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Jul 23, 2015

Bree—Scent by Jacqueline Paige

Covers & Excerpts
by Jacqueline Paige

After the Silence Vol 1
Paranormal, Fantasy, Post-apocalyptic
by Jacqueline Paige

Animal Trilogy Book 2
Paranormal, Romance, Shifters


by Jacqueline Paige
Animal Trilogy Book Two

Sometimes the answers you get aren’t what you asked.

The world can tilt a bit and throw you off balance, just enough that you have to stop and make some adjustments.

Kelsey comes home to find out her entire life and everything she thought she knew is a lie.

When her world spins out of control and flips in more directions then she could ever count, she struggles to right it again.

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Content/Theme(s): Shifters, Cats, Contemporary
Release Date: April 26, 2015
Publisher: Damnation Books/Eternal Press

Excerpt, Bree & More

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Scent Excerpt:
The cup slipped from her hands when the shape of his eyes changed. Gage sat there looking at her with the most gorgeous cat eyes she’d ever seen. She had never felt her heart beat so fast. As her thoughts registered, she jumped up from the chair and backed away from him until her back hit the door. Turning, she opened it and quickly went inside the house.

She couldn’t focus on any one thought as she stumbled toward the stairs. She made it up three steps before a strong arm wrapped around her waist and lifted her up, setting her at the bottom again. Struggling against Gage’s grip, she tried to take his arm off her.

“Kelsey, honey, it’s okay.” His tone was a whisper. He held her tight against his chest, so tight she could feel the vibrations as his spoke. “I’m sorry I had to do it that way. I didn’t know…”

She stopped fighting his hold. “Let me go.” Taking a shaky breath she relaxed as much as she could. “Now, Gage.” He slowly released her.

She turned and looked up at his face and was relieved to see Gage’s normal dark eyes looking down at her.

“I’m sorry, honey.”

Kelsey swallowed the lump in her throat. “Your eyes…”

He nodded. “Yes.”

“So.” She sidestepped, feeling trapped where she was standing, “So, what are you?” Glancing over her shoulder, she was thankful her hadn’t followed her across the room.

“A shifter. I take the form of a cat. A tiger.”

She nodded not even knowing why she was. “Tiger.”


“You’re saying there are more like you?” She froze. “Your parents? Gage, do they know?”

His eyes widened slightly. “I hope so, I got it from them.”

Stepping back as if he’d hit her, she dropped down onto the couch and held the sides of her head. “Your whole body changes?”

“Yes, my whole body shifts.”

She studied him. This man she thought she knew. “Who else is like you?”
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by Jacqueline Paige
After the Silence Book One

One woman’s journey through the chaotic new world.

Those left standing make the paths for the future generations.

When the Mother Nature decides she’s had enough and begins to fight back, survival takes on a whole new meaning. If the earth is the enemy – there are no rules and all you can do is try to survive the odds.

Those the planet allowed to live still have to survive the trials of the virus. If you manage to come out of it alive you are left with some form of mutation that could give you an ability that could be harmless or lethal.

Bree Taylor is the last survivor of her family. With no other choice she sets off on her own to escape the clutches of the new government’s army—that does not place safety and security in their code of behavior only the highest bidder get their protection and loyalty.

Living in a world of unstable climate changes becomes a journey she won’t soon forget. She has to be prepared for anything at all times out in the new country and has to be wary of every person she meets. All while staying out of the path of the new army.

Note: Originally released as a 4 part series

Genre: Paranormal Fantasy
Content/Theme(s): Post-apocalyptic, Survivalists
Release Date: January 19, 2015
First Realm Publishing

Bree Purchase links: Amazon   ARe   Smashwords   Kobo   B&N
Bree Excerpt:
Claws dug into me as it climbed to my neck at the same moment ice cold water swallowed me. My breath left my body so quickly it felt like my lungs were going to burst. The intense pain from the incisions the animal was making across my chest brought me the strength to kick as hard as I could towards the surface. I wasn’t the strongest swimmer by far, but I had more than enough will to live to try for both of us.

In the brief glimpses I managed to keep my head above the water, I didn’t spot the shore once. We were being sucked into the middle. Through the white choppy water that blurred my vision I was only able to catch a quick look each time before we were dragged under again. I could feel the rocks rake over my back and hoped there would be enough flesh left to survive it.

The cat was practically wrapped around my neck and holding several layers of skin and flesh captive in its young claws as we swirled around again in a deep pit of rushing water. Each time we surfaced, I gulped as much air into my lungs as I could before water filled my mouth again. The undercurrent calmed just long enough for me to find the direction of shore and with every ounce of strength I could find I kicked and paddled with my arms trying to shove us in that direction. I could make out a tree that was floating near the bank just seconds before I was inhaling water again.

Hitting the bottom I shoved as hard as I could and tried to aim to the calmer water near the shore, not even knowing if I was going in the right direction until air hit my face once more. The tree was still in sight and I somehow knew if we didn’t reach it we wouldn’t be on land after that. Releasing my hold on the animal that was anchored to me so deeply that no way was it going to jump off and float away I swam towards the tree and prayed I’d reach the limbs lying in the water before we were dragged beyond them.
Bree Purchase links: Amazon   ARe   Smashwords   Kobo   B&N

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