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Jan 26, 2014

Cover Reveal - Mine and Yours by Lea Griffith

Cover & Excerpt Reveal

Mine & Yours by Lea Griffith
Dominated Hearts Book One

He’s returned for the one thing he can’t stay away from. She’s waited for the one thing she can’t give up.

Force Recon Marine Sam has come back home to Camp Lejeune to find the pieces of himself lost in warfare. He’s hoping to find her. Praying she’ll be waiting, Sam’s worried—it’s been a long time. But he’s determined to do whatever is needed to get her body back under his command and her heart in his hands.

Zoe knew the rules, knew what it would take to hold onto her Master, Sam. But then he left and all she’s done is count the days she’s been without him.

After all the waiting, Zoe’s worried—did he forget what they shared? Not if she has anything to say about it. She’s willing to do anything to get his hands back on her body and his soul safely joined with hers.

Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Content/Theme(s): Military, BDSM
Release Date: January 1, 2014
Ellora’s Cave

Excerpt & More

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Sam tapped the polished walnut-brown wood of the bar twice and waited. It didn’t take the bartender long to slide a snifter of amber liquid his way. The half-filled shot glass wasn’t nearly enough to drown the last year of warfare and strife in but it was a solid start.

Music pounded his eardrums, hard and raucous, the sounds echoing inside his body—even his blood thumped in time to its beat. This particular bar on the outskirts of Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, catered to Marines and the women who flocked to them like flies to honey. Both parties were looking for a good time—one to work off the rigors of battle, the other to soak up the sheer presence of an alpha male.

Whatever your flavor, you could find it in Tiggy’s. All colors, sizes and brain capacities frequented the establishment—it was a smorgasbord of the opposite sex. Sam remembered his last trip here and grew warm. He tossed back the brandy before him, savoring its burn as it hit him square in the gut. Much as she had their last time here. His hand clenched on the leaded glass and he set it on the bar with a hard thump.

He’d come back here tonight for her. He wanted to work off more than the rigors of battle—Sam wanted to find that piece of him he feared was lost somewhere in the jungles of Africa. There was a very good chance he’d lost it completely. If by some miracle she was here or came in later, would she welcome him as easily as she had last time? Or would she look through him to another Marine, one not quite as hard or solemn as Sam had become?

A flash of fire caught his eye and his gaze sought out the source. Was it her? There and gone, he squinted, trying to see through the throng of people on the dance floor. A trick of the light perhaps?

Tiggy, the very large, very black retired Marine for which the place was named, had added some kind of crazy-assed strobe lights and a brand-new floor that matched his bar. Trying to accommodate a different crowd maybe but it was easy to spot the groupies and the men they had their eyes on.

He turned and tapped the bar again. There was a snifter waiting for him. He turned a questioning gaze to the bartender, who shrugged and said, “Lady said to hook you up.”

“What lady?” He winced as much from the sharpness of his voice as the goose bumps that rose on his arms.

“Real pretty little thing, long blonde hair, big blue eyes. Said to make sure you got it before you went all growly.” The bartender shrugged again and went to fill another order.

Sam scanned the crowd before him. Probably just a groupie wanting a midnight ride but maybe…

A flash of moonlight this time and his eyes zeroed in on his target. His breath caught and something wicked moved through him. Ass swaying in jeans so tight he wondered if they’d been poured on her—there was no mistaking the rounded curves and dips of her body. Blonde hair, huh? Didn’t matter what color her hair was, Sam would recognize her anywhere.
He tossed back the brandy she’d sent him and unfolded his big frame from the barstool. It felt like he’d aged a hundred years in Angola. He’d left the States whole, happy and looking forward to the future. He’d returned in pieces.

And Sam had no idea if she could handle who he’d become. God, he hoped so. His memory of their last time had kept him alive on more than one occasion. He wanted her like he wanted his next breath.

Her hips moved side to side and that long blonde hair made his hands tingle to grab onto it. His breathing tight, his jeans even tighter, he made his way to the floor.

* * * *

Zoe’s stomach jerked at her first sight of him. He’d changed in the past year in ways she could not only see but feel. His gaze held a brutalized look she hoped she never completely understood because to do so would be to mire down in the muck he’d been forced into.

He seemed taller but a bit thinner, ragged around the edges. Oh, he was still a beautiful man. With broad shoulders, slim hips, long, strong legs and the face of an angry god, he was singularly the best-looking male specimen she’d ever seen. He had the ever-present scowl in place, but he looked…incomplete.

Would he recognize her at a glance? She’d dressed to impress knowing instinctively he’d be here tonight. Raleigh Owens, her best friend, had called last week giving her information she’d been waiting on for what felt like forever. Sam’s Force Recon team was due back in the States after a tour in Africa. Raleigh was waiting on her own Marine to return and since she worked on base she had access many did not to the comings and goings of the teams.
Zoe had been here every night since, waiting. Tonight as she’d put on her jeans and a silk tank top her stomach had flip-flopped and she’d just known. Yeah, tonight was the night. She knew he wouldn’t come to the apartment. She’d have to be the one to seek him out—that’s just the way the game was played. When he returned from a mission she found him at Tiggy’s.

Was she stupid to keep hunting him down like this? Did it matter? She shook her head, admitting to herself that it absolutely did not.

She’d allowed him exactly four drinks, afraid that if she let him have any less he might be more resistant to her plans. Sam Allmand wasn’t one to relinquish control. In fact, he always had the upper hand. She needed him so badly—but she wanted to direct the pace this time. Would he let her? Would he even come to her? Her body quivered with need.

Chills raced up Zoe’s arms, raising the hair at the back of her neck. His gaze was on her and she wondered if he’d made the leap yet. She braved a glance in his direction.

Her breath stopped in her throat and excitement damn near stopped her heart. His chest was two inches from her face and she slowly brought her gaze up. Her vision blurred but she refused to let the moisture betray her.

She’d worried about him so much. Every night he’d been gone had been an eternity. Unable to sleep, she’d scoured TV news channels and the internet, never finding any information but always hopeful. When she’d been able to find sleep it’d been plagued with dreams of him in danger.

Did she have a right to those fears? Yes. Their bond allowed her that. Add in the fact that he was flesh and blood and she had yet another reason for concern. He was a strong man but he was still a man.

He’d laugh at her worries, she was sure, but now wasn’t the time to discuss them. Now he was right there, so close she smelled sandalwood and male, felt the heat he threw off like a furnace. He crossed his arms over his chest as he stared down at her, his midnight-black eyes slightly mocking as he cocked an eyebrow.

Her heart kicked in her chest. She mimicked his action, tossing her blonde locks over her shoulder and crossing her arms underneath her breasts so they plumped and threatened to spill out of the confines of her tank top. She could push a little, couldn’t she? She’d pay for it later, she was sure, but the punishment would be sweet. Or not. She cocked a hip but could not contain the smile that broke over her face.

Joy flashed through her, so sharp and pure she could taste it. Absolute and unquestionable, it was the flavor of sunshine and honey. Her nose flared as she reached for his scent and pulled it in. Her nipples peaked and her breasts went heavy. Moisture pooled low and she felt it dampen her panties. Wait, she wasn’t wearing panties.

Come to think of it, her pussy was completely bare. That was the way he preferred it.
The DJ picked that moment to put on something slow, some love song that had a heavy low beat with a rhythm that made you long for a bed and another body on top of yours. He stepped closer, lowering his arms and touching her for the first time in a year.

Time vanished. It was if he’d never snuck out of bed that last morning. Her body recognized his, sought contact, and she released a shuddering breath as her arms lowered and wrapped around his waist.

Her head found sanctuary on his muscled chest and her hips cradled the hardness outlined by his jeans. His heart beat heavy beneath her ear, her own synching to the cadence. He knew how to dance, hips shifting from side to side, brushing against her lower abdomen and causing a fire that threatened to burn her so sweetly.

Zoe had danced with him here before but this was different. He shuddered and her body echoed the movement as need rippled through her. His own was reflected in the tightness of his grip riding low on her hips and the way his eyes lowered, covering the flame in his eyes. His olive skin stretched over his cheekbones, his mouth more of a teeth-baring grimace than a smile. His nostrils flared as she watched.

She licked her lips, suddenly parched for the taste of him, needing his flavor on her tongue, inside her. She reached up, fearful her plans were going to be for naught. She’d never be able to master the desire long enough to play. Maybe if they got the first one out of the way, she could do what she wanted.

He leaned down and she leaned up, desperate to feel his lips on hers. He stilled, hovering over her like a stone. She sighed. They stood completely motionless on the crowded dance floor as their breaths mingled. She arched and pressed her breasts against his chest, rubbed slightly, trying to ease the fullness. She wanted his hands on them, kneading and loving. She wanted his lips, nuzzling and sucking…biting.

Zoe wanted Sam like hell on fire but it was his move to make. She’d come here and that in itself was the offering. She’d waited a long time and she’d done it stoically.

No, as much as she wanted him, he had to be the one who moved next.
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