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Aug 1, 2013

Cover Reveal - Heart of a Warrior by Theodora Lane

Cover & Excerpt Reveal

Heart of a Warrior by Theodora Lane

Nicodemus likes to kill vampires. A lot. But his nocturnal job as a bloodsucker exterminator makes dating rather … dangerous. Fiona has never needed a man to rescue her and just because vampires find the prospect of her virginity delicious doesn’t mean she is going to start now. When saving each other becomes a habit, Nic and Fiona start on a path that might make her less tasty and his lone hunter routine a thing of the past.

Once they pair up battling evil vampires, Nicodemus and Fiona know the only choice is to kill or be killed, and they have no intentions of becoming dinner tonight. Are they just partners or do they each hold their warrior’s heart?

Genre: Urban Fantasy
Release Date: August 1, 2013
Taliesin Publishing

Excerpt & More

Purchase links:   Taliesin Publishing
Also available from Amazon, ARe, and other eRetailers

Fiona groaned softly and forced her eyelids open. The glare from the light made her head hurt, and pain surfaced like a sledgehammer to her brain. She closed her watering eyes, turned her head away from the light, and tried again. Good, eyes open. Next, she struggled to focus, and for a few minutes she saw multiples of everything.

What the hell?

The last thing she remembered was winning both the staff and sword competition at her dojo and beating that big ass who thought that because she was a woman and small, he could take her. Afterward, she’d met Beth, her best friend, at a bar to celebrate and then drove home. She’d gotten out of her car and then…


Fiona’s eyes finally focused. A young girl, no more than thirteen or fourteen, was lying asleep next to her. Completely naked. She blinked to clear her vision. Turning her head, she saw two other girls, both looking younger than eighteen years old, naked and asleep. No wait, she told herself. Not asleep. Unconscious.

Shit, what the hell is going on? She shivered. Running her hands over her tummy and up to her breasts, the sick realization hit her. She was naked too.

This can’t be good. Someone is going to have to answer a few questions.

She forced her head toward the light. Voices, some talking, some lowered, and others urging someone on, echoed in the chamber.

Across the room, a young couple was having sex on a stone table. The young man lay on top of a bored-looking, long-legged blonde. Fiona’s gaze traveled over the other people in the room.

What the hell? A toga party?

Everyone was either naked or dressed as ancient Romans. Besides the couple on the table, there were two naked men, four men dressed in togas, and two in what looked like Roman gladiator costumes.

Is this some stupid fraternity prank? I am going to kick someone’s ass for this.

She focused on the couple on the table again. He’d pulled the woman on top of him, and she was riding him like a cowgirl as he bucked his hips. Several of the men stood around the table encouraging them.

Fiona’s eyes widened as her gaze swept around the room. A man leaning against the wall jerked off the man next to him.

The woman riding the young guy began to moan, softly at first, and then louder. Fiona jerked her gaze back to them. An orgasm, Fiona thought, but it sounded fake. Way too When Harry Met Sally. Way too much thrashing. The young man groaned as he came. He grabbed her wrists, rolled her over, and straddled her. Jerking her hair to the side, he exposed her neck.

The woman struggled. “Get off me, you bastard!”

“Shut up, bitch.”

He pinned her arms on either side of her under his knees. He opened his mouth, and his canine teeth grew very, very long. Using his hand to hold her head to the side, he lowered his mouth to her neck and licked her throat.

“Don’t! I didn’t say you could!” She tried to buck him off, but he had her pinned. The guy laughed and then sank his teeth into her neck.

Fiona blinked. Rubbed her eyes. Blinked again.

The man was lapping—no, slurping up the blood flowing from the bite. A few minutes later, he raised his head, his chin bloody, and licked the blood that had escaped him from her neck and shoulders. Then he stood, fists raised, to applause. The woman sat up, rubbing her throat. The marks on her neck were gone. Crawling off the table, she huddled against the wall with her arms wrapped around her naked body as she glared at everyone around her.

This is no frat party. This just got serious.

She had to get out of there, and if she had to take a few of these assholes out when she did, so be it. They did not know who they were fucking with.

The girl beside her moaned. Fiona turned her head and cursed. There were three young girls to think about. Desperate for some way to get herself and the girls out of there, she looked around at the other people.

I need a plan. Then I kick ass and forget about taking names.

Some of the men, the ones dressed like gladiators and the ones with togas, wore swords.

I must be living right.

Rising onto her elbow, she looked at one of the guards. He’d been watching the entertainment, cheering the guy on. Now, he checked out the naked girls. She caught his eye, smiled, and tossed her head like she’d seen Beth do a thousand times at the bar. He grinned at her and approached.

Shit, it works! Her brain raced. She had his attention, but now she needed him closer so she could get her hands on that sword. It hung at his side, nearly reaching the floor, but was all wrong for the Roman costume. Fuck historical accuracy. Its longer length would be a definite advantage against the shorter swords the others carried.

The young girls were waking. One of them began to whimper. Another sat up and looked around, bewildered. Realizing she was naked, she tried to cover herself with her arms and hands. Frightened eyes looked to Fiona. Children’s eyes.

“Where are we?” one of them asked as she rolled over and stared around the room.

“Shh. Keep your voice down. I don’t know, but don’t worry, I’m going to get us out of here.”

The little girl nodded. Another sniffed and asked, “How? You’re naked.”

Fiona smirked. “Naked or not, I’ve got a few moves.” Whoever these people were, they’d picked the wrong girl for their games. A girl with a black belt. A girl who was a master swordsman. A girl with an attitude.

“Stay behind me, whatever happens.” Fiona’s voice was a whisper. They nodded, eyes wild with fear. As they clung to each other for comfort, the youngest girl wept softly.

The guard sauntered over to Fiona. She glanced up at him. He wasn’t wearing anything under that short skirt, and she could see straight up to his package.

Fiona cocked one leg over the other and ran her hand over her bare hip in a caress. It was the best imitation of Princess Leia she could manage. As she looked up his skirt, unimpressed by what she saw, she had to stop herself from saying, “You’re a little short for a storm trooper.”

“You’re a forward bitch, for a virgin.” He grinned down at her, not bothering to hide his fangs.

Fangs? Shit.
Purchase links:   Taliesin Publishing
Also available from Amazon, ARe, and other eRetailers

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Twitter: @LynnLorenz

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