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Feb 21, 2013

Cover Reveal - Blood Therapy by Lynda Hilburn

Cover & Excerpt Reveal

Blood Therapy By Lynda Hilburn

Kismet Knight, Vampire Psychologist series Book 2

Dr. Kismet Knight and the dark world of vampires are back in this sexy sequel to the wicked romp The Vampire Shrink. Still reeling from her earlier adventures, the spunky, smart, and tough heroine tries to adjust to her new reality--and new undead clientele. Then she discovers a frightening secret about these powerful immortals that further warps her world. Needing to escape, she flees to New York for the American Psychological Association's conference, where she meets up with hottie FBI Agent Alan Stevens. Unfortunately, he's not the only blast from the past in the Big Apple: so is Lucifer, the demented tormentor who nearly killed her. As the maniac closes in, everyone is rounded up for a shocking finale that no one will survive unscathed.

Genre: Urban Fantasy (vampires)
Release Date: February 5, 2013
Silver Oak/Sterling Publishing, USA

Excerpt & More

“I don’t blame you for being upset, and I know you’ll acclimate.” I repeated the same word he had used—it seemed like weeks ago—when he was talking about me and his vampire intensity. “You’ll see that nothing
important is different.”

He didn’t look convinced.

I had to grin. He was so out of his comfort zone. If he were a client, I’d be very happy about this development because it meant he was ready to explore unknown territory. But I didn’t think an 800-year-old master vampire would really like the idea of change much. I pretend-genuflected. “You’re still the almighty vampire king of the universe.”

The corner of his lip tugged up until a full, brilliant smile blossomed.

“Well, as long as we are in complete understanding about that.”

We lapsed into silence again. This was, without a doubt, the most awkwardly uncomfortable time Devereux and I had ever spent together. It was my turn to fidget. I played with my hair and stared at the floor. The rules had changed. Neither one of us knew what was going on, and until we figured out our new roles in our relationship—or whatever it was we were having—we’d feel insecure.

I felt sad that things had become so strange between us, because I really did care about him, vampire insanity and all. I guess I hadn’t let myself think about how much I wanted us to work out our issues.

He cleared his throat and stood. “I imagine you are tired, and would like some time to yourself. I will go.”

I held out my hand for him to pull me up, and when he did, my robe, clearly acting out my unconscious desires, came untied and draped open. I started to close it, to cover myself, but then chose not to. “Don’t go.” I
suddenly felt shy with him, but wanted to take the risk of reaching out. I took a deep breath and threw back my shoulders, momentarily afraid he’d choose to leave.

His mesmerizing eyes tracked down my body. “Are you sure?”

Relieved, my nipples hardened and my hormones, dressed in cheerleader costumes, formed a conga line and began calling out the letters of Devereux’s name, flailing their pom-poms across the landscape of my mind. My libido did a backflip. Apparently I was sure.

“Yes.” Warmth radiated up my body. “All I’ve done is sleep for the past seven days. I’m not tired at all.” I took his hand and pulled him toward the stairs. “Besides, I’ve missed you.”

“And I you.”

We climbed silently. I felt jittery, on edge, as if I’d never been with him before. I glanced at him out of the corner of my eye. His beautiful profile looked serious, but I sensed his excitement and uncertainty.

Instead of turning on my bedroom light, I went to the nightstand, pulled out a lighter, and lit the wicks of several candles I’d kept in my room since the last time Devereux and I had spent time there. I closed the door
and dropped my robe to the floor.

He peeled off his black leather coat and tossed it on a chair, his eyes never leaving mine, then he tugged off his boots, pulled the silk shirt over his head in a smooth motion, and shook his lustrous hair. His expression
ravenous, he unsnapped the waist of his leather pants and drew down the zipper. With vampire speed, the pants were off and kicked to the side.

We moved slowly toward each other.

My heart pounded and my body heated, as if the candles were giving off a blaze instead of tiny flames.

When we were standing close enough for my nipples to touch his chest, he wrapped his arms around me, and nodded at the candles, extinguishing them. The room went dark and immediately wind blew against my face as we soared through space.

“Hold on!” he said.

“Hey—it’s cold out here! I’m naked! Where are we going?”

“You will see.”

“Devereux, really,” I yelled over the sound of the wind. I loved his surprises, but his mood had been so odd I wasn’t sure I was ready for another mystical adventure. “Where are you taking me?”

“Wherever I wish.” He laughed.

We landed gently in an incredible room that looked like my fantasy version of Arabian Nights.

He released me, and I scanned the immediate area, dazzled by the gorgeous layers of multicolored silk and satin fabric which covered the walls, and draped randomly and luxuriously across the expanse.
I wandered, touching and rubbing the layers between my fingers, very aware of his gaze on me.

A massive bed topped with a bold red, purple, and blue silk spread dominated the room. Unobtrusive music drifted from hidden speakers and rich, exotic incense burned in a small bronze tray sitting on a low table surrounded by oversize pillows scattered across the floor. Candles atop tall holders arranged throughout the space created a soft golden light.

“Wow, this is quite something.” I felt like a kid in a candy store. “Is it another one of your properties?” I knew he had hundreds.


Hmmm. My previous enthusiasm drooped. No confusion about the purpose of this opulent sex den. I tried to keep my voice neutral. “Do you bring women here often?” Fearing what he would say, my stomach muscles contracted. I was surprised by how much his answer mattered to me.

The corners of his lips rose. “I do not need to read your mind to know the response you wish me to give.” He moved to me, lifted my chin, and brushed my lips with his. “I am petty enough to be happy you are jealous.”

Was I jealous of the other women he’d brought here? Hell, yes!

I imagined the truly gorgeous specimens he might choose and shifted carefully out of his reach. “I’m not jealous. Just curious.”

“You are a bad liar.” He grinned. “But I can give you the answer you desire: no, I do not bring women here. This suite is part of a fantasy-based business I own. The company offers multi-themed buildings all over the
world for the purpose of romantic escapes. The business is very successful.”

“Oh.” I looked away as relief swamped me.

“I chose this destination because I thought we both could benefit from a little positive fantasy, and some time without interruptions of any kind.”

My pulse quickened.

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  1. Such a gorgeous cover, Lynda. Look forward to reading the story.


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