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Jun 25, 2013

Cover Reveal - Fling by Sara Fawkes, Cathryn Fox & Lauren Hawkeye

Cover & Excerpt Reveal

Fling: A BDSM Erotica Anthology
by Sara Fawkes, Cathryn Fox & Lauren Hawkeye

Fling, an erotica collection of three steamy BDSM novellas set in Italy’s kinky Mancusi Resort during its infamous Fetish Week, features Take Me by New York Times bestselling author Sara Fawkes, Teach Me by Cathryn Fox, and Tame Me by Lauren Hawkeye.

Kate Swansea’s fiancée dumps her a day before the wedding. Will wealthy Greek businessman Alexander Stavros convince the BDSM virgin that a sexual adventure is the cure for her broken heart?

Tycoon Luca Mancusi whisks fashion intern Josie Pelletier off to his private resort to negotiate a deal for her boss’s lingerie line. But, by negotiation, he means a long, slow, spicy seduction…

Ariel Monroe, pop-star princess, refuses to sign a contract with CEO Marco Kennedy. She’s furious when he follows her to Fetish Week, although she could use a hot BDSM play partner. If he’s up to the challenge, of course.


Genre: Erotic BDSM
Release Date: June 25, 2013
Avon Red

Excerpts & More

Excerpt Take Me by Sara Fawkes:
“You knew nothing of the theme for this week?”

That deep voice was difficult to ignore, but too many things clamored within Kate’s head to give those words the attention they demanded. Had this been the plan all along? Ted had been the one who’d wanted to come here; surely he’d known of a theme. Then why hadn’t he brought it up when they made their plans? More importantly, why had he never mentioned it leading up to their trip. Was it meant as a surprise? A joke? Had he ever really intended to go with her in the first place?

“Ms. Swansea.”

The deep voice cut through Kate's thoughts, dragging her back to the present. A strong hand on her shoulder pulled her gently around until she was facing the same man who had helped her. Tilting her head back, a slightly hysterical part of her brain marveled at how tall he stood above her. His dark features were pulled together into a frown that might have made her nervous except, at that moment, her brain was too jumbled to allow any emotion.

He reached out and put a finger beneath her chin and gave her a level stare. “Were you not made aware of the theme for this week?”

“My fiancé,” she started, and then paused as a pang went through her chest. “Ex-fiancé,” she amended before continuing. “He made the reservations but never said anything about…”

Regret laced the large man’s eyes, and an echoing emotion reverberated through Kate. It was absurd, but she didn’t want to disappoint the man before her. Raising herself to her full height, which still wasn’t enough to get her past the Greek man’s shoulder, she said, “I’d like to stay.”

Under that scrutinizing gaze, it was difficult not to tack on an extra “please”, but she managed to keep her mouth shut. Meeting and holding his eyes was even more difficult; a huge part of her being wanted to defer to him, let him decide what to do with the situation. Which was absurd - she didn’t know him enough to trust him. Indeed, he’d yet to even tell her his name.

Anyway, giving up control wasn’t at all her style. Running her PR business, small though it was, kept her on top of everything and didn’t give her any chance to relax. Planning the wedding had been similar; she’d thrown herself into the fray as fully as she did her career, with Ted’s full support of her making all the decisions. If she was honest with herself, she’d resented his unwillingness to help with the details (barring the honeymoon plans), but confrontation had never been his style. Nor was it hers, but she wished she’d been more adamant about getting his input.

Perhaps if she’d thrown her attention into their relationship instead of the wedding, his surprise text message might have been easier to bear.

Alexander peered down at her, cocking his head to the side. “You must understand,” he said slowly, lowering his voice, “I need to keep the safety of my other guests in mind. Not all who come to these places wish to have their presence here known to the world.”

“I’ll be the soul of discretion,” Kate promised, understanding what he meant.

“Attendance of the orientation this afternoon will be mandatory for you. Also, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me or any of the staff.”

She nodded emphatically, and was rewarded by an approving crinkle of his eyes. “Then welcome to the Mancusi Resort, Ms. Swansea.”

“What’s your name?” The words were out of Kate’s mouth before she thought about how uncouth they sounded. “I mean,” she amended, “I’d really like to know who exactly helped me.”

The words sounded flat to her ears, but the large man turned and gave her his full attention. “I am Alexander Stavros, the manager of this hotel and the one in charge of monitoring this week’s activities.”

“Oh.” Kate’s face flamed as she realized he very likely came from a fetish background himself, and may have been offended by her initial reaction. “Look, I’m sorry if…”

“No need for apologies, Ms. Swansea.” He reached for her hand and lifted it to his lips like before, and once again that burst of heat inside her belly made Kate swallow. “It appears your journey to our resort has followed a very crooked path indeed. Now allow me to escort you to your room.”

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Excerpt Teach Me by Cathryn Fox:
Luca slipped his hand around the waist of the gorgeous woman at his side and guided her to the port side of the boat, where they could find a modicum of privacy. When she lifted her gaze to his, a nervous, hot pink flush staining her cheeks, the Dom in him bristled. The second he’d set eyes on her, he’d known she was out of her element, in more ways than one. And while he had no idea why Ms. Kenyon would send someone with little to no experience, he was only glad she had.

She smoothed her dress down, and the look on her face told him she wanted to talk business. “When we return tomorrow—”

“We won’t be returning tomorrow.”

Her eyes widened, and her head came back with a start. “What do you mean?”

He pointed a finger, and she followed his gaze. “We’re heading to that small island over there, my private resort,” he said, neglecting to tell her it was Fetish Week at said resort. Soon enough, she’d find herself surrounded by something that would undoubtedly shock and positively excite her.

“I have to get back.”

“For what?”

“I have to work.”

He angled his head. “Am I to believe that you only planned one night in Italy? That you came all this way and hadn’t cleared your schedule to take in some of the sights after we concluded our business deal?”

She toyed with the top button on her black dress, one that hugged her curves to perfection. His glance raced over the fine detailing, and he knew it was that attention to the little things that would make her an apt pupil in the bedroom.

“Well …” she began, her words falling off.


“Well, of course I did, but my plans didn’t involve going to your private resort.”

He took a step closer, crowding her, and didn’t miss the shiver that moved through her body, a shiver that told him so much about her and about what she needed from him. There was no mistaking that sweet little Josie Pelletier was a submissive at heart, and while she might not know it yet, Luca knew how much she craved to hand her pleasures over to a man. Oddly enough, he felt a strange, possessive tug on his emotions because there was no denying that he wanted to be the Dom to guide her, the man to train her in the ways of pleasure and make sure she was properly introduced to the darker side of love and appropriately cared for in the process.

“But we have unfinished business, Josie.”

“Then perhaps we should just finish it now,” she said.

“It’s not that simple.” He filled his lungs with her scent, and continued, “Sometimes negotiations can go on for … days.”

She drew her bottom lip between her teeth. “Days?”

“Yes, sometimes it can take many, many long hours before both sides are completely satisfied. But don’t worry, after we finish hammering out a deal, you’ll be free to enjoy the sights.”

Luca thought more about their negotiations and wondered exactly how far she’d go, how far he could take her. She might be young and naive, but she was all woman. Sensual, curvy, with a body made for sin—a body he intended to train—in all the scintillating ways she needed him to train her.

Josie swallowed a huge gulp of her champagne, and he took the empty flute from her hand. “Would you like another?”

“No,” she rushed out. “I think I’ve had enough.” Her glance left his. “When will we be docking?”

“Not until tomorrow.”

She looked around. “Where will I sleep tonight?” she asked, panic widening her big blue eyes.

While he’d like her to stay with him, he knew it was too soon to take her to his bed. Too soon indeed. Not that he was in a hurry; after all, anticipation was half the fun. No, sweet little Josie Pelletier was an innocent, one who needed to be trained in the ways of pleasure as much as business.

“I have a room prepared for you.”

She faked a yawn, but he didn’t call her on it. The first night he’d let her get to bed early because come the morrow, he’d want her wide-awake and ready to negotiate.

With a snap of his fingers, Charles was at his side. “Please escort Ms. Pelletier to her room.”

She turned to go, but Luca put his hands on her shoulder to stop her. She spun to face him, and he purposely put his mouth close to her ear. “Just so you know, Josie, my approval doesn’t come easy.” Her face warmed, and when he felt a fine shiver move through her, he added, “Your designs will be tested.”

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Excerpt Tame Me by Lauren Hawkeye:
“Scusi, Signorina Monroe, but this is not from our establishment.” He frowned a bit—Ariel frowned a lot—as he tapped keys on the keyboard. “This is for the Seaside Pleasures Resort. We are the Mancusi Resort. But … yes, here. You have a reservation here.”

He beamed up at her, clearly pleased that she would be staying there.

“Welcome to Fetish Week!”

What the … Fetish Week? Ariel had seen a lot in her time in Hollywood, but this pronouncement took her aback, completely. She gaped like a fish as she tried to process what she’d just been told.

A whisper on the back of her neck told her that someone had approached from behind, even before the look on the clerk’s face turned deferential.

“Perhaps I can be of some assistance here.”

She knew; even before she turned around, she knew. Closing her eyes, she savored the sensation of masculine fingertips dancing lightly at the nape of her neck before she looked over her shoulder to find the tall, dark, and delicious specimen of manhood that was Marco Kennedy.

Just as when they’d met at the party and each time they’d spoken on the phone, she felt the pull between them. It was dark and intensely sexual, and she’d never felt anything like it.

No wonder she’d run. The heat that burned between them was hot enough to reduce her to little more than a pile of ash.

“What did you do?” She knew, without a doubt, that the enigmatic billionaire entrepreneur was behind this mix-up. He was nothing if not persistent, and she had to admit that she was enjoying being chased.

Perversely, she wasn’t sure if she was pissed off that he’d finally caught up to her or thrilled that he’d taken the time to single her out.

“Come have a drink with me.” Ariel tried to repress her shiver as those fingers traced a path down the curve of her spine. Against her will, her nipples peaked against the soft fabric of her blouse.

She wanted him. Why couldn’t she have him?

“I could just leave.” She tried to keep her voice steady. “I could just go to another resort, could go back to the one I was originally supposed to stay at.”

“You could,” Marco agreed, as his hands stopped at the base of her spine. “But I don’t think you will. You’re intrigued, both by the business offer and by this attraction between us. I think you’ll stay and hear what I have to say.”

Ariel felt a flush of embarrassment as he mentioned the lust that was coursing between them, hot and heavy, but she lectured herself for it. There was no shame in healthy attraction, was there? And there was no use denying that it existed. Hell, even the clerk who was watching the scene unfold before him could see it. She could tell by the look on his face.

“Don’t get too cocky.” Stepping away from his touch, Ariel turned to face the man she had, until then, only met face-to-face for one long, heart-stopping moment. “I’ll have a drink and finally listen to your pitch—your business pitch. There won’t be any discussion of anything else.”

“I think you’ll find that my offer ties them together in the best possible way.” Twining her fingers in his own, Marco lifted Ariel’s hand to his lips and brushed a kiss over it. When he released her, she found that he’d slid a keycard into her hand. “Now go to your room, do whatever it is you females need to do to freshen up. Your luggage has already been taken up. This resort belongs to a friend of mine, and I think you’ll find your suite to your satisfaction.

“I’m not sharing a room with you, am I?” If that was part of his diabolical plan, Ariel was leaving immediately. Marco Kennedy might promise all kinds of dark, delicious things, but she wasn’t sure she’d survive them.

He chuckled, and she wished the sound weren’t so damn sexy.

“No. I would never presume that far.” Ariel’s eyebrows rose to her hairline with disbelief. Apparently, that was the only thing he wouldn’t presume. “I will meet you in the verandah bar in half an hour.”

“You know, I’m tired from travelling. Maybe I just want to have a drink in my suite.” She didn’t really, but something about the smooth way Marco just assumed he knew what she wanted got under her skin.

He smiled at her then, and the curve of his lips was purely wicked.

“I’m sure we’ll be spending plenty of time in your suite before the week is over, princess. But for tonight, we’ll stay in public. It’s safer … for you.”

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Twitter: @writercatfox
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