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Apr 25, 2016

White Wolf of Avalon, Werewolf Knight by Eva Gordon

White Wolf of Avalon Werewolf Knight
White Wolf of Avalon,
Werewolf Knight

by Eva Gordon
Wolf Maiden Saga Book Two

Bledig, a knight of King Arthur, carries a deep secret. He’s lycan. A beast he controls with a strong iron fist. He will not turn beast. He will not mate a wolf maiden and father lycan children. He will not leave his king.

Annora, a wolf maiden, is grounded in tradition. A wolf maiden must mate a lycan. Romance and her continuing intellectual pursuits as a scribe and historian are at the discretion of her future mate.

In the wilderness, Annora and Bledig meet. She is the beautiful woman he has dreamt of nightly. He is the knight in shining armor she had fantasized about— brave, handsome, and chivalrous. Their attraction is instantaneous. Her gallant knight is not just lycan, but the white wolf destined to unite all lycans of Britain.

Will Bledig reject his true destiny as the prophesied lycan leader of Britain and remain a knight of the Round Table? Can he deny his desire for the lovely wolf maiden, Annora, who has already captured his inner wolf’s heart?

Genre: Historical Paranormal Romance
Content/Theme(s): Werewolves, Shifters, Medieval, Arthurian, Camelot
Release Date: April 5, 2016 (Second Edition)
Publisher: Indie

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Bledig reached her and leapt off Saturnus. What had he done? He knelt next to her and carefully turned her over. He brushed away soil from her lovely face. “My lady, are you hurt?” He’d never felt such panic even in the heat of battle when he had raced to save his king from certain death at the hands of Saxons. His eyes roamed down to her pale neck and his mood darkened at the site of a nasty bruise with an imprint of fangs. Had she been attacked by a wolf or worse a lycan?

She blinked open the largest most alluring brown eyes he’d ever seen. He gazed at them as if they were made of the finest gold.

She struggled. “Let go of me.” Her voice with the exact lilting accent she had spoken in his dreams.

Instead of being chivalrous and offering his help, he said something that immediately shocked him. “You are mine. I will never let you go.” All his life he had been protective, but not possessive, until now. Perhaps it had been the effect of the recent full moon. Or sorcery.

Her seductive brown eyes widened and her luscious lips parted. Had she dreamt of him as well?

“My lady, at last you have come to me.” He swept her up in his arms, keeping his fangs from emerging and scaring the poor woman. “I won’t hurt you, I just want to…” Helpless to his longing desire he captured her mouth with the passion of a man tasting the intoxicating elixir of life. She gasped from his initial invasion but moaned in pleasure as her hands caressed through his hair. His wolf senses awakened to the sweet nectar taste of her mouth, her familiar floral scent, and the softness of her skin. His fur on his back prickled and his gums ached to nibble.
Purchase link(s):  Amazon   iTunes   Kobo   B&N
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