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Mar 1, 2013

Cover Reveal - Cracked by Vanessa North

Cover & Excerpt Reveal

Cracked by Vanessa North

The Ushers Book 3

The Goddess must have made a mistake. Sarita Murphy is the culmination of every prophecy her people have known since their creation, the closest thing the werewolves have to a messiah-myth. She might be the daughter of Alphas, but everyone who sees her thinks she’s Omega.

When a paranormal culture more ancient and terrifying than weres arrives in the new world, Angelo Gonzalez knows it’s time to return to Amazon Compound and the friends he left behind twenty years earlier. An encounter with Sarita upon arrival brings a new purpose to his life: showing his little mate where true power lies.

To fulfill the prophecy, Sarita and Angelo must face down her fears, his ghosts, and a deadly Hive-Queen with a taste for blood.

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Release Date: March 1, 2013
Musa Publishing

Excerpt & More

Of course, Sarita wasn’t really sure what would happen next. It’s not like she’d ever actually had sex before. Not with Bear guarding her chastity as well as her life. She snorted. It wasn’t exactly normal to have a ginormous bear camped outside your door every night. Her mom, Bianca, told her he’d been like that ever since he first showed up at the compound before she’d been born. Super protective. Wasn’t she just a lucky wolf? Well lucky or not, she was one horny wolf and she was going after what she wanted. She just needed to get some advice from Mac on how to get Gerard alone and behind closed doors. Ever since she’d first shifted, he’d been putting the brakes on any time the two of them spent alone, almost as if he knew her plans for him. She pushed open the door to Mac’s room without knocking, stopping cold at the sight before her.

Her best friend and her Guide, kissing.

Not just a little bit either.

Their hands fisted in each other’s hair, their tongues tangled, and low growls filled the room as the two men bit and kissed each other’s lips. They were rough and hard and it was fierce, tense, filled with longing and lust and a sense of urgency she’d never seen from either man before. A part of her struggled to reconcile the passion she saw in their faces with the gentleness they had always shown her. Her shocked gasp must have caught their attention, because they broke apart, their shifted teeth bared as they stared at her in something very much like horror.

“Italove…” Gerard’s voice rumbled as he reached for her, his worry leaping into her through their connection. She shook her head, blocking him as best she could from her mind. She turned and faced Mac, the tortured look on his face telling her all she needed to know.

“How dare you?” She felt the words burst from her on a growl. “You knew how I felt about him. You knew. You’re supposed to be my best friend.” Feeling the tears filling her eyes, Sarita snarled at the two men reaching for her and spun on her heel, letting the door slam shut behind her. She didn’t remember stepping onto the elevator, or out of the building. She had a brief moment of anger as she realized her clothes had shredded when she shifted. And then she was running, the remnants of her favorite jeans scattering behind her, still shocked at the betrayal she felt. Her legs stretched; fur bunched over powerful muscles. She was so angry, she didn’t notice the man standing in her path until she was almost on top of him. With a start, she shifted back to her human form and he caught her. She felt the tears exploding from her like a dam bursting, and she fell apart in his arms as he lowered them both to sit on the forest floor.

“Shhhh. Shhhh. Querida.” He held her in his arms as she sobbed out her embarrassment in great ugly gasps. She slammed her fist into his shoulder and he took it to his lips and pressed a kiss there. She would never remember later how long he held her before her sobs quieted. She only knew that as she breathed in his scent, the smell of city streets, diesel fuel, and a man’s soap overlaying the earthy wolf scent, she was overwhelmed with a feeling of safety, comfort. Home. And something else. Her wolf was pushing hard at her trying to get at him. She raised her stunned eyes to his as she felt her teeth shifting. The look of wonder on his face, of amazed joy, was like nothing she’d ever seen—had she brought that smile to his face? He looked down at her, showing her his own shifted teeth.

“Hello, Querida,” he whispered. “I think you should tell me your name.”

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