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Apr 21, 2015

The King's Mortal by Armada West

Cover, Excerpt & Trailer

The King's Mortal
by Armada West
Wintertide Book One

The King's MortalWelcome to Cimmerian, the frigid vampire realm—the home to the huntsmen of God

They have been tasked with slaughtering the humans who've released the plagued doppelgängers of mankind from their hellish prison, and it is an eternally uphill battle.

Hope comes in the form of young Lana Corvin, a psychic lingering on the cusp of death with a blood disease, and wasting her precious days as the main squeeze of a notorious drug dealer.

When she becomes the target of Cerberus, a kingpin drug lord, Fate will teach her that life—no matter how much or how little of it you possess—gives no second chances. That is, unless the rogue Vlad Dracula, hellbent on usurping the throne to claim Cimmerian for himself, doesn't teach it to her first.

Originally released as The Dyad of Jill Corvin: Bottom Feeders. It has been expanded with new content, including a new key plot element.

Genre: Paranormal Thriller
Content/Theme(s): Urban Fantasy, Alternate Realms, Vampires, Slayers, Doppelgangers, Light horror, Drug wars
Release Date: March 6, 2015
Distinguished Press
Trailer, Excerpt & More

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“Didn’t Vic tell you?” Cerberus moved toward her and Gray twitched. The drug lord chuckled. She’d never heard such easy laughter have so much menace. “After the last time you and I met here, he and I struck a deal. He works for me now.” He gestured to the vampires beside him. “We play on the same team, and since they outrank the marquis . . .” Cerberus let the rest go unsaid, and there was nothing she could say in response. He closed his eyes in bliss and a snowflake fell between them, followed by another. “The sound of your silence is endearing. You’re going to hand me the keys to that piece of shit, and then either you leave with me now, peacefully, or—”

“I’m not going anywhere with you.”

Gray put his hand on her shoulder and the resolve behind her words strengthened. Could Samuel and the other vampiress really stop him from helping her though? The thought unnerved her, but honestly, even if he couldn’t help her, there was no way she would go with Cerberus without a fight. Samuel scoffed at her words and she heard him whisper to the vampiress, “See, Herodias? She’s as stubborn and thickheaded as the king.”

He didn’t specify which king he meant.

Cerberus gave an inclination of his head at her words, but otherwise ignored them both. His beady, hawkish eyes didn’t stray from her. She could see the predator at his core. A beast at the end of its chain.

“That was rude. I was going to say, you leave with me now peacefully, or I will take you on my terms later on. Will you change your mind?” She was silent. He shrugged. “That was an easy one. This one is going to be a bit harder.” Cerberus took a gun from the waist of his gym shorts, and she watched as he took the magazine out then slid it across the pavement to her feet. Then he stepped forward, holding the handgun out to her by the muzzle. “Vic is with that slutty little redhead at his apartment.”

Lana’s mouth went dry. Cerberus’ eyes didn’t waver from hers. She stepped around Gray and her hand closed on the butt of the gun. They stared at one another.

“How does it feel to have me on the business end?” he asked before releasing his hold on the muzzle and moving back. The weight of the gun caught her off-guard and she had to correct the way the muzzle dipped to the pavement. She’d never held a gun before; now she stooped to pick up the magazine. Cerberus took another step back.

“I’ll send my people to his apartment in a couple hours to clean up, if you decide to go there . . . Otherwise, you can just . . . go home.” He shrugged, turning his back on her. “You don’t need to tell me what you decide. I promise you though, whatever you do, we will meet again, Lana. It’s up to you whether you want Vic there on your terms, or mine.”

She slammed the magazine into the gun and leveled it with Cerberus’ head. He paused, raising his hands in the air as he faced her again. He came a few steps closer. There was no way she could miss at this range. She could end this right now. She could stop this train before it derailed and destroyed her life. They were a short drive from Boston Harbor, where the evidence and her fingerprints would never be found to link her to his death—not that the cops would break a sweat over the drug lord’s murder.

Cerberus put his hands behind his head and got down on his knees.

“Go ahead,” he challenged. “Show me what you’re made of.”
Purchase link(s):  This title is temporarily unavailable.
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