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Aug 5, 2016

Agent U7 Keegan by Joni Hahn

Agent N7: Keegan
Agent U7: Keegan
by Joni Hahn
The D.I.R.E. Agency Book Seven

After twenty years in captivity, Keegan Meeks is living life her way: all fun and no fear. Every day - and every man—is a new experience, and only her rules apply. Rule number one: Protecting herself and her family.

D.I.R.E.’s behind-the-scenes scientist Clint Robinson is the go-to person for everything—except women. Always on the outside looking in, the awkward loner could only dream of finding the right woman and settling down. But, fantasy material or not, even the gorgeous, obstinate Keegan Meeks can’t erase the nightmares that have haunted him for decades.

When danger threatens her sister’s wedding, Keegan’s determined to make the joyous event happen. However, her rash actions only serve to earn her the one thing she doesn’t want: a keeper. Clint Robinson may turn her on with his quiet, reserved demeanor, but the subtly sensual scientist is everything she doesn’t want in her new life of freedom.

After they uncover a tangled web of lies that makes them question everyone and everything around them—including each other—Keegan and Clint seek refuge in the one thing they can’t deny—their passion. However, when danger strikes home, threatening the future of the agency and Keegan’s safety, Clint must do everything in his power to save them. But, in a game of final elimination, where the best isn’t enough and the ultimate stakes are vital, he’s no super agent.

Now, Keegan, on the other hand…

Genre: SciFi Romantic Suspense
Content/Theme(s): Superhero, Special Agents, Fantasy, Action
Release Date: August 1, 2016
Publisher: Indie

Excerpt & More

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“What are you doing here?”

He offered his elbow. “I’m your babysitter, remember?”

She stared at his extended arm. She couldn’t do it. Not now. Not when he made her think of things she’d worked so hard to forget. When she sat on the verge of tears that demanded their day.

Not when his deep voice wrapped her in peace, warmth and honesty.

She turned around. He grabbed her wrist. Her pulse rocketed at the heat of his touch, the strength in his firm grip.

Whipping her back around, he pulled her close and tightened his hold. “Hey, what’s wrong?”

His quiet voice, so filled with worry, made her want to run. She wasn’t ready to face the weakness. Somehow, she had to gain more strength before she took on the beast of her past. Right now, it would win.

His gaze studied her face with a scientist’s patient thoroughness, before landing on her mouth. “You’re breathing heavy.”

Stilling, she stared into his pale eyes. God, she was breathing hard. He held her a foot away, his clean soap scent washing over her face, his wide shoulders blocking out anything beyond him. His jaw held a faint, honeyed stubble, his voice a soft note of logic.

“I am not.”

Bending her arm at the elbow, he held it against his chest and placed two fingers at her wrist. “Your pulse is racing.” He searched her gaze. “You are ill, aren’t you?”

What girl’s heart wouldn’t race when Clint Robinson held her hand against his hard chest?

“I’m not ill,” she said, trying to yank her arm from his grasp.

He backed her against the wall. “You’re lying.” His fingers smoothed a strand of hair behind her ear.

Her pulse kicked in wild abandon. A frown appeared between his brows before a dawning half grin appeared on his face. His hand wrapped around her wrist as he pressed against her. Her breath came through her nose in loud wisps as her palm rested against his chest to keep some distance between them.

“What are you doing?” she said.

“An experiment.” Closing in, he nuzzled the area behind her ear. “You’re breathing harder.”

She swallowed as he inhaled deep, his breath hissing along her jaw, feather-light and sluggish, before his mouth hovered over hers with blatant intent. Her lips parted, the sudden thirst for his taste irritating and arousing her.

He whispered against her mouth, his breath mingling with hers. “Your pulse is out of control.”

With minute, patient movements, he moved in, his thigh resting between hers with disturbing subtly. Her skin sprouted with stinging gooseflesh, as moisture gathered at her core.

That’s how it’s done. Building the anticipation, heightening the senses until orgasm was inevitable. He hadn’t even kissed her and she already buzzed with more excitement than she’d ever felt in any sexual encounter. What would it feel like with his hands on her skin, his lips on her mouth?

Her breath came faster. To have him inside her?

Stepping away, he dropped her arm, his grey eyes dark and turbulent. Her body screamed with longing. How could he just…stop? How could he do that to her and not feel something?

At a loss for words, she could do nothing but stare.

“Ready to go back?”
Purchase link(s):  Amazon   Smashwords   BAM   iTunes   Kobo   B&N
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