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Jul 8, 2014

Cover Reveal - Lady Westbrook’s Discovery by Etta Stark

Cover & Excerpt

Lady Westbrook’s Discovery
by Etta Stark

Lady Westbrook&'s DiscoveryLady Margaret Westbrook is a forty-one year old widow who has not given romance a second thought in the ten years since her husband passed away. When she meets Felix Oliver, a brilliant scientist sixteen years her junior, she is surprised by his determination to win her heart. Lady Westbrook discovers a passion within herself that she never knew existed.

However, accepting Felix Oliver's proposal will mean relinquishing her title, lowering her social standing and risking both the gossip of polite society and the disapproval of her grown-up sons. Not only that but he has made it clear that he is a firm believer in corporal punishment for women and that consenting to be his wife will mean frequent trips across his lap for a sound spanking. How far is Lady Westbrook willing to go on this journey of discovery?

Genre: Historical Romance
Content/Theme(s): Victorian, Spanking, Humor, Domestic discipline
Release Date: June 4, 2014
Blushing Books
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“It was good of you to stay to talk to the ladies of our society. We certainly enjoyed your lecture. I must thank you again for accepting the invitation to come and speak today.”

“I always enjoy giving practical demonstrations of my work. It’s my passion and it’s nice to have the opportunity to show it off. I am more than happy to encourage women to take an interest in science.”

“You don’t consider it an unsuitable profession for a lady?” asked Margaret.

“Not at all. Science is important to everybody. Jane Marcet, for example, is a great heroine of mine. She demonstrates that it is entirely possible for a woman to make a significant contribution to the sciences.”

“I agree,” said Margaret. “It seems preposterous that certain subjects such as painting watercolours or learning French are considered as suitable for a woman as a man, yet others such as a study of electromagnetism or higher mathematics are considered positively dangerous. Women are told that it will affect their ability to breed if they devote too much time to thinking of such things.”

“Perhaps if people weren’t so preoccupied with coming up with foolish reasons why women shouldn’t study and accept that they are just as capable as their brothers, the world would be an improved place for it.”

“You think women should be permitted to attend University?”

“God, yes. I have met plenty of women who were more than a match for any man in terms of wit, reason and understanding. There is a whole body of untapped genius out there. By not allowing women the same opportunities as men, we are attempting to solve the mysteries of the universe with one arm tied behind our backs.”

“So how would we have female undergraduates get accepted into universities?”

“We need to start much younger. There’s no point in expecting an 18 year old to be ready for university if she hasn’t received the education for it. Eton and Harrow should throw their doors open to female scholars. Give them the same educations their brothers receive.”

“Exactly the same?” asked Margaret. “Team sports, cold showers and beatings from prefects? The works?”

Felix Oliver raised an eyebrow. “You don’t think girls should be beaten?”

“I hadn’t considered it.”

“You have sons, don’t you?”

“Yes, two. Robert is serving as an officer in The Queen's Royal Regiment and Jasper is reading English at Cambridge.”

“You didn’t object to either of them being beaten at school?”

“No. As long as it’s administered fairly and justly, I think it builds a young man’s character and teaches him respect.”

“And the poor girls? They don’t deserve the opportunity to have their characters built? They shouldn’t also learn the importance of respect?”

“So I take it you approve of the idea of schools administering corporal punishment to girls?”

“Of course. Many do already but it isn’t given the same importance as it is with boys. Completely the opposite of how it should be, in my opinion.”

“How so?”

“Women respond to physical discipline so much better than men. Boys should only be beaten until they reach adulthood but women can benefit from physical chastisement their whole lives.”

“How can you suggest such a thing?” Margaret was shocked. “I thought you were an advocate of equal rights for women?”

“Being equal doesn’t mean being the same,” replied Mr Oliver smiling. “And the two sexes are certainly not the same. I think most women would benefit from the occasional sound spanking. I haven’t conducted a full scientific study into the matter, though. Perhaps I should devote some time to practical research into the matter.”

He was smiling throughout this extraordinary conversation. Margaret found it difficult to judge whether he was joking or not.

“Practical research? So you would subject your wife to physical discipline?”

“Why not? I dare say if you were my wife, you would benefit very well indeed from being taken over my knee and soundly spanked from time to time.”

It was not often that Margaret found herself lost for words. But at that moment she was completely and utterly flabbergasted. She couldn’t believe that her guest could stand in her own drawing room and make such a shocking statement. It was beyond belief.

She knew she should throw him out on his ear. She could walk out of the room and have a quite word with her butler asking him to have Mr Oliver removed from the premises.

And yet she didn’t. Despite her better judgement, she wanted to retaliate. She felt as though Mr Oliver’s words had lit a fire in her belly which made her want to forget the rules of polite society.

She stood in front of Mr Oliver, tilting her head upwards in order to look him straight in the eye. “That seems an unlikely scenario, Mr Oliver. You are, after all, young enough to be my son. Surely it should be me administering the well-deserved spanking to your backside?”

Mr Oliver’s deep blue eyes flashed with – what? Anger? Mirth?

He placed his hand at the back of Margaret’s head and tilted her face upwards towards him further still. He gently traced the outline of her cheek with his other hand. She was suddenly aware of his muscular body, far closer to her than could in any way be deemed proper.

“Why don’t you try to do that?” he said softly, issuing a challenge. “I promise that it won’t end at all well for you.”
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