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Oct 13, 2014

Cover Reveal - A Princess Bound edited by Kristina Wright

Cover & Excerpt

A Princess Bound
Naughty Fairy Tales for Women
edited by Kristina Wright

Princess BoundWhy is it that Goldilocks climbed into so many beds? Face it, fairy tales have always been kinky—from beautiful queens tied up in knots to the wolf that makes Red Riding Hood blush. In this distinctive collection of racy romances, Kristina Wright seduces us with tales that are playful, supernaturally sensual and very, very naughty. The beauty in “The Seven Ravens,” by Ariel Graham, uses a series of magic keys to finally unlock the door to her secret wish. A lonely maiden sneaks into the Winter Ball in Valerie Alexander’s “Mine Until Dawn,” and binds her new love in a devastatingly erotic story of dominance. A brawny beast of a man sweeps an aristocrat off her feet and right into his bed in “Black of Knight,” by Victoria Blisse. Submit to the spell of A Princess Bound.

Genre: Erotic Romance
Content/Theme(s): BDSM, Adult Fairy Tales, Magic, M/F, F/F, Anthology, Short story collection
Release Date: June 12, 2014
Cleis Press
Excerpt & More

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Stories & features included:
1. Forward by Cathy Yardley
2. Introduction: Bind Me, Whip Me, Call Me Princess
3. “Sealed” by Laila Blake
4. “In the Palace of Gods and Monsters” by Michelle Augello-Page
5. “The Dancing Princess” by Elizabeth L. Brooks
6. “The Smith Under the Hill” by Kathleen Tudor
7. “The Seven Ravens” by Ariel Graham
8. “Black of Knight” by Victoria Blisse
9. “The Silence of Swans” by Kannan Feng
10. “The King’s Cousin” by Catherine Paulssen
11. “Need and Permission” by Benjamin Creek
12. “Locks” by Tahira Iqbal
13. “Out of the Waves” by Rose De Fer
14. “Your Wish” by L.C. Spoering
15. “Thorn King” by Jane Gilbert
16. “The Witch’s Servant” by Michael M. Jones
17. “Mine Until Dawn” by Valerie Alexander
18. “Red and the Big Bad Wolf” by Poetic Desires
19. “The Last Duchess” by Kristina Wright

Excerpt from Benjamin Creek’s “Need and Permission”:
“When she pushed through the door, she stopped with a jerk, staring. The chair of her writing desk was pushed back, and it was occupied. Andray sat, his chin sunk in his right hand; the laces of his white silk shirt were undone, and his left hand held her diary, resting on his thigh.

Quick anger surged in her at the invasion of her privacy, only to be banished in moments by a wild spike of hope. Marienne felt her blood running red hot and a flush mounting to her pretty cheeks. Next to the book through his trousers she could see the heavy curve of her husband’s erection.

He looked up, and she could see the coals turning to real fire inside his eyes. He lifted the book. “This is truly how you feel?” he said, his voice low and dark.

She was balanced on a wire, and she made her decision instantly.

“Yes, lord.”

“Take off your dress.”

There was a calm certainty in his command that made her heart leap and her fingertips fly to her buttons. She almost giggled when she realized that she was shaking too hard to quickly undo them, and then he was standing in front of her, his hands closed around hers, and she was more aroused than she had been since he had transformed. Thread snapped and buttons popped as he slowly, inexorably ripped the fabric from her body.

It was only moments, but it felt like minutes stretching into hours as her husband tore her covering away, leaving her standing proud in her shift, her nipples pointing stiff and tingling through the thin cloth.

“You were late to dinner tonight.” The calmness he had affected at first was strangled by lust, his voice thick in his throat.

“It won’t happen again, my lord,” she said, and the soft submission she wanted to show was ruined by her spiking desire; her voice cracked in the middle of her sentence, and Andray’s face broke into the broadest, most genuine grin she’d ever seen on him.

“Get on your knees, Marienne,” he growled, and she obeyed gladly.

“Put your hands behind your back.”

Her wrists crossed each other at the small of her back, and she felt a wicked anticipation in her belly at the barely restrained arousal in her husband’s words.

He trembled as he fumbled at his trouser strings, and she bent in to kiss his fingers. He curled his hands into her long, black hair, and she slowly undid his pants with her teeth. She could feel his cock hard against her cheek through the cloth, and she thought she was going to die of the tension before she got it free.

Then, the knot was undone, and Andray sucked in a breath as his erect phallus rose before his wife’s eyes. He couldn’t speak, so he motioned to her, and she captured his gaze as she leaned in close to suck the tip of him into her mouth.”
Purchase links:  Cleis  Amazon  ARe  iTunes  Kobo  Google  B&N
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