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Jun 17, 2014

Cover Reveal - The Mirror of Her Power by R F Long

Cover, Excerpt & Book Trailer Reveal

The Mirror of Her Power by R. F. Long
Magicians Book One

The_Mirror_of_Her_Power-RF_LongMia’s life as a bike messenger has a few perks, mostly the glimpses she gets of the hot and mysterious Balthazar. But while making a delivery to his home, a strange bracelet attaches itself to her arm and everything changes. Balthazar is a magician, and Mia is fated to be his apprentice.

Only Balthazar doesn’t want an apprentice. The last time he tried to share his life and his power with someone it ended in ruin. He won’t risk that again. But magic and lust are intricately connected, as are the fates of magicians and their apprentices. The desire that ignites between the two of them is more than he’s prepared for, and maybe it’s more than just desire.

When Balthazar’s former apprentice, a powerful and dangerous sorceress returns with vengeance on her mind, he’ll have to join forces with Mia, or risk losing her forever. Along with his last chance of redemption.

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Content/Theme(s): Magic, Magicians, Apprentices, Sorceress
Release Date: June 5, 2014
Taliesin Publishing
Trailer, Excerpt & More

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Panic seized her, and she pulled away. He wasn’t real. He said it himself. This wasn’t actually Balthazar. It was all an illusion.

All around her the buildings tumbled like wilting plants, melting away into rubble and dust. She stood on the edge of a desert. A blast of hot wind struck her, and in the distance the ground turned red and black, overshadowed by black clouds that roiled on the horizon.

“I want to go back. I want to wake up now.”

But there was no going home. She stared at the clouds, at their sinuous shapes, the way they moved upon each other. Beautiful and hypnotic, like a dance, they seemed to call to her, murmuring whispers and promises. She couldn't make out the words, but she knew, somehow, what they were saying.

If she only came to them, if she only stepped beneath their shadows and into their depths, she could have anything she ever wanted. The urge swept through her, like an addiction long denied. She went to take a step forward, and Balthazar's hand closed on her shoulder.

His touch wasn't harsh, or even that strong, but she couldn't pull free, no matter how much she might want to. She turned, reluctant to abandon the shadowy clouds, and gazed up into his face. He smiled, and his other hand brushed against her upper arm, a tender, gentle caress.

“Don't,” he said. “It calls you, but it isn't safe. No one comes back from there, Mia. That's the pathway to the other side.”

“Other side of what?”

“Of life itself.”

“Death?” She felt so stupid saying it, but he didn't laugh. If anything, he gazed into her eyes even more seriously and heaved in a breath.

“Don't go. Come back.”

He dipped his head toward her, paused, waiting to see if she’d duck away or give in. She flinched, but she couldn’t pull away. Didn’t want to. Not really. She searched his eyes, their emerald depths, and tried to figure out if this was a trick or something. But he just waited until she parted her lips, the need for air outweighing her fear. He moved lower, and she closed her eyes, hoping, praying he’d kiss her, dreading the idea of what it would do to her. Because it wasn’t real.

His mouth claimed hers. The kiss seared through her, passionate and determined, but delicate, sensitive to her every reaction. It was her dream kiss. The way his hands cradled her head, cupped her cheek and jaw, played with her hair, and pulled her closer. The way his lips moved with hers, his tongue caressing her as it filled her. She fell into his embrace, both heedless and helpless. Her groan was lost inside him, and she pressed her body to his, wrapping her arms around him, driving her fingers into his shaggy hair to pull him to her and return the kiss.

It was only then she realized something had changed. She wasn’t sure when or how. They were still kissing with all the abandon of before, but she was lying on something, the bracelet warm on her arm instead of cold, and Balthazar, as he broke away from her, looked as thoroughly bewildered as she felt.

It wasn’t a dream anymore. She was awake, just as she had asked to be. More than that, she was aroused and had just been kissing the hottest man she had ever laid eyes on, the one she’d been fantasizing about for months.

Seven months and three days…

He’d kissed her in her dream. But here, in the real world…

She’d kissed him.
Purchase links:  Taliesin  Amazon  ARe  Smashwords  Kobo  B&N
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