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Jun 25, 2015

Tequila Sunrise by Electra Remington & Vixon Blackhart

Cover & Excerpt

Tequila Sunrise
by Electra Remington & Vixon Blackhart
Hard Core Men Book One

Tequila SunriseAngel is out of time, money, and options. When she takes a waitressing job at a local bar, she has no idea just how much her life will be changing.

“Badass” Brent is a bike shop owner by day, exotic dancer by night. He and Howie have shared women before, though it never felt right until he looked into the scared, big green eyes of the new waitress. She left him with the thoughts of a house and kids playing in a yard with a white picket fence and the feeling that maybe it was time to settle down.

“Howling” Howie is a professional window installer by day, exotic dancer by night. He originally introduced Brent to threesomes, but no matter how many women they share, something is always missing. When he sees his best friend falling hard for the new waitress, his hope soars. Maybe…just maybe, they have found the one.

When Angel’s troubles come knocking at the door—can Howie and Brent save her from a past that has left marks, literally? Or will it tear their new relationship apart, leaving Angel on the outside looking on as the men tantalize women on a nightly basis?

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Content/Theme(s): BBW, Male Strippers, Ménage, MFM, Humor, Rubenesque, Men in uniform, Suspense
Release Date: June 21, 2015
Publisher: JK Publishing

Excerpt & More

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“Yes, I’m fine. Just…just please trust me on this one, guys. No cops.”

Cory met Vincent’s concerned look from over Roxy’s head. Vincent nodded in agreement, looking to anyone that might be watching like he had just agreed with Roxy. He actually was agreeing with Cory’s look of ‘this is far from over.’

“No cops, darling, we promise. But if you do get anything out of her, share it, okay? Don’t think you can take on the world by yourself. That’s what we’re here to do,” Cory said as he gently turned her body toward him. He figured as upset as she was, this might be the one time he could actually get her to lean on him.

Just as Cory was about to press the front of her body up against the front of his, she brought her hands up in front of her and pushed back. “Nice try, boss man, but I don’t need a shoulder to cry on today.”

“Can’t blame a guy for trying, darling,” Cory retorted back as he gave her his seductive grin and sauntered to the door leading to the back. “Okay, I’ve got to get back to work.”

Another moment later Angel came out of the strippers’ changing area. She never said a word or even glanced over at them as she made her way to the other side of the bar and then on through the door that led to the back storage areas and Cory’s office.

“Well shit,” Howie mumbled.

“What’s your problem?” Vincent inquired.

“Not sure. Maybe something, maybe nothing. I’m trying to remember what all was left out and about last night and if it warranted a trip straight to Cory’s office.”

“Give it a minute, Howie. She might be back there putting the cleaning supplies up and changing into her uniform for tonight.”

“Oh yeah, I forgot about that.” He glanced over to Vincent. “We better get to the back area, it’s almost time for Vincent to open the doors.

“Break a leg, gentlemen,” Roxy chuckled as they got up and threw their water bottles away.

“Now, Roxy baby. That wasn’t very nice. I thought we were your friends.” Howie gave her his best puppy dog eyes, the kind that had women drooling over him constantly.

Roxy picked up the dishtowel lying on the bar and threw it at his face. “Howie, you know that look doesn’t work on me.”
Purchase link(s):  Amazon   ARe   Smashwords   Kobo   B&N
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