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Mar 9, 2013

Cover Reveal - Dhellia has a Conscience by April M. Reign

Cover Reveal

Witch Road to Take
by April M. Reign

The Mystical Witch Series Book One

Satan's rebellious daughter, Dhellia, could be his greatest challenge yet.

She may be the daughter of Satan, but Dhellia has a conscience. She’s run away from Hell to escape her undesirable duties as princess of the underworld. A three-month road trip to “upstairs” convinces her half-human side that Earth is where she belongs.

Unfortunately, Lucifer isn’t seeing things her way. Her brother, who is a soul catcher and her protector, snatches her away and hides her in the apartment of a bumbling wizard who casts a cloaking spell on her, and a geeky vampire rock ‘n roll singer who is allergic to human blood.

Dhellia gets a job in a law office and suddenly, her future is full of possibilities—that is, until a collision of fate and destiny create the perfect storm, which puts her and her friends in peril. Once again on the run from Satan’s minions, Dhellia and her friends must find a way to survive while she discovers the powers that lie within her.

Dhellia is a darkly funny, fresh and sassy, fast-paced series about a young woman whose birthright is the underworld—she’s mad as Hell about it, and is determined to beat the Devil at his own game!

Note: formerly released as Dhellia has a Conscience, Book One of The Dhellia Series with a different cover

Genre: Urban Fantasy
Release Date: February 1, 2013
April M. Reign
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