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Jan 6, 2015

Harford Scarlet series by Toria Lyons

Cover, Excerpt & Trailer

Harford Scarlet Series
by Toria Lyons

Playing Up
Playing Up by Toria Lyons
Harford Scarlet Prequel Book 0.5

Sian has been watching Rob for a while...as he plays rugby for Harford Park RFC, the club she follows. However, she’d also love to get down and dirty with the hot and hunky prop in more intimate surroundings.

A chance mishap in a crowded nightclub may mean her wish is fulfilled, going by her intense reaction when their bodies entangle.

Rob is intrigued by Sian, and her sizzling response whenever he lays his hands on her curves. He’s attracted to her also, but will they take it any further? Will she have the chance to play up with him?

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Content/Theme(s): Sports, Rugby
Release Date: October 27, 2014
Book 1, Trailer, Excerpt & More

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Playing for Keeps
Playing For Keeps
by Toria Lyons

Harford Scarlet Book One

Content/Theme(s): Sports, Rugby
Publisher: Xcite Books

Resolutely single career woman Sarah Evans is a big rugby fan – but she has no time for those sportsmen who stray. So when she runs into a blast from her university past who has form for playing away, despite the sparks flying, she’s defiantly underwhelmed.

Rugby player and tycoon Tom Murray is a force to be reckoned with, on and off the field. To him, Sarah isn’t just unfinished business – he wants her and nothing’s going to get in his way.

They just can’t keep their hands off each other but Sarah doesn’t want a relationship, especially not with a rugby player known for his playboy ways. And Tom rapidly finds out she’s no pushover either.

Sarah’s out of her depth and in unknown territory, defending her heart from Tom’s remorseless attack. She thinks he’ll move on sooner or later, she just needs to hold onto her heart until then.

How can Tom convince Sarah that this isn’t a game? And is he really playing for keeps?

Playing For Keeps Purchase links:
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Playing For Keeps Excerpt:
Sarah found herself squashed next to Adam, surrounded by the Park players. Her glass was topped up as she enjoyed the banter.

‘We’re just waiting for a couple of others to get here.’ Chris lifted an arm and waved at an imposing figure coming through the door and towards them. ‘About time too, Tom. We’d about given up on you. Here’s your beer. This is Adam: he’s the Kiwi player who joined the thirds today and kicked some opposition ar— backside. You know the lovely Sarah, don’t you?’

Tom nodded and smiled tightly at her. She briefly met his shadowed eyes then concentrated on her drink. Her body silently sang with joy as Tom edged closer, then she restrained a gasp as he placed a hand on her hip and managed to insinuate himself between her and Adam, his face a neutral mask.

He smelled delicious: a mixture of his masculine shower gel and the essence of Tom. She could feel the heat from his body calling out to hers and struggled not to curve her body involuntarily into his, to remain two separate entities. But his wandering hand was testing her resolve. Out of sight, his fingers had travelled into the waistband of her jeans and were playing with the sensitive skin on her hip, her spine, worming down to tug lightly on her skimpy thong. She had to concentrate to control her breathing, the heat was building so fast between her legs. Sarah continued nodding, as if she was actually listening and understanding the indistinguishable voices around her.

‘Watch it, mate.’ A drunk man stumbling past lost his balance and fell into the group of Harford players, jostling them and spilling drinks. Tom pulled Sarah into him as if to protect her, but sneakily pressed his hips into her buttocks, lifting her into him. He felt fully aroused; the imprint of him through her jeans was enough to tip Sarah over a small cliff, her inner muscles fluttering wildly. Her gasp was lost in the general mayhem of the bouncers escorting the drunk out; she fought the instincts of her body and managed to pull herself away.

‘Got you back,’ Tom whispered in her ear. ‘I promised I would. Now, I’ll give you ten minutes to make your excuses. I’ll meet you in the passageway.’
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