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Jan 10, 2014

Cover Reveal - Autumn Moon by CI Kemp

Cover & Excerpt Reveal

Autumn Moon by C.I. Kemp

Five hundred years ago: In a remote wooded area, the victim of a hideous atrocity vowed that there would come retribution. Death would not be forever. In years to come, the horror would resurface.

Today: Homestead, Montana, is a nice, quiet town. At least, it was until the wolves came.

Nielsen Johns is a naturalist and expert on wolves. He is at a loss to explain their presence and their actions, and suspects something sinister is about to unfold. When some people start changing and others start dying, Niels’s worst fears are realized.

At the same time, Annette Highlander, the woman Niels loves, is wrestling with events from her own shadowy past. Annette is a single mom, trying to make a new life for herself and her two children. This might not be so easy, however, since she has enemies in Homestead. One is a callous blackmailer who knows of her history and has no hesitation about using it to achieve his own ends. The other is a ruthless psychotic who will stop at nothing to see Annette and her children dead. (continued...)

Excerpt & More

(...continued) Homestead is about to be plunged into a wave of horrific violence. Only Niels stands between the oncoming terror and his home town. He must uncover the secret behind the wolves, while protecting Annette and her family from the dangers that threaten them.

Autumn Moon is the story of a town in which things are not what they appear to be - where wolves think and plan like humans; where humans stalk and kill like beasts.

Genre: Paranormal Thriller
Content/Theme(s): Werewolves, Horror, Suspense
Release Date: January 2, 2014
Taliesin Publishing

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Beth yelled, “What’s happening?”

Jared yelled, “Let’s get out of here!”

They were running toward the door when they heard something making its way upstairs from the rec room.

At first, it looked like a big black dog trying to walk on its hind legs. It was shaggy, it made chuffing and growling noises like a dog, and its teeth were long and pointed like a dog’s.

But no dog could ever move with such grace and speed on two legs. No dog’s hind legs had such thickness and muscularity, more like a powerful man’s thighs and calves. No dog’s front paws ended in five prehensile appendages that, despite the long curving claws, bore a resemblance to fingers. And no dog’s eyes were ever so red. Not bloodshot red like those of a human who’d had too much to drink, but blood red.

Tommy screamed again. So did Beth.

Jared shouted “Go!” and pushed them toward the door. He ran to the fireplace, grabbed a poker and wielded it, standing between the grotesque shape bounding up the stairs and the kids.

Jared and the black shape stood facing each other. In that brief moment, Jared thought he saw something familiar, recognizable.

This thing grunted something that sounded like “Die!”

Jared lunged with the poker, putting all his strength into the move.

The thing evaded Jared’s thrust and dodged to one side. Unable to stop his momentum, Jared plunged forward and landed on his face.

Knowing that his attacker was behind him and feeling its breath on the back of his neck, Jared tried to turn. He had just started to get up when the thing leaped upon him. It was heavy, and the force knocked the wind out of the boy.

Jared was still holding into the poker. He started hitting the thing on its side, but his blows, lacking strength or leverage, were about as effective as slaps against stone.

It would be seconds before those teeth were at Jared’s throat. He tried repositioning the poker in his hand, hoping against hope that he could plunge the pointed end into this thing, maybe killing it, maybe just buying some time.

The thing seemed to sense what Jared’s strategy was. It reached for the poker, wrested it away from the boy’s hand, and thrust it off to the side.

Jared heard the poker thud to the floor, and then the teeth clamped down.
Purchase links:  Taliesin   Amazon   ARe/OmniLit   Smashwords   B&N
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