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Jul 28, 2013

Cover Reveal - A Strong and Tender Thread by Jackie Weger

Cover & Excerpt Reveal

A Strong and Tender Thread
by Jackie Weger

A wonderful, classic romance is given new life in digital format!

Join Gabrielle as she builds a new life and discovers a new passion in the arms of Micah Davidson. This compelling love story will warm your heart as two people find the thread that will bind them together forever!

She was the toast of London! But a twist of fate has thrust premiere danseuse Gabrielle Hensley into a future she could not imagine in a lifetime of daydreams.

Searching for work she hopes will keep her sane and pad her empty purse while her broken body mends, Gabrielle accepts a job that takes her far from home and reminders of her beloved dance.

The last thing she wants or needs is a sexy, overbearing, egotistical man to make her tropical escape a nightmare. But Micah Davidson is captivated with his newest employee and determined to keep her on her toes, or at the very least … in his bed.

Passion explodes as Gabrielle and Micah dance between uncontrolled lust and the forces fighting to keep them apart. A man and a woman, each needing to let go of their individual hopes, desires, and fears, find a tender thread strong enough to unite them in a love destined to last forever.

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 1, 2013
Liquid Silver Books

Excerpt & More

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One thing had worked beautifully: She, Gabrielle Hensley, a black premiere danseuse in the role of Cinderella, had enchanted English audiences. Ballet was enormously popular in London and all performances in Sadler’s Wells Theatre had been sold out.

Gabrielle fell in love with the English people and they with her. She had been the darling of the theatergoers, feted with flowers and champagne after every performance, with dozens of invitations to supper parties and private clubs. She had enjoyed it all immensely. There was even a rumor that the Royal Ballet would invite her to dance Giselle next spring. Gabrielle thought the formal invitation might even now be in the director’s briefcase—he had been treating her like a prima ballerina for the past week, a behavior, for him, that was quite out of the ordinary.

Gabrielle yawned and covered her mouth with a dainty hand, wondering how long it would take them to get through customs. Receipts for all her purchases were in her tote. Recalling exactly how much the designer outfits had cost made her shudder, and there was still the luxury tax to be paid to make them even more dear.

The thought reminded Gabrielle of the only flaw in her career—despite the glamour, the parties, and the heady applause, the salary was dreadful. To make ends meet she often had to take outside jobs and she realized with a sinking heart she had acted much too hastily when she told Mr. Garrett she wouldn’t return to her job as translator after the London tour. She made a mental note to call him first thing tomorrow and ask for her job back. With her finances in shambles she would have to find time, somehow, to work at least part-time.

If Mr. Garrett had already replaced her at his real estate office, perhaps he would recommend her to one of his colleagues. He had praised her often for her work, not only in translating Castilian Spanish formalized in contracts but for her ability to converse with his Chicano clients. Gabrielle had Val to thank for that. Having a Chicano roommate these past three years had helped her with all the nuances and dialect of the spoken language, nuances she could never have learned in the classroom.

The huge jet touched down and rolled along the concrete runway, guided by the pilot to the disembarkation tunnel. Engines screamed, ground down to a piercing whine, then stopped altogether. Silence hung in the air for several seconds before passengers began to stir, stretch, and push into the aisles.

Tim reached over to unbuckle her seat belt. Gabrielle pushed his hands away. “I can do it myself.”

“You broke up with Luke,” Tim said without preamble, “because he said you couldn’t dance after you were married. Marry me, Gabby. You can dance as long as you want.”

She stared at Tim in astonishment. He was obsessed with the idea that she was still in love with Luke Bryant and thought sincerely that was why she refused to be aroused by him.

Gabrielle shook her head wearily. “Tim, I’m tired. You’ve been awake as long as I have, so I know you must be too. Please, just drop it, will you?”

His eyes were apologetic. “Don’t look so upset, Gabby. You’re right, we are tired, we can talk about it later.”

Gabrielle stood up and stretched her limber frame, searching among the jackets and soft luggage overhead for her tote.

“Do you need a ride home from the airport?” Tim asked as they pushed their way into the crowded aisle.

“No, my mother’s meeting me.”

Nearly asleep on her feet before she got through customs, Gabrielle threw an angry glance at Davila, who had been ahead of her in the long line. The scatterbrained girl had not kept a single receipt for her purchases, and the ensuing confusion as the customs agents unpacked Davila’s bags held up the line for more than twenty minutes.

Relief washed over Gabrielle when she spotted her mother’s features above the heads of her colleagues, then she smiled with ironic bemusement. Emily Hensley was elegantly dressed and coiffured even at this ungodly predawn hour. She called to her mother.

“Here I am, Mother!”

Emily swiveled her head to locate her daughter, then pushed through the milling crowd to hug Gabrielle briefly. “Welcome home,” she added, smiling her greeting and at the same time signaling for a redcap to carry the mound of luggage at Gabrielle’s feet.

“Gabby, wait!” Tim rushed to her side. “May I give you a lift to rehearsals tomorrow?”

Gabrielle watched her mother hurrying the redcap toward the exit. “Oh, all right, Tim, but only if you promise not to discuss anything heavier than the weather.”

“I promise,” he said with alacrity. “Two thirty?”

“That’s fine,” she called over her shoulder as she ran to catch up with Emily.
Purchase links:   Liquid Silver Books    Amazon    ARe    B&N

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