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May 28, 2013

Cover Reveal - The Price of Fame by Hazel Gower

Cover & Excerpt Reveal

The Price of Fame by Hazel Gower

A holiday escape is just what superstar Markus Pegios needs. Peace, quite, and no adoring fans chasing him sounds like heaven on earth. Hazel Gower pens a remarkable, contemporary tale of fate, love, and new beginnings. But, all is not what it seems when love may become the true price of fame!

Have you ever touched someone and known they were the one? Markus Pegios, European superstar, did as soon as he touched Kylie Breal.

Markus needs a holiday—away from his famous life—and goes to Australia where he’s an unknown. One morning on his beach run, he gets hit with a dog’s ball. Going in search of its owner, he finds the dog and owner lying on the beach. As he introduces himself, he experiences an instant attraction, and when they touch, he knows she’s the one, but Kylie runs from him.

Kylie has watched her fantasy man every day as he stretches and runs across the beach, but one morning he’s late, and she gives up on him. Lying on the sand, she throws her dog’s ball and who does it hit? Of course, Mr. Dreamy. As soon as they touch, her body comes to life. Scared, Kylie runs, thinking she’s lost her mind, imagining things that aren’t there. Fate brings them together again, but can Kylie accept who Markus is, and all the drama that comes with him?

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: May 27, 2013
Liquid Silver Books

Excerpt & More

Kylie sat on the sand, checking her watch again. “Crap. He’s late,” she muttered to her chocolate Lab. “Buddha, how long do you think we can sit here pretending to rest while I wait for Mr. Dreamboat?” The dog of course didn’t answer. He just panted away, leaving her feeling silly for asking.

She lay back on the warm sand, sifting it through her fingers as she breathed in the fresh, salty air. Every morning for the last week, she had taken her dog for a run at six o’clock and paused around the same spot, throwing the ball for Buddha so she could watch her fantasy man stretch and warm up before he ran along the beach. Kylie groaned when she glanced around the beach and then back at her watch again, whispering to herself, “I think I’m becoming stalker material.”

Buddha dropped the ball on her chest, his chocolate puppy-dog eyes begging her to throw it. “Fine, but I’m not moving.” Not even bothering to sit up, she threw the ball and watched Buddha bound off after it. Closing her eyes, she waited for her dog to come back with the ball.

“You know, when you throw something, you should really sit up and look to see if there is anyone around it could hit.”

A startled squeal left her as the heavily accented voice sounded from above. Opening her eyes, she gulped to see that Mr. Dreamboat himself stood over her, holding Buddha’s ball. Oh God! He was even better close up, with the most amazing sky-blue eyes she had ever seen. His short jet-black hair kept his face free so she could see his strong, masculine jaw adorned by a couple of days’ stubble. Her eyes noted his lips, which any woman would envy.

Kylie’s cheeks heated as she realized she hadn’t answered him. With a deep breath, she slowly sat up. “I’m so sorry,” she mumbled. “I didn’t know anyone was on the beach.”

Her fingers dug into the sand one last time before she rose, patting the sand from her body. Kylie stared at the man before her, storing every detail of his face. Her fingers itched for paper and a pencil. He was an artist’s dream. Buddha bumped him with his body, obviously trying to get the man to throw the ball. “If you throw it, he’ll leave you alone.”

Mr. Gorgeous glanced down at the ball and then back to her. He threw it into the surf, and then wiped his hand on his shirt and held it out. “I’m Markus.”

She stared at his hand for a moment before shaking it. “Kylie, Kylie Breal. Again, I’m so sorry.”

Markus smiled at her, and she almost passed out. Maybe he was a male model or an actor, being so beautiful.

A shiver ran down her back, and she felt a jolt of instant electricity from his touch. Oh no, this can’t be happening. Her mind whispered he was way out of her league. “It’s nice to meet you, Markus.” Then she turned and ran away from him, calling to Buddha as she rushed up the stairs and off the beach.

Kylie ran all the way home, only stopping to put the lead on Buddha. She’d been stupid, imagining things that didn’t exist. She had taken this stalker thing too far.

Grabbing the phone once inside her house, Kylie called her best friend, James. “I’ve become a freaky stalker.” She rushed through more words before he could answer. “I finally met the man who I’ve been stalking, and I convinced myself I felt sparks.”

A woman’s voice answered, “Hello?”, and Kylie moaned loudly. Great, another one of James’ floozies. Annoyed, she gritted out, “Look, I don’t know which one you are, so can you just pass the phone to James?”

The woman on the other end gave a loud huff and yelled for James. She waited, needing her friend to tell her she wasn’t being silly.

“Hello, sweetheart. What did you say … because she just left in a huff.”

“Nothing,” she answered tartly. “I just said I didn’t know which one she was, so I asked if she could pass me to you.”

He laughed on the other end. “I love you. But when are you going to come to your senses and marry me?”

“How about … when you stop sleeping with everything with a vagina?”

He let out a dramatic sigh. “Okay. So what’s so important you scared away my guest on a Saturday morning?”

She told him everything about the last week and finished with the event of the morning.

She waited for James to answer, worrying her lip. “James, are you still there?”

His answer came slowly, as though he was thinking before he answered. “No. You’re not a stalker. How about I come over? We could do lunch before we start our dance lesson.”

She nodded with a smile. James always made her feel better. And she loved weekends, especially Saturdays, when she helped teach ballroom and Latin dancing with him at the club. “Yeah, that sounds great. I’m looking forward to seeing if we got any new students from our flyer.”

“Yeah, so am I. Look, I’m just going to shower, but I’ll be round in half an hour. Loves ya, bye.”

He hung up before she could respond, but feeling better, she shrugged off his odd behavior, getting ready for the day ahead.

She also told herself that she would walk the dog in the afternoons from now on.

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