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Sep 16, 2013

Cover Reveal - Dead in the Desert by Lou Harper

Cover & Excerpt Reveal

Dead in the Desert by Lou Harper
L.A. Paranormal Vol. 2

Jon Cooper used to think he wanted a life free of complications, but that was before he got involved with his roommate, Leander. Jon knows that the only thing he can't lose is what he doesn't have, but where does that leave him?

Leander Thorne, on the other hand, is an easygoing bookworm, with an addiction to books and cooking shows, and a soft spot for Jon, despite Jon's grumpiness. He also happens to be a psychic specializing in finding lost pets and—more recently—lost people. He's good at it. Too good if you ask Jon.

Unsolved crimes, missing people and bodies buried in the Mojave Desert make Jon's and Leander's lives anything but uncomplicated. Jon is forced to dig into his soul and find a way to let go of his past if he wants to keep Leander.

Genre: M/M Paranormal Romance
Content/Theme(s): Mystery, Contemporary, GLBT
Release Date: Sept 13, 2013
Harper Books

Excerpt & More

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The car spun and careened off the cliff. I was falling in slow motion and a terrible sense of finality took over me. I woke up with my heart pounding. The room was completely dark except for the faint streetlight filtering through the window. Andy wasn't in the bed. The dream still coursing in my veins, I had a moment of panic, but told myself to calm the fuck down.

I found him in the kitchen, hunched over a map, eyes closed, index finger slowly tracing on the surface of the paper. He halted a few times and each time his brows furrowed in concentration. I waited quietly in the doorway till he stopped, finger firmly pressing down in a spot. He opened his eyes and picked up a red marker.

"Found something?" I asked.

He jumped, but kept that finger pressed on the map. "Jon, you scared the living crap out of me." He lifted his finger and marked the spot with a red X. I sat next to him and took a peek. He'd marked a location northwest of Griffith Park. "I had one of those dreams, but didn't want to wake you up," he said, folding up the map.

"What was it?"

"I can't describe it—too jumbled. A span of grass, like a golf course, murky water, and for some reason horses."

"Well, at least we might find Ethan after all," I said to be positive about the matter, although I had a bad feeling about it.

He began to fold up the map. "Oh, it's not Ethan."

"No? Then who?"

"His mother, Emily."

"Dead or alive?"

Andy screwed up his face. "I don't think she's alive. I also saw a knife in the dream and there was a sense of panic, and…well, I'm pretty sure she's dead. When I woke up I thought I'd try tracing her from her mother's house, and it worked. I'll drive over to the spot tomorrow and we'll see what's what. Wanna come? Since we're partners and everything?"

"As if I'd let you dig for corpses alone in the middle of the city. You'd probably get yourself arrested." I could totally picture Andy whipping out a gardening trowel and starting an exhumation in a stranger's front yard.

"Ha! I didn't even think of that."

"See, I'm good for some things."

"You're good for many things," he replied. "I'll fix us a couple of chamomile toddies so we can go back to sleep." He stood and started rifling through a cabinet.
I watched him produce a cardboard box. "Such a waste of perfectly good rum. Can I have mine without the chamomile?"

"No." He stopped and gave me a once-over. A smile of wickedness played on his lips and I knew he was up to something. "However…" He dropped the box onto the counter and slinked toward me. "There's something else we could do to relax." He pressed himself to me, arms looping around my waist and fingers skimming the waistband of my boxers.

"Are you ever not horny?" I asked as I put my hands on his hips.

"It's your fault for being so sexy and irresistible." The way he gazed at me, with playfulness mixing with adoration in his baby blues, so open and vulnerable, it made my heart ache and yearn. I kissed him and wrapped my arms around him. I wanted to possess him body and soul but was too much of a coward to put what I felt into words.
We broke the kiss flushed and breathing hard. Andy's smile was now soft and indulgent. "My big sexy bear."
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