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Dec 20, 2013

Cover Reveal - The Reporter and The Girl by SC Rhyne

Cover & Excerpt Reveal

The Reporter and The Girl
Minus The Super Man!
by S.C. Rhyne

Welcome to the rabbit hole...
I am the last person in New York City who would fall head over heels in love. Independent. Self-possessed. Why would I want to fuck that up? My online dating profile at bd-fet.com simply reads: “Just looking.”

So why am I obsessing about Jon Sudbury?
Jon, the reporter, is vanilla as a milkshake and has probably never tasted rice and beans on the same plate before we met.

At least that’s what I thought.
Why can’t people remain simple and predictable?
All I want is control, not to be sent hurtling at maximum speed into the unknown.

Nothing about our story makes sense.
The thing is, I can handle desire, lust, passion, even betrayal...

But love is another world altogether.
And this is not a love story.

Excerpt & More

Genre: Romantic Fiction
Content/Theme(s): Interracial, BDSM
Release Date: November 26, 2013


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Being with Jon is like getting into a vehicle without any doors. You think it’s more fun that way because you’ll feel the wind in your hair better otherwise. And, for the most part, that makes sense in our reality.

Our first Saturday in Washington Square Park, we are the most disgusting couple one could have ever met. From brunch at an overpriced European crap-hole bistro to sundown in the red light district, arm-in-arm holding shopping bags with a logo on the front that I can only describe as the cat’s meow, but Jon actually stuffed our purchases in his messenger bag as soon as we step out on the street… very self-conscious.

We are disgusting to look at. People couldn’t eat near us and have to look away with their food. Little kids heave and make gagging noises on the playground when we pass by. Grandmothers hiss and cover their eyes when they see us coming. Not even the Evangelicals will approach us on the corner as we wait to cross Sixth Avenue.


And I love it.

You lose track of time when you’re down in the rabbit hole, and your mind slowly dies from the lack of oxygen. This is love, wandering around with an atrophied brain.

Throughout the day on the streets, while I am watching a street performance or looking at a store front he would sneak up and kiss me. Later, I would wrap my arms around his waist from behind. When walking hand-in-hand he would bring my hand in, to give an Eskimo kiss. At times, he suddenly stops and twirls me, which I don’t particularly care for, but I go along with it.

I can’t wait to see him naked! This thought continually invades my mind.

There’s nothing but pure filth in the rabbit hole.

You’re swimming in it, drinking it, and breathing it in as you work your way through. And it’s intoxicating; you can’t go back to where you started so you stupidly trudge forward. At this point, I can’t remember who I was before I met Jon. What was I doing with my life?

And so we ride high, with no doors at three-hundred miles per hour.

When I come to the dining room, I see that she laid out an impressive meal. All according to plan. As I begin to eat, I notice that she is silent and has her head bowed in submission. Not even an offer of a blow job to please her maker.

Hmm... I slap my hand down on the table and order her to touch me. She starts to pull and massage as I continue eating.

She’s too rough.

But it’s a step in the right direction. I get up and pin her on the table. I grab the leather cuffs in my bag and use them to bind her wrists and ankles in a spread eagle position. I throw the condoms by her head where she can see them, and with my fingers slowly start to make her wet.

It doesn’t take long before she’s soaked.

I show her my drenched fingers.

“Look how wet you are,” I say as I guide them in her mouth so she can lick my fingers clean.

She’s ready.

When I’m done I zip my pants back up and make my way through the living room, but she grabs my arm and leads me upstairs. She doesn’t want me to leave.

“Stay the night,” she asks me.

Alright, she’s open!

“I didn’t bring my things.”

“So you’re just going to leave?” she looks at me with those brown eyes.

“I guess you know how it feels now.”

She shows no reaction at my statement. I guess it must have gone over her head.


We kiss and undress all the way to the bedroom –

The ceiling has become quiet again, and the light from the old socket dimly glows yellow and hazy. I feel the heat from my lungs simmer through as I exhale a ghostly wisp. I quickly take in as much cool dry air as my scorched lungs can hold and feel my heart racing. Blood pulsed heavily through my body as the palpitations in my big toe, ankles, thighs, back, wrists, carotid artery, and temples synchronize the beat.

I start to become warm and can feel Jon’s wet tongue softly lapping as well as intermittent bursts of icy air. The hot. The cold. The pressure. Jon is merciless as he continues his blitz on my clit. And I thank him for that. He is looking up at me and I back at him. As our eyes meet, it seems we both know the time is right, and we are both ready. He rises up, and it rises up with him, in all their arrogant glory they look down at the spastic girl with mild and funny ripples, wild hair, shy smile, and tired eyes that can only see his glowing outline.

Rhythm - Rhythm…

Rhythm - Rhythm…

Rhythm - Rhythm…

Rhythm - Rhythm...

“Jon, go slower,” I whisper.

And he does. For a few moments longer, I enjoy the rhythm of my pulse, a pulse that did not beat before, while Jon’s penis slowly strokes my clitoris.

Back - and - Forth…

Back - and - Forth…

I turn to my left and gently pop the round ice into the mouth of the Jersey girl. Her lips are soft, softer than Stephen’s or Jon’s. Oh yeah, ’cause girls take care of things like that! I laugh to myself. I’m surprised that she doesn’t flinch, neither do I. The crowd gives their approval with cheers and hoots. She only gets a chance to pass it onto one more person before the cube fully melts.

I guess it is hotter in here than I thought.

The group makes a couple more rounds…
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