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Feb 4, 2017

Savanna Bear by Tori Knightwood

Savanna Bear
Savanna Bear
by Tori Knightwood
Hotel Safari Book Six

A grizzly doesn’t belong on the African savanna but can he find a place in a human’s heart?

As a marketing executive for a multinational hotel corporation based in London, free-spirited Megan Larch has seen her share of hotel rooms. She’s also seen—and loved—her share of men. Megan has a type, and the extremely large, extremely buff American at Hotel Safari isn’t it. While she’ll never turn up her nose at a good shag, she came to the lodge to visit old friends, not make new ones.

Xander Simpson is a bear shifter on the prowl for a new adventure. He quit his job in Minneapolis to try his hand at wildlife photography on the Kenyan savanna. The sexy British redhead doesn’t fit into his plans, but she stirs emotions in him he never expected from a human woman.

When Megan learns her friends have been hiding an age-old secret, can she overcome her feelings of betrayal? Or will her guarded nature keep her from the one man who could finally convince her to settle down?

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Content/Theme(s): Shifters, Multicultural, Bears
Release Date: February 1, 2017
Publisher: Indie

Excerpt & More

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“I think you promised me a drink.”

He smiled with heat in his gaze. “I have some beer in my room. Tempted?”

She bit her lip. Did she want to be alone with him in his room, with alcohol? Yes. Yes, she did.

In his room—conveniently located next to hers—he said, “My choices are limited. I didn’t know I would be asking you in for a drink.”

She found it sweet he hadn’t planned ahead, but it made her wonder if he hadn’t been interested in her until now. She realized she hadn’t been very nice to him on the game drive and was glad he had given her another chance. Depending on his performance later, she might even be grateful for her second chance.

“I have beer and…some other beer,” he said.

“Okay, then,” she said with a laugh, “I’ll have a beer.”

He reached for one.

“No, not that one,” she said.

His hand hovered near an identical bottle to the left of the first.

“Yes, that beer.”

He laughed and shook his head.

He opened the beer and handed it to her and she smiled her thanks. Their fingers briefly touched on the cold glass of the bottle and electricity sparked through her fingers and hands and up her arms. She took the bottle and rubbed the other hand along her opposite arm.

“Are you cold?” he asked.

She shook her head.

He opened the French doors and they sat in the rattan chairs on his small patio. No one else was outside but she was very aware that there were other guests further along, on the other side of each of their rooms, and they would need to keep their voices low. The secrecy of it sent shivers of promise down her spine.

They sat in silence and sipped their beers. After several minutes, Xander gave an uncomfortable laugh. “Funny how now that we’re alone we can’t seem to find words.”

She nodded. “Yes, but it didn’t feel like an uncomfortable silence. Did it to you?”

“No,” he admitted.

But now he had spoken, it had opened the possibility of awkwardness.

They looked at each other and she glanced quickly away and he laughed. “Am I making you uncomfortable now?”

She chuckled softly. “I suppose. A little.”

“What would make you more comfortable?” he asked.

She tilted her head back and downed a good half of her beer. She stood and reached her hand out to him.

He gave her a questioning look.

“What would make me more comfortable? Skipping all this uncomfortable, awkward, beginning stuff. We both know we’re going to end up in that bed back there.” She gestured with her thumb. “So let’s get to it.”
Purchase link(s):  Amazon
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