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Aug 9, 2016

Dance to a Gypsy Beat by Diane Demetre

Dance to a Gypsy Beat
Dance to a Gypsy Beat
by Diane Demetre
Dance of Love Book Three

Love… Life’s most passionate dance.

Aiden Bishop, a successful young Australian lawyer, flees from unsavory clients by taking an extended holiday in sunny Spain. At twenty-seven-years-old, Ace as he’s known to his mates because of his dare-devil attitude and sporting enthusiasm, is used to traveling alone and living life to the fullest.

Happening upon a local flamenco club in Seville, Aiden is befriended by Rafael Flores and Carla Armando, a famous flamenco couple who are well-known for their fiery performances both on and off the stage. With ancestral links to the famous gypsy flamenco dancer Carmen Amaya, Rafael and Carla have mysterious Romani culture coursing through their veins. Sensing Aiden’s love of adventure, they invite him on a road trip from the Costa Del Sol to Granada in search of Carla’s true Romani gifts. However, as the trip stretches deeper into less traveled emotional geography, long-kept secrets are exposed.

Brimming with gypsy traditions, the passion of the dance, mysterious rune readings and intrigue, Aiden finds he cannot escape his destiny no matter how far he runs.

Reader Advisory: This Erotic Contemporary Romance contains a rugged hero, feisty heroine and troubled lover with red hot dance and sex scenes.

Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Content/Theme(s): Ménage, Dancer, Drama, M/F/M
Release Date: August 4, 2016
Luminosity Publishing
Excerpt & More

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There was no way in hell Aiden could contain himself any longer. Carla unraveled him. His emotions churned, his head spun, his heart rate jumped to about 160 beats per minute, and the excruciating ache in his groin needed attention. Aiden strode to his bedroom and closed the door softly so as not to disturb Carla, who he hoped would stay put and not venture into his room. If she did, there’d be no going back this time. He had only one good intention per night, and he’d used that already.

He collapsed on the bed, head in hands. Now with his face inclined toward his stomach, her sweet smell enveloped him. Seduced, he breathed her in, unzipped his shorts and freed his groaning cock. Licking his finger, he swiped it across his belly and tasted her. As he suspected, she was sweet, clean and moreish. He took another taste and then another. Within moments, his lips and tongue were coated in her juice, and he lay back on the bed. Closing his eyes, he visualized his sweet Carla and her delicious wet snatch. Although he’d not seen her private beauty this evening, he pictured what it would look like. Tight, full lips stretched over an apple-shaped pelvic mound. A fully waxed mons with the neatest slit exposing nothing of the delights within. He rolled his tongue around in his mouth and licked his lips. Tugging slowly at his cock, he allowed the fantasy to satisfy him. His mouth watered, longing to taste her, to fuck her, as he yanked his cock more savagely in his hand. Rigidity crawled through his body as he saw Carla’s smiling face looking at him. “I love you, Aiden. I love you.” The sound of beating flesh echoed in his bedroom as he gasped for breath. And when a low growl escaped his throat, he ejaculated thick and fierce over his belly and chest. Relief. At last.

Willing his heart rate to slow, Aiden rested for a moment, enjoying the afterglow. He heaved a satisfied sigh and rose to clean up. As he ambled into the bathroom, he realized the only disadvantage with wanking off tonight was that his pleasure had covered all of Carla’s longing she’d left on his stomach. The scent of her yearning was gone. As he stood at the basin sponging himself, he considered the delicate balance at play between the three of them. He’d not come to Spain to fall in love or ruin another couple’s relationship. More trouble was not what he wanted or needed right now. But Carla had unexpectedly stolen his heart adding a whole new complexity to his life. Getting himself caught in a three-way love affair clouded everything. He needed time to think. But as he wandered back to the living room, a persistent thought from law school dogged him. The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry…
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