but could not allow her to continue feeding empty fantasies.

- Your friends are right, Emora. I've always been gay.

He would never apologize for being who he was. Finally, she looked at him, her eyes showed surprise.

- I... appreciate your honesty. - She rose suddenly flushed and he did the same coming to hug her.

- You're a good friend, Emora.

- It cannot be... right?

- Maybe in our next life. But we can be friends.

When they parted, she had a slight smile. He took her chin in his hand and kissed her lips.

- You'll be fine! You're going to travel soon and find such a handsome boy... even I will envy you! Now... let's see that tapestry! - He winked.

And she laughed. He was relieved.

An hour later they were outside the house, saying goodbye.

- You… are alone, have no boyfriend - she said.

- My heart was broken last time. I'm still recovering.

- I hope you find happiness PJ, you deserve it.

- See you soon, Emora! - He got into the convertible and turned the little roundabout, to join the road.

"And now I'm late!”

PJ was in his convertible about to join the Avenue on his right. He advanced but suddenly, received a text message and glimpsed down to check it. It only took a second, or that he thought. When his sight was again in the front, saw a woman with burgundy skirt and gray sweater on her knees in the street. Never in his life had doubted his reflex response... until that day.

He slammed on the brakes. For a second thought he had hit her, but luckily she was unhurt. The woman got up screaming to PJ but he wasn’t listening. It was like she was inside an air bubble floating toward him. A beautiful vision, hair and eyes brown, with a delicate and beautiful mouth.

She was furious. Stood next to the driver door and continued. Then, he reacted, trying to hear what she was saying.

- ... You moron! Stupid... where did you get your license?

He got out of the convertible.

- Are you okay? Sorry Beauty didn’t see you.

- Of course you didn’t see me... Almost ran over me!

- It’s not my mission of life to run over people on purpose, Beauty.

- And I ran into the street with the intention of being hit by your car?

- Listen - PJ continued – we both are in shock, must be the “adrenaline effect” ... Would you allow me to invite you to that coffee shop? - He pointed the one in the corner. - We both need to drink something and calm down.

She looked at him with those big brown eyes. Suddenly her face changed and he realized she was shaking. Scared. Hugged herself, although it was not cold.

- Please, Beauty, let’s sit in that coffee shop, so we calm down. It's a public place... if you distrust me.

He saw anguish in her eyes.

"She is really scared"

She glanced at the corner... and nodded.

- I'm going to park the car in a better position.

He returned after closing the vehicle. Still standing on the sidewalk, he put his hand on her arm seeing goose bumps on it.

- Sorry Beauty didn’t see you, for real!

Quickly removed his hand, realizing it was a bad idea to touch her.

"What the fuck is wrong with you PJ?"

- Come on! - As they walked towards the corner, he tried to calm down.

"Since when do you like women?"

“OH GOD!” “WHAT I’VE JUST DONE? Just asked a woman for a date?”

PJ thought maybe he crashed his head against the windshield and did not remember. Concussion or not, he felt attracted to her. A lot.
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