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Mar 26, 2015

Breaking All Barriers by Cait Jarrod

Cover & Excerpt

Breaking All Barriers
by Cait Jarrod

Breaking All BarriersCan a single kiss change your life?

Businessman Cole Dunbar stays focused inventing the latest techno gadgets. When he learns of his deceased wife’s betrayal, he shuts the door on any personal relationships. There’s just one problem—the sexy Dina Wright who lives down the hall. He can’t keep her out of his thoughts and fantasies. When he sees her frightened on a New York City street, he tosses aside his reservations and reaches out to her.

Dina is high on life. Not only is she starting an advertising agency and her best friend is returning to NYC, an honest-to-God hunk is sending her spine-tingling looks. Despite past betrayals interfering, the budding romance picks up momentum, but Mother Nature spins her wrath. Amidst the chaos, Dina vanishes.

Cole breaks all barriers to find Dina, but does she need saving?

Genre: Romantic Suspense
Content/Theme(s): Contemporary, Thriller
Release Date: March 13, 2015
Wild Rose Press
Excerpt & More

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Cole stared at Wyatt’s body slumping to the ground, his mind replaying the words, I was stuck. His knee-jerk reaction to Wyatt’s admission was, “bullshit.” No situation was ever bad enough to hurt another person.

Urgency to get to Dina spiked through his system. He raced to where Dina and Vince had stood.


Nerve-wracking terror crashed into Cole’s pounding heart. He darted around the corner toward the wrecked truck.

A single gunshot echoed in the night.

An invisible death-grip tightened his throat. The road and buildings warped. Sound faded. Cole’s fear came to fruition, the worst moment of his life.

He needed eyes on Dina now!

Cole forced his legs to move faster into the darkness. The small amount of glow, seeping around the trailer from the junker’s headlights, gave him a visual to the only other intact car, parked next to the overturned truck.

The cloud pattern shifted and the moon brightened the darkened sky. Beyond the downed trailer, demolished truck, past the crinkled unmarked car, hope soared, clenching Cole’s heart and stealing his breath. He stopped and stared, not sure if he could believe his eyes.

The moon spotlighted Dina standing in the middle of the wreckage, staring at the road, her body shaking. Fright and pain visible in her profile felt like a bullet to his chest, forcing the wind out of his lungs and weakening his muscles.

Her gaze left whatever caught her attention and she peered over her shoulder. Their gazes locked. In that moment of time, no one else existed, not the swirling bright blue and red lights approaching or the loud sirens demanding attention.

Too afraid if he ran, his legs would give out from the overwhelming emotions, he walked toward her.

Not moving her gaze from his, she pulled her lips inward and wiped a hand across her face. She’d been through so much. Instinctively, he wanted to pull her to him, feel her warmth against his chest. Afraid sudden movement might scare her, he tempered his urge and stopped in front of her. “Awe, babe.” He stroked a finger down her cheek and searched her face.

Tears welled in her eyes, and something more frightening smeared across her skin—a reddish-brown color—blood.

His heart plummeted to his gut.

“Cole.” She lifted the hand that hadn’t moved.

A gun.
Purchase link(s):  Wild Rose   Amazon   ARe   iTunes   Kobo   B&N
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