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Jan 1, 2014

Cover Reveal - Second Skin by Genna Donaghy

Cover & Excerpt Reveal

Second Skin by Genna Donaghy
Skinwalker Detective Agency Book One

Shane Kalman looked forward to exchanging military life for a civvy job where he could freely be out of the closet, but the position he lands is nothing like he imagined.

He didn't plan to work undercover for a corrupt detective agency, much less gathering dirt on the city's most dangerous crime boss. And he sure as heck didn't expect to have his mind temporarily switched with a tabby cat in order to do it.

His fellow agent, Jamison Rees, is a charmer and sometimes a German shepherd, but Shane doesn't need animal instincts to know that he's hiding something. When the job goes south and Shane's brother becomes a target for the crime boss's wrath, all evidence points to a mole in the detective agency. A dog may be man's best friend, but is he a cat's? Can Shane trust Jamison at all?

Genre: Urban Fantasy Romance
Content/Theme(s): M/M Romance, SciFi, Mystery, Suspense, GLBT
Release Date: December 13, 2013
Musa Publishing
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Shane woke with the chemical scent of bleach stinging his nose. Opening his eyes, he found himself in a small, dark space. The ceiling was right over his head, and a dim light shone through a wall of thick steel bars welded together lengthwise and horizontally to form squares. Was he in a prison cell in Afghanistan? The drunk tank?

A flicker of movement beyond the bars caught his attention, and for the space of three heartbeats, all he could do was stare. A man crouched twenty feet away in a dog pen made up of sturdy chain-link fencing. The man was entirely naked, and Shane took in the length of his lean, runner’s body, his short dark hair that curled at the edges, and serious dark eyes.

“Adam?” he asked, or tried to ask. The sound that came from his mouth was high-pitched and distorted. Shane’s hand went to his throat, but that was wrong, too. His wrist wouldn’t pivot correctly. Glancing down, his first wild assumption was that his hand was covered with a gray glove.

It wasn’t a glove at all. It was a paw.

Shane let out a strangled sound and leaped to stand as he normally would, upright on two feet. His head smacked against the plastic ceiling, and he fell back to land naturally on all fours.

No, no, no, no…

The prison cell—no, it was one of those carriers used to transport small animals through an airport—was just large enough for Shane to turn in place. His body was incredibly limber, making it easy to twist around to look in horror at gray fur, broken by vertical stripes and dots which ran down his flank and over his black-barred tail.

I have a tail, he thought with shock so pure that it almost came as calm fact. Hadn’t Franklynn said that the tabby should suit him fine? I’m a cat. Oh God. Oh God…

The cat carrier had ventilation holes in the sides. When he peered out, his twin brother was staring in his direction, drawn perhaps by the noise of him banging around.

Shane got a look at Adam's left thigh, and the puckered dog bite scar that ran a hands-width just above the knee. Twenty-five stitches.

It wasn’t Adam.

It was him.
Purchase links:   Musa     Amazon     ARe     Smashwords     B&N
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