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Feb 6, 2017

Broken by Ashton Blackthorne

by Ashton Blackthorne
Insatiable Book One

Ruthless. Unstoppable. Sexy.
So, so bad.

My gorgeous secretary calls me a bad boy in a good suit. I’ve built up quite a reputation over the years women have dubbed me "So so bad" and men have called me the biggest, baddest shark on Wall Street. They say I’ve been everywhere, done everything… And it’s all true.

I get what I want when I want it.
And what I want now is Veronica.
Her gorgeous curves beckon to me demanding that I succumb to her irresistible charms.
But I can’t. Not yet.

You see, I have a secret. A deep dark secret lurking inside me. For years, I’ve been broken, shattered, betrayed by someone who should’ve loved me beyond reason.
Now that secret is threatening to be exposed.
And I can’t have that. No matter what.
Not even if it costs me what I treasure the most. Her.

Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Content/Theme(s): Dark, Bad boy, Alpha male, Spanking, Light BDSM
Release Date: January 17, 2017
Publisher: Indie

Excerpt & More

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As I pulled the car up to my building, I handed the keys to the valet. Samantha had tried whipping her panties off in the car, but I insisted she keep them on.

Denial was one of the most efficient weapons in my arsenal. She’d squirmed wanting to touch me and touch herself, but I firmly told her no.

She practically raced to the elevator to my apartment.

“Slow down, baby, we’ve got all night.” I unlocked the door to my apartment and she strolled inside.

Waltzing into the huge front room complete with a wall-length fireplace, she spun around.

“Wow, Ash, this place is beautiful!” She ran her fingers over the plush furnishings. Strolling over to the stone fireplace, she admired the fine dark cherry wood mantle.

With a quick push of a button, the gas fireplace lit up.

I grabbed the crystal decanter of Scotch and generously filled two glasses.

Samantha took the glass from me and walked over to the huge picture windows. She sighed as she gazed out at the twinkling night lights.

“Ash, I’ve wanted this for a long time.”

“Come here, Samantha.” I spoke in a low, commanding tone.

She turned and I admired how beautiful she was in profile. Her face was perfectly sculpted. Her hair was the color of dark honey, a deeper blonde than my assistant, Amber. It hung smooth and silky down her back. Her eyes were the deep blue of the Caribbean and her skin was a golden tan.

Samantha kicked off her designer heels and sauntered over to the couch. She slipped in beside me sipping her scotch.

“So, Samantha, how is it we’ve just met? You have quite the reputation as a very successful woman in the publishing industry. I know you’re a Harvard grad too. The point I’m trying to make is that I’ve heard of you before, but never envisioned you as being so beautiful. I’m sorry if that sounds sexist.”

Samantha ran a finger over her collarbone.

“Thank you. I’ve made great strides in my career. But that’s not all that I am.”

“Then just who are you, Miss Samantha Sinclaire?” I placed my glass on the dark cherry wood table. I leaned back throwing my arm across the back of the couch.

She leaned back against my arm. Her hair felt as silky as it looked.

“Just a woman, Ash. A woman who has needs. Needs that you could meet.”

I watched her hand slid up her thigh. I glimpsed her black lacy panties as her skirt inched up.

“I’m guessing you don’t need financial advice, Samantha.” I whispered as she began lightly kissing my neck.

“Hmmm…hmmm. You guessed right.” She nuzzled against my neck her soft skin pressing against my own. My cock swelled as she began running her hands over my thigh.

Grabbing her hands, I looked at her. The glow from the fire burning cast a rosy tint to her face making her look as though she were lit from within. Her eyes burned with desire.

“Samantha, come with me.” I raised her up to her feet and led her to the bedroom.

She gasped as she walked into the room with me. I expected her reaction as it wasn’t an ordinary bedroom. I preferred to call that room my chamber or in more ominous terms, my dungeon.

All around the darkened room were various lovemaking accoutrements-devices that induced both pleasure and pain. Leather whips, leather restraints, blindfolds, nipple clamps, a black lacquered St. Andrew’s cross, a sex swing, and a hard backed chair. The walls were covered in a deep wine brocade fabric. Elaborate lantern style sconces gave the room an eerie glow. The heavy shades were kept drawn.

“Oh my God, Ash….I never dreamed you were into this.”

“I wasn’t initially. It was my decorator’s idea of a joke. I decided to go with it.” I laughed.

She stared at me unsure whether or not I was joking.

“Rest assured, Samantha, I’m no sadist. I rather liked what she did in here so I decided to keep it mainly as a conversation piece.”

Samantha chuckled to herself as she picked up the various leather whips and running her hands over a pair of handcuffs.

“This is truly outrageous, Ash. I never expected this in your home. Thanks for showing me, but there’s still a matter that needs attending to.” She turned and ran her hands over my shoulders.

“Really, Samantha? What matter might that be?”

“You know what. I thought you were taking me back to your bedroom.”

I shook my head smiling.

“Samantha, just because I said this room was designed as a prank doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy it.”

Fear flickered briefly in her eyes.


Suddenly, I grabbed her hands and whipped her around. I pushed her onto the chair.

“Sit, Samantha.” I commanded forcefully.

She sat down looking up at me.

“You want to play a game.”

“Do I? I…I guess I do.” She smiled nervously.

“I wasn’t asking, Samantha. We are going to play a game. One we will both enjoy, but you must have patience.”

Then I pulled a set of leather cuffs from the shelf pulling her wrists behind her, I fastened the cuffs in place.

“There now. How does that feel?”

Samantha grinned wickedly.

“Kinky. I love it, Ash.”


Then I reached up her silky long legs and gently pulled her panties off. I grabbed the top of her strapless dress and yanked it down to expose her breasts. They were magnificent and just the way I loved them. Full, firm, luscious. Her nipples were hard and stood up like tiny pencil erasers.

Samantha’s head fell back as I began to trail my tongue up her long legs kissing her firm inner thighs. Her scent drove me wild as my tongue eased to the apex of her legs. She was smooth just I wished her to be.

As I teased her with my tongue, my cock throbbed painfully. I knew exactly what I wanted to do to her, but it would take time.

My tongue edged ever closer to her core just where she ached for me. Her hips edged forward on the chair trying to capture my tongue. I reached up to squeeze her big breasts twisting and tugging her nipples until she cried out.

Finally, as she was dripping wet, she cried out.

“Ash, please, please….I want you!”

I looked up at her from between her legs. I nuzzled her wet pussy. She had the most delicious scent I could only imagine how sweet she must taste.

“What do you want me to do, Samantha?” I trailed my tongue to her inner thigh kissing and sucking the flesh.

“Lick me please! I want to come!”

“Oh, you mean like this?” I flicked my tongue back and forth against her lush lips while holding them closed over her quivering swollen clit.

“No! Spread me open and do that please!” She cried squirming like crazy on the chair. I could actually feel her clit shivering with excitement.

Slowly, ever so slowly, I peeled back her delicate wet petals to reveal her soaking sensitive core.

“Like this?” My tongue flashed out to sweep across her clit.

“YES!” She screamed. Her hips bucked off the chair.

“Are you sure, Samantha?”

I touched the tip of my tongue to her quivering clit. Again, her ass inched off the chair.

“Yes, oh my God, yes, Ash!”

A familiar buzzing echoed throughout the room.

Getting to my feet, I walked over to my phone which was sitting on a shelf near the door.

“Who the hell would be calling at this hour?” I wondered aloud looking through my messages.

“What?” Samantha tried to peer around behind her.

“Shit, it’s my attorney. I’ve been working on this deal for months now. He must’ve found something out.” I stuffed the phone back into my pocket.

Picking up a set of leg restraints from the shelf, I walked back over to Samantha.

Placing them firmly around her ankles, I stood to face her.

“Samantha, I’m so sorry, but I have to take this call. Just sit tight and I’ll be back in just a minute.”

“What?” She screamed. “You can’t just leave me here like this!”

As I opened the door, I turned to her again.


“Remember Samantha I promised that you would enjoy this, but the key to your pleasure is patience. I’ll be right back.”

Samantha’s eyes widened in disbelief as I closed the door.

I snickered to myself as I waltzed casually down the hall knowing how frustrated she must be. After pouring myself a drink and enjoying a leisurely stroll outdoors on my lavish deck, I glanced at my phone. She’d been waiting for over an hour.

I definitely enjoyed keeping them waiting.
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