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Oct 7, 2014

Cover Reveal - Unelmoija The Timeshifter by Elle Boca

Cover & Excerpt Reveal

Unelmoija: The Timeshifter by Elle Boca
Unelmoija Weeia series Book Four

Unelmoija The Timeshifter

Amy’s past is catching up with her in a way that could only happen to a Weeia.

She is drifting in her own timeline and must be careful not to change anything or she may never find her way to a familiar present.

Even routine activities like fixing dinner or speedwalking with Duncan are becoming challenges.

Will she and her friends solve the mystery in time for Amy to realize her ultimate destiny?

Genre: Urban Fantasy
Content/Theme(s): Superhumans, Time Travel, Mystery, SciFi
Release Date: September 19, 2014
Publisher: Poyeen Publishing

Excerpt & More

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The conversation with Sara was another déjà vu experience. I knew what was going to happen before it did. What if I said or did something different from what had occurred?

"The police know your mother was murdered. I have nothing to gain, but you do. I don't have anything belonging to your mother. The police already searched the cottage." I was bluffing. An alarmed expression gave her away. Swelling anger inside me at the terrible act she had committed against her own mother, and her lack of remorse prompted me to go on. "You're a pathetic drug addict and a murderer," I yelled.

With more strength and vigor than I would have expected she threw a large crystal vase that stood on a side table next to her mother's dresser at me. If her aim had been better and my reflexes slower she might have hit me. The vase crashed at my feet, breaking into a million pieces. One of the medium size shards struck my ankle at an angle, embedding itself deep in the wound.

"You deserved that you little cow," Sara said as I squatted down to look at my leg. For a moment I couldn't see anything. Not Sara or my leg or her mother's room.

Darkness became the semi darkness of my bedroom where I woke up, startled by the sudden change. Concern drove me to touch my ankle. I was half expecting my hand to be wet with blood. It wasn't. When I turned on the light to examine my leg there was a new scar, one that hadn't been there before.

As with the other recent dreams, I remembered everything with surprising clarity, the things I saw and did as well as the dialogue. This was the first dream in which I had set out to behave in a different manner from my memory of what had happened in real life. The scar troubled me. It meant something big. I knew it did.

As soon as I heard Mom wake up I knocked on her door. "Mom, do you have a minute?"

"Sure, Ames. What's up?" she asked, opening the door.

She was wearing the new silk pajamas that Kat and I had gifted her for Mother's Day. The color suited her. Her hair was disheveled and she wore no make-up. She was barefoot, holding a pair of shoes in her hand.

I sat on her bed while she picked out her ensemble for the day. She showed me two blouse choices. I pointed to the one on the left. Lifting my foot onto the edge of her bed I pointed at the scar.

"Do you remember this?" I asked, holding my breath.

"Of course, Sara threw a vase at you," she said without hesitation.

"Uh, Mom. Something's wrong. You know how I've been tired, right?" She nodded once. "And, I've been having odd dreams and strange stuff happen; well, it's more than that. I thought there was something wrong with my watch because it's been acting up lately. The time goes off for no reason. All of a sudden it's off an hour or two or more. I thought it needed a new battery, but I took it to the watch repair place. The guy tested the battery and said it was fine. He replaced it anyway, at my request. The thing is, even after that, I'm having the same problem."

"Maybe it's a good opportunity to buy a new one. You've had that one for years," Mom said in an unconvincing tone. I gave her a look to express my opinion before continuing.

"The dreams aren't normal. I don't usually remember my dreams, but I remember these clearly as if I had watched a movie or as if I had been in a movie myself. You with me?" She nodded again. "When I dreamshift, I make things happen. I'm in charge. With these new dreams, I can't control what happens or return home when I'm having one of them, even if I think about it during the dream. I think that means they're not dreamshifting episodes either."

I knew I was speaking a mile a minute. I took a deep breath before going on. "What's freaking me out today is that something happened in a dream with Sara that didn't happen in real life. In the dream I had last night with Sara, a piece of glass got stuck in my leg and left a scar. When I woke up, the scar was there. What's worse is that you remember the scar. But, here's where it gets weird, I'm one hundred percent sure that when I went to bed last night I didn't have that scar. In my memory of that moment with Sara, there was no broken vase and nothing happened to my ankle. How can that be?"
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