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May 26, 2013

Cover Reveal - Andromeda by Ginny Lynn

Cover & Excerpt Reveal

Andromeda by Ginny Lynn

Andromeda is a 400 year old vampire with psychic abilities who is being stalked by a ghostly presence that wants to possess her body and own her soul.

Things get heated as she meets the man destined to be her mate but a vision shows her that he’s meant to die because of what she is.

Does she embrace what the Fates have shown in the mere touch of this stranger’s hand or does she run away in order to save the soul of this kissable man? Passion is too much to ignore for an immortal who has never felt its powerful pull.

They throw caution to the wind and become lovers, enraging the stalker to use his inhuman powers to take what he believes should belong to him alone. They both fight for the power in her touch but only one man can have her body.

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: March 19, 2013
Secret Cravings Publishing

Excerpt & More

"Can you come outside with me for a minute?”


He finished his drink as I escorted him to a brick half wall across the street.

“I’m sorry for the way I handled that. This has never happened to me before. And most of what I saw was good. But you need to know that not all of it was.” I avoided his gaze.

“Just tell me what you saw and we’ll go from there.”

“I saw us kissing, you holding my hand at my house, you walking me home and us as lovers.”

“I see. But those are all good things.The bad part?”

“I know that I need to tell you what I saw. But this is going to be hard to absorb.”

“Just tell me.”

“I saw you die.”

I waited for his reaction. He was very quiet and then jumped off the wall and began pacing.

“You saw me die. Okay. I need to know where, when and how.”

I could only watch as I said, “I can only tell you that there was a lot of blood and that I was holding you when you drew your last breath. There’s fuzziness around the image, as if it wasn’t quite true yet.”

“Everyone makes decisions that can change their destiny. So this can be avoided then, right?”

“Yes. Everyone can change their future by changing the decisions that lead up to it. I have regulars because of this. But the only thing that can stop this is if you stay away from me.”

There. I’d said it.

“So, I die because of you but you don’t know how or when?” It was commendable that he was seriously trying to rationalize this.

“Yes. And that’s all I can tell you. I understand if you want to run away and never look back. I’m sorry.”

“What makes you think that? Do you see me doing that? I’ve seen too much loss in my life to just take that as the gospel truth. I am master of my own destiny. I won’t be going out like that.”

He stood in front of me and I looked into his eyes. There it was, the truth of the matter. I see him with me until his death and then nothing else.For either of us.

Had I truly found my mate and was his death something we could avoid?
I saw something in his eyes like determination, and he leaned closer to me.

He whispered, “I’m not sorry.”

“For what?”

“You already know.”

Then he kissed me.

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Find Ginny Lynn at:
Twitter: @ginnylynnauthor

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    1. We're glad to have you. Can't wait to read this.

  2. It's a great book. I really enjoyed it & hope there will be a sequel. :-)


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