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Aug 22, 2014

Cover Reveal - Stolen Desire by Barbara Donlon Bradley

Cover & Excerpt

Stolen Desire
by Barbara Donlon Bradley

The Vespian Way Book Seven

Stolen DesireWhen Heather is confronted with her time traveling self she fears the worst.

The woman came to warn them of a terrible accident but something isn’t right. The visitors, her future self says are there to help, only want to kidnap her and kill her mate.

Using her mind, she tries to protect her friends and family. Yet she wakes up as a prisoner after seeing the ship Storm is in blow up. She is now alone, and trapped.

Somehow she has to figure out a way home and hopefully reverse all the horrible things that have taken her family from her.

Genre: Paranormal Sci Fi Romance
Content/Theme(s): Futuristic, Time Travel, Shifters
Release Date: July 29, 2014
Phaze Books
Excerpt & More

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Bert walked in and slowed his step when he spotted the second Heather. “Can I assume you called me because of her?”

“Yes.” Storm looked at the other Heather for a moment. “She says she’s Heather, but from the future.”

“And the reason she’s here?”

“We’re not sure. I wanted my mate to wait until you had a chance to protect her before she spoke to herself.”

Bert nodded and entered the room the other Heather occupied.


“How are you, Heather?” He had his back to her as he started working on the computer to create a shield to keep the women safe.

She looked out the window to where her counterpart stood. “I could be better. Who are you?”

Bert blinked. She didn’t know who he was? He turned to look at her. “You don’t know me?”

“Are you a visiting physician? I don’t always meet them. My schedule keeps me quite busy.”

“I am. I thought you would know me since I have been here for several months. I have seen you, her, several times since I’ve been here.” He turned away from her to continue to work on the shield. So this Heather didn’t know him. Could she be from an alternate universe? A clone? Something wasn’t right. “Kuarto asked me to try a new force field to protect you two from each other.”

“That’s probably a good idea. I wouldn’t want to harm myself.”

He pressed a button and covered her in the force field. “How does that feel?”

“I don’t feel anything.”

“Good. I’ll let Heather and Storm know that.” He stepped out of the room and walked up to Heather. “She doesn’t know who I am.”

“Not at all?” Heather looked at the other her.

“She thought I was a visiting physician working with your brother and she didn’t question the fact that I was building a force field to protect you two from each other.”

“That doesn’t make sense, Bert. According to the readings she’s me from the future. She should know who you are.” Heather rubbed her forehead. “Instead of getting answers we’re getting more questions.”

“I’ll take your brother’s data and let you know what I find.”
Bert sealed the second Heather in a force field then followed Heather in when she went to talk to herself.

“This is very strange.” Heather watched the woman who looked just like her. She hated not knowing what was going on. Hopefully she’d get answers now.

“I know, but I didn’t know what else to do.” The second Heather looked at Bert for a moment then switched the language so they were speaking ancient. It was obvious she didn’t want Storm picking up on the conversation and had no clue Bert could speak it. “Our future is at stake.”

“Why are you here?”

“To stop something horrible.” She looked around before focusing back on Heather. “I know I have to prove myself first. You don’t trust me and I don’t blame you, but our future is at stake.”

“You said that before. What are you trying to stop?” She hadn’t gotten any visions yet. What could be so bad she would travel back in time? And how did she do it if she didn’t know Bert? “Why aren’t you just telling me?”

“Because you won’t believe me. I still can’t believe it.” She gave Heather a sad smile. “I know your mate as well as you do and he won’t believe any of this without proof. Run your tests. Once you’re happy with your readings I’ll explain everything.”
“Why did she speak to you in ancient? I couldn’t understand her,” Storm asked Heather when they made it back to their room. He wasn’t a happy man. He paced in front of her, his frustration radiating off him.

“Because she knew you’d eavesdrop in on our conversation. She also did it to help prove she is me. If that was an imposter she never would have been able to talk to me in a language so few know. But she doesn’t know Bert and that worries me.” She stood and pressed her hand against his heart, stopping him in his tracks. “She told me she came back to right a wrong, but she wants to prove she is legitimate first. I want to give her the benefit of the doubt for now.”

“I don’t like this. There are only so many things that would cause you to go back and try to change the outcome.” He touched her face, sliding his fingers along her jaw. “None of them make me happy.”

“Then perhaps we should do something that will make you happy.” She wanted to keep him from thinking about it too much. Trying to guess why she had traveled back in time could cause more havoc than the real reason she came back.

“I can think of a few things that make me very happy.” He wrapped his arms around her waist. “They all include the two of us.”

“And lack of clothing?”

“Depends on what you are wearing under your gown.” He gave her a bone melting smile. “Anything to take my mind off what your other self’s presence probably means?”

“I didn’t think ahead, but I can change that quickly.” She smiled up at him as the computer added what she knew he liked. “I think it will help you get your mind off the current issue.”

“Is it red?” he asked. He let go with one arm and slipped his hand inside the bodice of her dress. “It’s definitely lace. That is always a good sign.”

Heather laughed. She opened the seals of his uniform, sliding her hands over his chest as she exposed it. He needed to forget everything but the two of them. Maybe make him lose control for a moment or two. Those were moments she lived for.

“You are trying to distract me, aren’t you?”

“You’re my heart, and I love touching you.” Her fingers skimmed across the contours of his muscles. “And I know how to distract you if that is what you want.”

“Yes, you do.” He opened the seams of her dress and grinned when he revealed the lingerie she had on. “You are very good at it.”

She wore his favorite. The red lace of the bra and panty did little to cover her, but by the glow brightening in his eyes, he didn’t care. It did what it was supposed to do, make him forget for a moment. His hands skimmed across her exposed skin, causing little goose bumps to rise.

“I love it when you dress like this for me.” His fingers skirted along the edge of the waistband. She felt it to her toes. “It shows how much you care.”

“You are my heart, and I want to keep you happy.” She slid her hands up around his neck. “You know what makes me happy and you strive to achieve that every time you touch me. Why wouldn’t I return the favor?”

He laughed as he dipped his head to her mark. “Right. And you’re just doing it out of the goodness of your heart. You’re as addicted to our intimacy as I am. Admit it.”

The press of his lips to her mark had her sighing. She didn’t need to say a thing. He knew the truth. His hands skimmed across the lace covering her, igniting her need. His touch had her wanting him inside her. “Storm.”

“Soon, my heart. I wish to stimulate my playground first.”

Heather felt his fingers at her core as he kissed his way down to her breast. Her head dropped back at the double attack. “Yes, but you’re making my knees weak and I’m going to melt into a puddle at your feet in a moment.”

“No you won’t.” He wrapped one arm around her waist to help her keep her feet and he continued to pay homage to her, moving them slowly to the bed. He lifted her up and laid her on the bed as he slid two fingers inside her.

She moaned as her muscles tightened against him. The crotch-less panties allowed him complete access to her body without having to remove them.

“Oh, my heart.” He nibbled his way back up to her lips, drinking from them as his hands skimmed over her, caressing the spots that pushed her closer to her release. He eased himself over her, then in one quick stroke, filled her.

She arched up against him. Her legs slid up his thighs to wrap around his hips. Heather’s hands caressed his mark, making him shake a little.

“You aren’t fighting fair.” Storm touched her face as he set a pace for them. When her muscles contracted again he shuddered.

“Can’t help it. I was taught by a very good teacher.” Her words came out like a sigh. She shifted her hips and shuddered when he stroked just the right spot. “So close.”

His lips latched onto her mark and it started the beginning of her release. She felt it build as her blood raced through her veins. Then it unfurled inside, sending her flying out to the stars. She let go of her breath. “I never get tired of that.”

“Hope not. I’m addicted too and you’re the only one I want to share this with.”

“That isn’t very Vespian.” But she loved hearing him say that. Vespian society allowed multiple partners.

“Don’t care. I never had a partner that gives so openly the way you do.” He pressed another kiss against her mark. “And that has spoiled me.”
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