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Sep 11, 2014

Cover Reveal - Spots by David Lawrence Morris

Cover & Excerpt Reveal

Spots by David Lawrence Morris

Spots-David_MorrisWhen a medical trial goes awry, two elderly people get a second chance at life. One of them is a man with a wasted life, the other a wealthy heiress whose life was wasted for her. Where will previous lifetimes of mistakes take them?

Due to a side effect of medication taken in an experimental drug trial, four people with hopelessly different backgrounds are thrown together. Two return to their youth and begin new lives—backed by lifetimes of experience and unexpectedly altered values.

Will the greed of others tear them apart, or will a lifetime of loneliness bring them together? Who is trying to obtain the secret to their newly found youth—and what is their enemy willing to do to get it? Will all the results of their efforts be destroyed when they have to reveal their tale to the police?

Genre: Medical Thriller
Content/Theme(s): Suspense, Romance, Sci Fi, Contemporary
Release Date: September 4, 2014
Publisher: Hartwood Publishing Group

Excerpt & More

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As my life began to settle down I started to become very curious about the drug trial. What happened to the other people? What became of my reports of the most incredible side effects? Where were Dr. Thomas and his wife? I became very protective of my padlocked case of pills, so when Helen asked about the lock on the refrigerator I told her I picked it up secondhand and it came that way. I had some old junk in it, but I lost the key to unlock it. I was never very comfortable with lies. One built on the other. My life, my very existence, was permeated with them. I found myself living a new truth, a new life with a whole new history—all of which were a pile of lies. She didn’t ask the hard questions, like why it was plugged in if it only contained junk? Sometimes people accept ridiculous stories as a substitute for, “I don’t want to tell you.” It sucks.

I wondered if there was anyone in this experimental trial who was dealing with this as well. Surely if everyone was having a similar reaction to taking the medication, one of them would have been stupid enough to make it public knowledge. I heard nothing like it and ran many searches online uncovering absolutely nothing. In today’s world where every makeup or vitamin manufacturer makes impossible claims, perhaps it had been buried in with thousands of other outrageous claims.

Then one day it occurred to me that the doctor who gave me these pills had disappeared just like I disappeared. Her husband disappeared with her. The whole picture suddenly became so obvious I was ashamed I did not think of it before. It was as plain as the nose on my face. She was taking those pills herself! She had exactly the same side effect I did! I realized it was very likely she wasn’t thirty years younger than her husband. She just looked thirty years younger. I already knew she used the drug on herself. Maybe after she became younger she planned to give it to her husband. They would surely have to rebuild their lives just as I had!
Purchase links:   Amazon   ARe   Smashwords   Kobo   B&N
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