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May 17, 2015

Dragon's Redemption by Eden Ashe

Cover & Excerpt

Dragon's Redemption by Eden Ashe
Dragon Lore Book Two

Dragon's Redemption
The one female he isn't supposed to want, is the only one he's ever needed.

When her brother goes missing, everything in Lily Cage's world turns upside down.

Born a Hunter female, the last thing she needs is an attraction to Dallas, the scariest dragon in existence. The one known as The Destroyer.

With peace between the Hunters and Dragons hanging by a thread, one wrong move on Lily or Dallas's part could catapult them all back into war.

But with Dallas playing by his own rules and someone on the outside decimating her life, they have a choice—stand and fight, or lose everything they never realized they wanted.

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Content/Theme(s): Shifters, Dragons, Suspense
Release Date: April 24, 2015
Excerpt & More

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Dallas’s growling started again the second they were out of Daniel and Shelby’s home and Lily reminded him that she still needed clothes. His growling lasted all the way through their non-adventurous trip to the neighborhood Big Box store.

It would have been kind of adorable if she wasn’t so worried about his sanity.

His home was cozier than she’d expected. His apartment took up the entire fifth floor of a charming brick building, and while it was done in dark leathers and woods, it wasn’t completely soulless.

As she followed him into his tidy bedroom, his arms loaded with bags, she immediately noticed the fire escape. It was one of those things Adrian had taught her—always know your exits.

His bed was the surprise. A huge, hand-carved four-poster bed took up nearly all the space in the room. The comforter was dark green and looked even comfier than her big, fluffy one, and it was piled with pillows.

After Dallas dropped the bags onto his bed, she moved to stand in front of him.

He pinched the bridge of his nose. “What?”

“You about scared that poor lady to death back there.”

“I regret nothing.”

“She sneezed, Dallas.”

He snorted derisively as he went to his dresser, pulled out the top drawer, and dumped its contents on the bed. “You can put your stuff in here.”


This was not how she’d imagined this moment in her life. Being given a drawer was supposed to be a huge deal, wasn’t it? Wasn’t that how humans sometimes asked their mates to move in—permanently—with them?

Reading the question on her face, he tossed the drawer on the bed. Grabbing one of her bags, he upended it into the drawer before grabbing the next bag and repeating the process.

“Okay, fine,” she muttered, putting herself in front of him again and spreading her arms out. “I’ll take the drawer. Just stop dumping my stuff all over.” When he looked confused, she laughed out loud. “I’m a girl. I fold things.”

The uncertainty on his face moved into his eyes. “Why?”

She opened her mouth to explain, then moved into him instead. Going up on her toes, she only meant to kiss his chin and tell him thank you for everything he’d done for her, but when his soft green eyes clashed with hers, she forgot everything but the need to feel his mouth on hers again. Taste him again.

Tangling her hands in his hair, she fisted the soft strands and pulled his mouth to hers. The hunger slammed into her out of nowhere, leaving her shaking and breathless. Determined. He responded instantly, the rough sound of need that tore out of his massive chest fueling her, urging her on, and without warning, he had her hitched up and then on her back on the bed.

His mouth was greedy as they fought to bare and taste naked skin, their hands desperate as they tore at clothes. She barely had time to grip his shoulders and hold on before he lifted her hips, closed his lips over the tip of her breast, and drove into her.
Purchase link(s):  Amazon & other retailers soon
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