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Jun 9, 2015

Bridging the Storm by Meredith Bond

Cover & Excerpt

Bridging the Storm by Meredith Bond
Storm series Book Two

Bridging the StormCan a twenty year-old woman make life worth living for a man nearly a thousand years old?

Kate Cherington is certainly trying her best. The handsome and amusing Sir Arthur Dagonet does exactly what Kate has always dreamed of doing—travel the world, exploring new lands. He also may be her only path away from an aunt determined to keep Kate from having a life of her own. Kate knows that her only hope for the adventure she craves is to escape with Sir Arthur.

Sir Arthur has already lived through several lifetimes, thanks to the gift of immortality from the great Merlin. After centuries of adventure, he’s eager to rid himself of this gift, and to finally die. But meeting the brave and beautiful Kate brings back memories of his happy exploits with the Children of Avalon, the first of the magical Vallen. Though he decides he really doesn’t want to get distracted from his goal, he is bound by a promise to help, Tatiana Vallentyn, the current high priestess of the Vallen.

From the mists of legend to the estates of the Regency, Kate and Sir Arthur tussle with a force unanticipated by either, and stronger than any desire for life or death—love.

Genre: Historical Paranormal Romance
Content/Theme(s): Regency, Medieval Knight, Magic, Sweet
Release Date: March 15, 2015
Anessa Books
Excerpts, Magic in the Storm, Storm on the Horizon & More

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Bridging the StormExcerpt:
“I’m sorry. I don’t believe we’ve been introduced,” she said, her cheeks flushing an even deeper shade of pink.

“Er, uh, no! No,” he chuckled. “I beg your pardon.” He executed a grand leg for her. “Sir Arthur Dagonet, at your service.”

She curtsied in response. “Miss Kate Cherington. I’m Lord Vallentyn’s niece.”

“Ah! Had the pleasure of his company at breakfast,” Dagonet said, smiling. “Shame about the children.”

“So you are the man Aunt Vallentyn invited here to cure them.”

He opened his mouth to say something, debated whether he should make a joke, or just affirm she was correct. He decided to play it safe. “Yes.”

“Will you?” Her beautiful eyes, so expressive, seemed to get paler in the sunlight. Was that possible?

“Will I what?” he asked, his mind befuddled by her beauty.

“Be able to cure them?” she asked.

He almost asked who she referred to but quickly pulled his mind back to the situation at hand—and not a moment too soon. He’d almost made himself look like an idiot. Why did he always make a fool of himself in front of women he was attracted to? He was determined not to do the same with Miss Cherington. He was too old to fall into such silliness. Lowering his eyes to the ground, he placed an appropriately somber expression on his face. “No, I’m afraid I don’t have that ability.”

“But Aunt Vallentyn said you had knowledge that she might use…”

“Oh, yes! Plenty of knowledge. Just not the, er…” he paused for a moment. She was Vallen, right? Yes. She’d used magic to stop her book from falling into the river. “I’m not associated with Fire. Can’t actually heal anyone, don’t you know?”

“No. I didn’t know,” she said, her head tilted slightly, as if trying to figure him out.

This time he couldn’t help but laugh. “Lady Vallentyn…” She’d called her ‘aunt’ hadn’t she? “Your aunt?” At her nod, he continued. “Yes, well, she thinks that I may know of some magic that she could use to cure the children. Don’t know that I do, but I'm more than willing to explore the possibility with her.”

Miss Cherington looked confused. “You don’t know if you know how to cure the children?”

“No. Lady Vallentyn ’s going to, or, well, she’s begun to explore my memories, don’t you know?”

“Explore your memories? And what does she think she’ll find there that you don’t know about?”

Dagonet burst out laughing. Luckily, even Miss Cherington saw how ridiculous the question, in fact, the whole situation, was.

“You’re a very funny man, Sir Arthur,” she said laughing. “I only hope my aunt finds whatever it is she thinks you have in your memories, and that…”

“I’m not aware of?” he chuckled.

She laughed. “Yes.”

“Yes, well. I hope so as well.”
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Magic in the Storm
Magic in the Storm
by Meredith Bond
Storm series Book One

Morgan is trapped and powerless.

The seventh child of the seventh child has always been a girl. Until Morgan Vallentyn was born. Because he’s male he can’t access the magical powers that should have been his . In order to attain his destiny, he’s first got to escape his home and find the source of his power – in the most unexpected of places.

Adriana would give up everything for her freedom.

Born to paint the natural world with unprecedented passion and vision, Adriana Hayden is bound by the laws of 19th century English society to her scheming guardian. But after meeting the handsome and mysterious Morgan, her world begins to open to enchanted possibilities she could never have imagined.

The only way to fulfill their destinies is for each to unlock the powers of the other – through the magic in the storm.

Genre: Historical Paranormal Romance
Content/Theme(s): Regency, Magic, Sweet
Release Date: January 4, 2014
Anessa Books

Magic in the Storm Purchase links:
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Magic in the Storm Excerpt:
Adriana turned off the path and picked her way through the wood toward the sounds. There was a clearing not too far ahead, but Adriana was stopped by the sound of a voice — a man’s voice. More carefully and quietly now, she made her way to the edge of the clearing and peeked out from the trees.

Adriana’s breath caught as she watched a dark head emerge from under the water.

It was him! He hadn’t been a dream or her imagination. He was real!

Morgan flipped his long black hair back out of his face, sending a spray of water flying toward Adriana. As he did so, he turned around to face her and she very nearly took a step forward to let him know that she was there. Her hand was half-way raised, her foot in mid-air about to step out from the trees when she noticed that he wasn’t wearing anything – at all.

Adriana stopped and caught her balance on a tree. How embarrassing!

She couldn’t allow Morgan to see she was there, not when he… she could feel her face heat and was sure she was blushing furiously.

She resolutely tried to keep her eyes on his face, but they disobediently darted down his exposed body. Strong muscles defined his bare shoulders and chest. Below that Adriana couldn’t see anything because of the water, and she was extremely grateful. She had never seen a naked man before, and was certain that she never should – at least not until after she was married.

In her mind, Henrietta’s stern voice told her in no uncertain terms she was to leave immediately. Adriana knew the voice was right – she shouldn’t be here at all. She started to turn away, but Morgan gave another bright shout of laughter. She looked over at him playing in the water and knew she just couldn’t go.

The thought of leaving without drawing even one little sketch of Morgan and the river was unthinkable. Surely it was all right from an artistic point of view. Men painted naked women, so why couldn’t she draw a naked man?

No, neither Henrietta’s voice in the back of her head, nor the threat of being caught in so compromising a position could force her to leave. She would stay, but only for a very short time. Just long enough to do one quick sketch, she told herself sternly.
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Storm on the Horizon
Storm on the Horizon
by Meredith Bond
Storm series Book 0.5
The Prequel

Tatiana Ashurst has a secret – one that she cannot afford to be known to Georgian English society. But Kit Vallentyn discovers her hidden ability to wield infinitely powerful magic… and saves her from inadvertently revealing it to everyone. Tatiana knows it is impossible for her to marry him. But how can she help herself from becoming fascinated by this handsome man, who seems to extend a spell over her more powerful than any she can conjure?

Kit is out for a wife. His instinct, however, is to go through the mere motions of searching, just to please his ambitious father who wants a big dowry from the marriage. But the one woman who he can’t get out of his mind is the twin sister of the one his father wants him to marry – the one who is plain, penniless, ineligible… and enchanting in more ways than one.

For Kit and Tatiana to weather the storm of their desires, they have to peel away the layers of all of their secrets, to discover the simple truth of their love.

Note: This is a re-release. It has additional scenes and has been newly edited.

Genre: Historical Paranormal Romance
Content/Theme(s): Regency, Magic, Sweet
Release Date: January 4, 2014
Anessa Books

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Storm on the Horizon Excerpt:
March, 1780
The whisper of silk was accompanied the quiet tapping of a slipper in the hall outside of Tatiana Ashurst's bedroom. At the creak of a floorboard, all sounds stopped.

Tatiana rushed to the hall to see her twin sister paused at the top of the stairs of their grandmother's London home. "Oh good, you're dressed," she said, pushing aside the feeling of dread that was slowly rising up from the floor.

Her sister half-turned and looked back. Her face was covered with guilt; her hand gripped the balustrade. "Uh. Yes. I'm er... going downstairs, or, um... out. Yes, I'm going out. I'll be back." Her sister turned to face the stairs once again, preparing to descend.

Tatiana couldn't allow that. She couldn't allow her sister to escape, to run away. Not this time. She wasn't close enough to reach out and grab her, though. She hesitated for only the briefest moment before throwing her hand out. Magic shot from her fingertips and froze her sister in place. "No. You are not."

She rushed up and put a restraining hand on her sister's arm before unfreezing her with a thought. "Trina, it will be all right. We're going to do this together. Grandmama will be there and we'll get through this—together."

"I can't, Tatiana. I can't." Her sister dropped her head into hands that shook, absolutely shook, with nerves.

Gently, Tatiana guided Trina back to her room. "Of course you can." Oh, how she hated being the enforcer here! But she had no choice. "I have complete confidence in you. Grandmama does as well. And you know that Mama and Papa wouldn't have sent us if they didn't think you could do this as well."

Trina shook her head. "No. They sent us because they believe this is the only way to get me married."

"And don't you want to marry?" Tatiana asked her sister, knowing exactly what her answer would be. They'd only discussed and dissected the issue thoroughly over the past three years.

"You know I do, but..." Trina paused, looking miserable. Her brown eyes were dull with reluctance and dismay. It was all Tatiana could do to keep herself from folding her sister into her arms. She wanted to so badly, but if she did Trina would start to cry. Then her eyes would turn red and puffy, and she'd be in no state to go anywhere. She couldn't do that to her beloved sister, so she just gave her hand a comforting squeeze as they walked back to Trina's room.

She really did hate being in collusion with their parents against Trina. It had always been the two of them against everyone else. They'd stood together from the time they could both stand at all. But this time... this time, their parents were right. Tatiana hated that almost as much as she hated forcing her shy, unwilling sister to make her curtsey to society and place herself in the market for a husband.

Trina started to shake her head, but Tatiana cut her off as she opened her mouth to protest. "There is no other way. They're right, you can do this and you will. You're stronger than this, Trina."

"No. I'm not. I'm terrified. No one will even look at me at the ball. They never do." The tears were coming back. Tatiana could feel the heat of her sister's fear radiating off of her.

She had to do something. Something big. Something dramatic. And something fast. Their grandmother would call for them any moment. She pulled her sister to the standing mirror in the corner of her room. Firmly placing her in front of it, she said, "Look, Trina. Look at this gorgeous dress! How can you say no one will look at you?"

Trina fluffed out the pale pink, heavy silk overdress without enthusiasm. "Well, at least I am stylish. I'm glad Grandmama allowed me the most recent fashion. I like this à l'Anglaise, without panniers. I don't think I could have stood having a dress that extended further out than my arms."

Tatiana laughed. "You are not only dressed in the first stare, you look beautiful!"

That comment made Trina's face begin to crumple once again. "No. That I am not."

"Oh yes, you are," Tatiana said. And that is when she had the idea! The brilliance of her inspiration made her almost laugh out aloud in delight, but she controlled herself. Instead, she narrowed her eyes a little and focused herself inward. She gathered her magical power into her core and allowed a slow smile to spread across her face.

In her mind's eye, she saw her sister's dull, brown hair shine with vibrancy like her own. Trina's eyes lost their brown coloring and instead glowed a brilliant green. Tatiana made her lips and cheeks ever so slightly plump, and then filled out her bust-line to give her a more womanly figure.

"Oh!" her sister gasped. She stared into the mirror, stunned at the woman she saw.

Tatiana then focused her attention on herself. As they were now they looked more like twins than they usually did. But that wouldn't do. She needed Trina to stand out, so Tatiana dulled her own rich, dark brown hair, and faded her sparkling black eyes to a muddy brown. She thinned her face and lips, and made herself look nearly as angular as a scarecrow. Her perfectly-fitted, vibrant, blue silk dress now hung limply on her frame.

"Oh, no! Tatiana, what are you doing?" Trina exclaimed, horrified.

"Much better." Tatiana looked in the mirror and nodded approvingly.

"No! Tatiana, really!"

"Yes, really! It is important that you look your best," Tatiana said, admiring her handiwork. "And just as important that I don't. This way, no one will look twice at me but focus all of their attention on you. Just as they should."

"But your beauty..." Trina objected.

"Is inside, just as yours always is. Only now yours is showing outwardly for all of those superficial men to see—and mine is hidden away." Tatiana nodded again. "This is the way it should be."

Trina looked more closely at herself in the mirror. A small smile made her lips tremble and tears shone in her eyes yet again. "You are too good to me," she whispered.

"No. I love you. But if you cry, I will be extremely annoyed. I don't want to overlay even more magic on you to keep everyone from seeing red, puffy eyes and blotchy cheeks."

A giggle burst out of Trina and she blinked away the tears. "No. I won't do that to you. I promise." She sighed and turned herself from side to side to admire her new splendor in the mahogany-gilt frame. "It is a shame, though."

"What, that you have to marry? I'm sure you'll find a wonderful man, Trina. You've got the entire season to do so."

"Yes. But you won't be here the entire season. And that's not what I am referring to. It's a shame that you won't get to choose your own husband."
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