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Jul 19, 2013

Cover Reveal - The Box of Infernos by Matthew Head

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The Box of Infernos by Matthew Head
The Chronicles of Darkness Book One

In the south of England, in the city of Monks-Lantern, events are starting to unfold which have the potential to threaten all of creation. Isaac Jacobs is a young university student with a haunted past who has long been fighting the supernatural monsters of this world and now he fights them alongside his four friends; Gabbi Gurtpasha, Billie Stamford, Laura Henley and Ben Pokeley.

What starts off as a disturbing but relatively low key investigation soon explodes into something much larger, darker and more fearsome than any of them could have imagined. Just what is behind the slow but steady disappearance of people from the city? Who is the much feared Imperator? What is the worst thing you can hope to see beneath a door in an empty building? How do you define a good man from a bad one? And what terror lies within the Box of Infernos?

A plan which has been in motion for millenia is now coming to fruition and Isaac had better be ready as his life will never be the same again from now on.

Something is coming.


Genre: Supernatural Mystery
Release Date: June 27, 2013

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Trailer, Excerpt & More

The demon sneered at them, looking viciously from Isaac to Gabbi and then back again.

Isaac tensed himself, he felt like the demon was about to leap at them in attack. He reached behind and grabbed Gabbi’s hand.

Instead, the demon turned on its heel and ran with a lumbering step back down the alleyway.

“Typical!” Isaac cursed, slipping the holy water back into his pocket. “Come on!”

Still holding hands they took off after the demon. It wasn’t running fast, so they should have been able to –

“Look out!” Gabbi screamed as the demon knocked over several of the large bins to block their path. The bins rolled, rubbish spewed out onto the ground.

Isaac managed to stop his feet just before they reached the hazard, otherwise he would have fallen headlong into the mess and taken Gabbi with him. They circled round the newly formed rubbish heap and continued the chase. The demon turned a corner, down another small alleyway that ran behind a pub. Isaac and Gabbi followed it round the same corner – but much to Isaac’s dismay the demon was nowhere to be seen.

“Crap, crap and crap again!” Isaac cursed, kicking another bin in frustration.

“Well, we can always try again tomorrow I suppose.” Gabbi sighed. “At least we didn’t -”

The demon jumped down from somewhere high above, landing right in front of them! It turned and whirled round, knocking into Gabbi and send her flying to the ground a few feet away with a scream.

“Gabbi!” Isaac yelled.

The demon growled at him. “Clay children break so easily.”

Isaac punched the monster in the face as hard as he could. His fist stung immediately but the demon did stagger back in pain. Isaac quickly followed up his attack with a sharp kick to the demon’s ribs, causing the creature to groan and clutch at the wall of the alleyway. “Yes. Fire children seem to be pretty flimsy too.” He got the bottle of holy water out again. “Or should that be pretty easily extinguishable?”

Gabbi got up from the ground and joined Isaac in front of the demon.

Isaac looked sideways at her. “You alright Gabbi?”

“Fine thanks darling. You know me, tough as old boots.”


The demon righted itself, standing up to its fullest height again in defiance. “I will never help you. You’ll bleed and drown along with this ageing earth.” it spat. “But I do know what you speak of, I hear whispers in the night.”

“And what do those whispers say?”

“Something is coming.”

Isaac felt a chill run down his spine which wasn’t caused by the cold. “What something?”

The demon leant in closer to them. “Fire will never help clay.”

Isaac frowned. “Well then. Time to put the fire out.”

Isaac stepped back a few paces, Gabbi with him. He hurled the bottle of holy water at the demon’s feet, where it smashed and created a puddle on the ground.

“Unclean thing! I order you to leave this human guise and return to the dark realms!”

“By what authority?!”

“By the authority of all that is holy! By the authority of God the creator and all the higher beings you will leave NOW!”

The demon roared from within the human shell. The air around them crackled and hissed, like reality itself might have been fracturing open. The mouth of the body the demon was in opened wide, wider than a mouth should have been able to open. Then a dark mist, the demon in spirit form, swarmed from the mouth, swirling and screaming down towards the puddle on the ground like angry smoke.

“You may not pass go, and you certainly may not collect two hundred pounds.” Isaac muttered under his breath. He turned to Gabbi who was shielding her face somewhat, fearing some kind of explosion.

The last of the black swarm disappeared into the ground where the puddle was, and instantly the air became normal once more. The body that the demon had been dwelling in slumped to the ground lifelessly. Both Isaac and Gabbi rushed to the ground next to the body but it was useless, whoever this had been died a long time ago. Isaac sighed and hoped the poor man hadn’t suffered too much.

“No information.” Gabbi said, her soft voice heavy with disappointment, “Maybe we should have asked it more questions.”

“It wasn’t going to tell us anything. Besides, I didn’t like what it said about bleeding and drowning. Sounded like two very un-fun activities to me.” Isaac sighed and looked down at the body of the man. “Poor man. I wonder who he was.”

“No I.D.” Gabbi had quickly checked through any pockets. “One less demon though at least. And it went quite easily in the end.”

“Yeah I guess. Still it will probably find a way back.” Isaac said, fumbling in his pocket for his mobile phone. “Evil never stays gone for long.”

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