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Nov 4, 2013

Cover Reveal - Seducing Phoebe by Nicole Flockton

Cover & Excerpt Reveal

Seducing Phoebe by Nicole Flockton

Phoebe Fitzgerald is about to marry a wonderful man—that is until her ex turns up and declares his undying love for her. Confused about her feelings, she calls off her wedding to Marco Petronelli.

Marco knows his offer to wed Phoebe isn’t a love match, but he cares for her and believes the compatibility they share will be enough to sustain their marriage.

He is forced to admit his emotions go far deeper when Phoebe calls off the wedding, and now he will do almost anything to make her realize they are meant for each other.

Can he convince Phoebe that their relationship is worth saving? Or will secrets from both their pasts be too much to overcome?

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: October 28, 2013
Crimson Romance

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“You’re going to burn if you’re not careful.”

Phoebe opened an eye and turned towards Marco. “How can I burn when I’m lying under this amazing canopy?”

She’d walked out of the ocean after her swim and got a shock when she saw that Marco had put up a canopy to protect them from the hot sun. Their towels were laid out and he had put the ice chest in the corner to make sure it stayed cool.

“It’s not a fool proof deterrent against the sun.”

“So what are you suggesting? You want to rub sunscreen on me?”

Marco had pushed his sunglasses on top of his head and Phoebe saw the flare of desire light up in their dark depths. “Do you want me to rub sunscreen on you?”

Yes was the response that she immediately wanted to blurt out but she didn’t want to come across as too desperate to feel his hands on her body.

“That would be great—I always struggle trying make sure my back’s covered.” Phoebe delved into her bag and pulled out the sunscreen, handing it to Marco, making sure that her fingers touched his, lingering for a few seconds before relinquishing her hold on the bottle.

She flicked her hair to the side to expose all of her back and she was sure she heard a muffled groan coming from Marco. She smiled. She knew she was shamelessly flirting with him.

They hadn’t actually talked much since they’d arrived. The whole purpose of the date was to get to know one another, but she’d felt so comfortable and relaxed in his presence that she hadn’t wanted to ask questions and start discussions that could lead to creating tension between them.

“Why don’t you lie down?”

Phoebe was so lost in her thoughts; she jumped when Marco murmured the words in her ear. Sexual tension swirled around them, closeted away in their own private little oasis in a secluded cove where not even a boat had drifted past while they’d been there.

Pressure from a hand on the middle of her back encouraged her to lie back down on her towel. She complied with a sigh. The next instant she felt the coolness from the sunscreen being poured onto her back. She couldn’t hold back the involuntary shiver that undulated through her when Marco’s hands started to lightly rub the sunscreen in.

His circular movements were mesmerizing. He slipped his hands under the strap of her bikini before spreading his fingers wide and brushing the side of her breasts. She tried not to squirm as heat pulsed through her and she could feel moisture building between her legs. He moved his hands down her back before sweeping up again, this time sliding deeper down her sides so that his fingers more than just brushed her breasts, they almost cupped them.

She bit her lip to stop herself from asking him for more, for his hands to undo the ties of her bikini top. His hands started the upward motion again and she waited, anticipating the moment when he would touch her aching breasts. She sighed deeply when his fingers caressed her firm flesh before moving down once again.

In a blur of movement Phoebe found herself flipped over and pressed up against Marco’s naked chest.

“I swore I wasn’t going to do this. I swore I was going to be the consummate gentleman. But I can’t keep my hands off you,” he muttered before he fused his lips to hers. She didn’t need any encouragement—she wrapped her arms around him, wanting this kiss as much as he did.
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