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Mar 29, 2017

Claimed by Two Navy Shifters by Jasmine Wylder

Claimed by Two Navy Shifters
Claimed by Two Navy Shifters
by Jasmine Wylder

When war reigns, love prevails.

Curvy bartender, Roxanne Moreno, hasn’t thought about a relationship since the death of her parents. Too busy taking care of her younger brother, Dustin, she simply hasn’t had the time for a committed relationship. Not that relationships in the past have worked out all that well. Then, one day, just when life seems to be breaking down, two men entered her life, bringing out the animal inside of her.

While one is hot the other is cold. While one is sweet the other is sexy. In a perfect world, the two men would make the perfect pair, but the two of them mix just as well as oil and water. Yet, Roxie can’t help but picture both… in her bedroom… as her mates.

But the two men will never share. After serving in the Navy Seals, they have had enough of each other but they are once again thrust into each other’s company when they fall for the same girl. Leo, the alpha bear, feels that it is natural for her to be with him. Warren, the lone wolf, simply wants a mate that will help him reestablish his decimated pack.

Will Leo be able to seduce her, or will Warren win her heart with his good-mannered ways? How will Roxie choose one over the other when her heart – her instincts – clearly yearn for both? When both men are at odds with each other and their past comes back to haunt them, will their love for the sexy ebony woman persevere or will they crash and burn just as they did in war?

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Content/Theme(s): Shifters, Ménage, Military, Navy, SEALs, M/F/M, Jaguar, Wolf, Bear, Interracial, Multicultural
Release Date: March 24, 2017
Pure Passion Reads
Excerpt & More

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The moment Leo reached her bedroom, he playfully tossed her onto the bed. He started to undress, eager to mount her. Roxie smirked at the two boys. In this moment, as lust filled every inch of her body, she no longer remembered all the hardships she was going through. With a smile on her face, she slowly started pulling her shirt down up over her head, exposing her large breasts. “Come and get it, boys.”

Warren stood there, completely entranced by her body, feeling like every drop of blood he had in his head had rushed down and settled between his legs. Before he could stop himself, he was jumping on the bed, pinning her down. He kissed her neck, his legs on either side of her. Never before had he felt this possessive over a woman. He wanted every inch of her.

Roxie pushed herself up, kissing him for the first time. Her arms wrapped around his neck, pulling him even closer until their lips felt like they would meld together. Feeling feisty, she flipped them over, getting on top. Her large chest was right above his face. Warren was quick to push her bra out of the way, taking one of her nipples into his mouth and sucking on it hungrily. His whole body felt like it was surging with energy. His cock struggled against the fabric of his pants.

Leo finally joined the party, climbing onto the bed naked. He rested his hands on her ass, pulling her towards his hips. Warren, however, refused to let go of the nipple currently in his mouth, causing her tit to stretch out a little. Roxie moaned, pushing her ass into the air, making it easily accessible to the bear.

He grinned, pulling her pants down ever so slightly, his lips trailing along her skin, jumping from her hips to her cheeks before squeezing them with both hands. Before Roxie could mentally prepare herself, he smacked her ass, causing her to jump. Her body jerked, rubbing against Warren’s. He cursed himself for not taking off his clothes sooner. It felt like his cock would burst out of his pants at any moment.

Behind her, Leo already had his throbbing member in his hand, holding it tight. He pressed it against her entrance, teasing her, wondering how she would react. She wanted both of them at the same time, didn’t she?

Roxie bit her lip before she started to tear at Warren’s clothes. Her desire to have these men was quickly overwhelming her. Every part of her yearned for them. She yanked off Warren’s pants, nearly ripping them in the process. With a grin playing on her lips, she took his cock into her hand, slowly rubbing it up and down. “You want me, don’t you?” She asked, her lips moving closer to his. He responded by pulling her hair and kissing her hard. His tongue snuck into her mouth, tangling with hers.

At the same time, Leo pressed himself even harder against her back entrance, shimmying her pants down to her knees before finally taking them off. He slid her panties to the side, pulling at the waistband. Roxie moaned, feeling the material dig into her sensitive folds. She wiggled her hips, teasing both men at the same time. Neither one of them could resist her intoxicating body.

All of a sudden, Roxie felt Leo’s fingers against her entrance. His thumb flicked across her clit, getting it excited as his other fingers danced along the length of her lips. Roxie continued to kiss Warren, getting drunk off of him. Her tongue tangled with his, their make out session moving into forbidden territory as she stroked him harder and harder. Warren kneaded her breasts in his hands, twisting her nipples.

Leo pushed in one of his fingers, finally penetrating her. A loud moan escaped Roxie’s lips, forcing her to break away from the kiss. Warren didn’t waste the chance to take one of her large breasts back into his mouth, making eye contact with her. Roxie shuddered, feeling overwhelmed by pleasure and she knew they were just getting started.

She ground her hips, her body asking for more as Leo continued to pump his finger in and out of her, getting her completely soaked. Her juices were flowing down her thighs and onto Warren’s stomach. Leo pushed in another finger, twisting them all around, finding her sweet spots as he picked up the pace.

“That’s it, baby… moan for me… get all nice and wet for me.” Roxie tilted her head back in ecstasy, her fingers tangling into Warren’s long hair, making sure he didn’t let go of her breasts for even a second. A shiver ran down her spine as she continued to stroke Warren’s cock, squeezing his tip between her thumb and forefinger, teasing him like he had never been teased before.

Leo suddenly pulled out his fingers and while they were still wet, he pressed them against her asshole, slowly pushing them in. Her own juices made it easier for them to slip inside of her. Hooking them this way and that, Leo was quickly driving her insane. Roxie felt she was on the verge of orgasm already and she had yet to be properly fucked. She never imagined she could feel this good… especially during a time when her life was in ruins.

Warren couldn’t hold himself back any longer. Pushing Roxie’s hand out of the way, he plunged himself inside of her soaking wet pussy. Roxie screamed in pleasure as his large cock stretched out her pussy. He was balls-deep, enjoying the feeling of her quivering flesh wrapping around him like a glove. They both froze for a moment as Leo continued to finger-fuck her from behind, getting her stretched and ready for him.

Before either one of them could compose themselves, Leo slowly forced himself inside of her. Roxie had never felt this full before in her entire life. It felt like she was about to be ripped in half at any moment, but at the same time, she didn’t want either one of them to stop. She bit her lip and pulled at Warren’s hair.

“Fuck…” She moaned. Her thighs quivered and her mind had gone completely numb. Leo grinned, grabbing her breasts and kneading them between his powerful fingers. Warren’s fingers, in turn, traveled down to her pussy, teasing her as he slowly started to rock his hips in and out of her. The sound of her juices sloshing out of her pussy turned on each one of them until they developed a perfect rhythm.

Roxie felt her head spin and her whole body radiate with warmth. She was close. Very close. Her nails dug into Warren’s back as she suddenly lost any and all control. Everything about this moment seemed perfect. There was a balance between the two men and together, they made her feel pleasure like never before. A part of her never wanted this to end.

She started to ride them slowly, gyrating her hips so they could both get better leverage. They forced themselves even deeper inside of her, their fingers digging into her flesh as each man claimed her as their own. Leo started fucking her like an animal, harder and faster. Warren kept up, surprising Roxie with his roughness, but at the same time, there was an element of sweetness as both men kissed and caressed her, making her feel like the only girl in the world.

Warren flicked her clit, pinching it between his fingers before he leaned forward and started sucking on her nipple one more time. Roxie couldn’t handle it anymore as her whole body exploded in pure ecstasy. She screamed, her head tilting back, filling the entire building with her moans of pleasure.

Her juices flowed out of her like a river, but the men didn’t stop. They continued their assault. Before long, however, Warren couldn’t hold himself back any longer, pulling out just in time to cum all over her pussy and stomach. Seconds later, Leo followed suit, groaning with pleasure. He collapsed forward, joining the couple, his whole body shaking. He had never orgasmed so hard before. He smiled, pulling Roxie close. Warren cuddled her from the front, smiling at her before he kissed her lips ever so gently.

Roxie was in a bit of a daze. “Wow…” She couldn’t say anything else. Everything about that experience had surpassed her expectations. She giggled, nuzzling into Warren’s shoulder, feeling fatigued. Happily, she fell asleep.
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