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May 31, 2015

The Secret Side of Us by Brienne Dubh

Cover & Excerpt

The Secret Side of Us
by Brienne Dubh

The Secret Side of UsWill she follow her heart to Mr. Wrong or her head to Mr. Right?

When opportunity comes knocking, Lexi Joyce gives up everything she knows for a fresh start and the bright lights of Los Angeles.

Only, things aren't going to be as simple as she hoped. When two men unexpectedly enter her life, Lexi has to make a choice between a charming American and a mischievous Italian.

Will she have the courage to go for who and what she really wants? It’s time for Lexi to decide.

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Content/Theme(s): Musicians, Theater
Release Date: February 14, 2015
Publisher: Indie

Excerpt & More

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He was dressed in his silver grey suit and he looked amazing as always. For a split second, I moved to take a step towards him but I stopped myself. He looked over at me and stared right through me with his sad, piercing blue eyes. He didn't move. He just stood there, waiting for my reaction. As upset and confused as I was, right there and then I knew I would always want him. Always think about him, care about him and want to be with him whether it was the right thing for me or not. And I was having a hard time figuring that out. He had that hold on me now. He was like a magnet to me, pulling me towards him and my body was trembling as I tried to resist. My mind and body were definitely having a disagreement and my body was winning.

Just then, I heard loud music and a car door slam, breaking my concentration. I turned back to see where the noise had come from. There ahead of me, looking cool, dressed all in black with his sunglasses on, even though we were in an indoor parking lot, was Ryan. He leaned casually against my car.

As annoying as he was I had to admit, for the second time in two days, I was glad to see him. He looked over at me and smiled, moving the sunglasses to sit on the top of his head. I looked back at Dane and saw the expectant look on his handsomely beautiful face.

Everything was backwards; things were still awkward and raw between Dane and I but uncharacteristically comfortable with Ryan. A part of me wanted to go to Dane but another part of me couldn't. I was relieved Ryan had just unknowingly freed me from Dane's magnetic pull and I was ready to get out of there as fast as I could. This was an introduction I was not ready to make.

I looked back over at Dane and gave him a smile and a nod before I turned back and walked over to my car. It wasn't a day for talking. It was a day for smiling and nodding. When I reached my car Ryan pulled me forward and kissed me on the forehead again. It hadn't bothered me before but this time it felt awkward, in front of Dane.

"See I didn't break it, no scratches and all in one piece," he said cheerfully, as he gestured towards my car.

"Thanks," I said looking back over my shoulder towards Dane. He hadn't moved and was watching our greeting intently.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong," I replied.

"Is that him?" He asked following my gaze.

"Yes, that's him," I said, walking round to the passenger side of the car and opening the door.

"Is he giving you shit?" Ryan asked loudly with more weight to his tone.

"No, of course not," I said, looking over at Dane again. I couldn't read his expression now but I could tell he was getting a good look at Ryan.

"Because if he is..." Ryan said rather loudly.

"He's not doing anything. Just get in the car," I said, sitting down and closing my door.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes I'm sure. Let's just go."

"Alright, if you say so," he said and then started speaking in Italian even louder as he got in too. You didn't have to speak the language to know he was swearing. Ryan revved the engine and drove past Dane slowly, getting a good look at him before he sped out of there like a boy racer.

"That was unnecessary,"

"What?" he asked innocently.

I gave him a stern look before turning to look out the window and then we carried on driving in silence.
Purchase link(s):  Amazon   Smashwords   Kobo   B&N
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