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Jun 25, 2014

Cover Reveal - The Mask of God by SA Bolich

Cover & Excerpt

The Mask of God by S. A. Bolich
Fate's Arrow Saga Book One

The Mask of God
Fate needs a royal pawn in a war spilling over into mortal realms…

But she has reckoned without her husband’s dice—and the stubbornness of mortals.

On a planet long forgotten by Earth, two royal brothers are drawn into a war sparked by human ambition, but it is the artificial gods of Ariel whose strange power ensnares them into a greater conflict whose stakes only Fate understands.

One human life is the key—only Alarion Aravon does not take kindly to being a pawn.

Genre: Epic Fantasy
Content/Theme(s): Lite SciFi, Gods, Immortals, Magic, Other worlds
Release Date: February 5, 2014
Sky Warrior Books
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The Thousandth God tossed his dice in the air, caught them one-handed, and peered sideways at Fate sitting quietly beside him atop the signal heights watching the merry riot in the Street of Joy. “Of all mortals on Ariel, wife, why are you pinning your hopes on Alarion Aravon? He’s like a dagger with no hilt—sharp, and difficult to use. He does not even believe in us.”

“He does not want to believe in us. It’s not the same thing.”

“But why risk getting stabbed? You have a thousand Fatri eager to work your will.”

“Not Adepts.”

“You have Adepts.”

“They are not Aravoni.”

“Ah!” A wind of excitement swirled his silver hair. “So you’re using House Aravon, not trying to destroy it!”

Her fey, amber eyes watched Alarion and his friends slip out the back of the joyhouse. “Destruction is part of the pattern. Sometimes it is the only way.”

“To do what?” he prompted when nothing more seemed forthcoming. But Fate shivered and unexpectedly took his hand.

“Be with me, husband. Sometimes I don’t like to look at what I must do.”

He slid his arm around her, shyly, touched by a side of her he had never seen. “Then why not just let them bumble along their own paths? They are—”

“Ignorant,” she sighed, leaning her head against his shoulder. “And in their ignorance, they resist the wise hand that guides them. Should we abandon them because they resent us? No.”

He kissed her forehead. For a wonderful, frightening instant all the chaos and turmoil inside him stilled, overpowered by affection that stole his breath. Then Fate slid her hand over him, and it all rocketed apart again. He snatched her away into the recesses of her temple and forgot to ask what she was guiding them all toward.
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