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Mar 8, 2017

Smells Like Weeia Spirit by Elle Boca

Smells Like Weeia Spirit
Smells Like Weeia Spirit
by Elle Boca
Weeia Marshals Book Three

Innocent people are dying.

Danni Metreaux, a smart Paris marshal with a point to prove, and Sebastien Poyager, her loyal, wealthy and handsome partner, keep getting called in to deal with superhumans behaving oddly for no apparent reason, and innocent people are dying.

Will they be able to find the culprit before more people die and the secret of the Weeia is revealed?

Genre: Urban Fantasy
Content/Theme(s): Superhumans, Mystery (a touch), Romantic elements, SciFi, Fantasy
Release Date: March 24, 2017
Publisher: Poyeen Publishing

Excerpt & More

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The words of the rum expert from the previous night’s tasting popped into my head unbidden, "If this is your first time, you might want to take it easy," she had told a middle-aged man with a balding head and a paunch. In response to his blank stare, she continued. "These are some of the best aged fine rums in the world, on par with cognac. They’re emboldened by the nuances of the soil, yet delicate and dynamic at the same time." What did that mean? "See the deep amber hue of this one?" She lifted the bottle, allowing the light to filter through the expensive liquid. The prices of the bottles on the table were as high as premium champagnes. "It was aged eight years in oak barrels." The bald man appeared unimpressed, gulping the samples as she doled them out in tiny crystal glasses.

Iaen also drank the brown beverage with gusto and abandon. If he could do it, I figured I would be okay. I drank the servings in the tasting, trying to keep up with the elaborate descriptions and pairing recommendations. I woke up with a hangover. I thought of calling in sick, something I never did, but the event had been planned weeks earlier and I had promised to be there.

There where? I was still stunned from falling back onto the grass when I fell up into the air. Disoriented, up felt like down and down was up. I twisted around and almost gagged. Using my tongue, I dislodged the unfamiliar object that had gotten into my open mouth and was threatening to slide down my gullet.

I spit it out in disgust. Watching the clump of grass with soil still attached to it did nothing to dispel my rising anger. I spit a second time to get rid of the remaining grit and grassy taste. Weightlessness and almost eating a piece of turf added to my hangover in an unpleasant combination.

"Oh yeah?" the boy who had fallen near me said to the other. "If you use your gravity twisting I’ll use my—"

He never had a chance to finish because he dropped from his half upright position. Again my sense of direction wobbled and I fell. Of course, I knew about gravity twisters and we had learned defenses against them at the Academy, but we had practiced with simulations. This was the real deal. An irresistible sensation took hold of me. Doubling, I retched dinner and the half a pastry and coffee I had wolfed before heading out early that morning. Once the discomfort passed, annoyance replaced it.

"That’s it," I bellowed. "I’m Marshal Danielle Metreaux and I’m ordering you to halt what you’re doing."

I emphasized marshal. My voice awakened the two as if from a dream. They turned toward me and back to each other, ire taking hold of them once again. It was as if they had no control over their own impulses. The hands of the boy who had been clinging to the other when I had first seen them yellowed. From a kneeling stance he raised them in the air. I couldn’t make out what he was saying, but it was clear he was threatening the other boy. Before he did anything further, I slapped him hard. That had the desired effect. Seeing Sébastien arrive with the corner of my eye I barked for him to take the other boy away while I pulled the first one’s hands behind his back.

"What’s going on?" I asked the teenager in front of me.

The tension was gone from his body. He dropped his eyes, looking confused and ashamed.

"I’m not sure, uh," he stuttered. He hung his head down, slouching. At the end of a long silence he asked, "Can I go?"

"After you give me your name, we’ll see about that," I replied, not knowing what steps to take since it was the school’s problem. "Let’s go to the guard’s office. You walk ahead of me. What ability—"

Before I could finish my question he interrupted, "Caustic blast," he said.

Sébastien and the gravity twister were already with Benjamin in his covered enclosure. The boy’s expression was sullen. His eye was swollen and a cut on his lower lip was bleeding.

"Someone from security is coming to collect all of them," my colleague told me, making eye contact with the boy in front of me to let him know he was included.

Benjamin called from behind Sébastien to the boy, who did as he was asked without objecting. I sighed with relief. Criminals I could handle. With them, I could use whatever force I considered necessary. Subduing school children with out of control abilities was another matter. They had to be handled with extra care. That was more up Sébastien’s alley than mine. I would rather tackle a most wanted fugitive any day.
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