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Dec 3, 2015

All He Wants For Christmas—Glitter & Gunfire by Cynthia Eden

Covers & Excerpt
All He Wants for Christmas
Glitter and Gunfire
All He Wants
for Christmas

by Cynthia Eden, et al

Contemporary Romance Box set
Glitter & Gunfire
by Cynthia Eden
Shadow Agents Book 4

Romantic Suspense

All He Wants for Christmas
All He Wants For Christmas
by Elisabeth Naughton, Alexandra Ivy,
Cynthia Eden, Katie Reus,
Laura Wright & Skye Jordan

Six all new Christmas stories guaranteed to warm up your holidays…

Here’s to finding spies, cops, rockers, SEALs, professional hockey players and billionaires under the Christmas tree this year!

In Holly, a town where it’s Christmas every day of the year, six shop owners on Main Street are about to find love in unexpected places.

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Content/Theme(s): Spies, Cops, Rockers, SEALs, Hockey players, Billionaires, Christmas, Box set
Release Date: December 1, 2015
Publisher: The Indie Six

Excerpt, More on each story, Glitter and Gunfire & More

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Melt For Me by Elisabeth Naughton
Yuletide Spirits pub owner Ella McKinley doesn’t do holidays. Not after everything she lost on a cold, snowy night long ago. In fact, she’d be perfectly happy if the calendar jumped from November to January, bypassing December all together. Then rock’s latest “it” guy, Tate Kendrick, rolls into town, and though Ella tries to resist his wicked charm, the heat they once shared flares hotter than ever. When trouble linked to the rock star strikes at her pub, Ella suddenly starts to wonder if the return of her first love is a holiday miracle or nothing more than her nightmare before Christmas.
Find Elisabeth Naughton at:
Twitter: @ElisNaughton
Elisabeth Naughton Facebook page
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Sweet Rapture by Alexandra Ivy
Meg Anderson has returned to her home in Holly, North Carolina after she discovered her relationship with Dylan Cain was nothing more than a lie. The last thing she expects is for Dylan to be her new tenant. Or the realization that he might be the only thing standing between her and a killer…
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The Spy Who Came for Christmas by Cynthia Eden
Everyone in town thinks that Jemma White is as sweet as the delicious treats she makes at her chocolate shop—but they’re wrong. Jemma is ready to let her wild side out, and she’s just found the perfect man to make all of her fantasies come true. Grayson Cole is a too-sexy-to-be-true stranger who has escaped to Holly for the holidays. He is her perfect temptation, and Jemma can’t wait to steam up the cold winter nights with him. But when danger from Grayson’s past follows him to town, she realizes that the man she is falling for has been keeping some very dark secrets…secrets that may just get them both killed.
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Merry Christmas, Baby by Katie Reus
After unexpectedly inheriting a bookstore, Nora and her younger sister settled in Holly, NC, a place where it’s Christmas year-round. As the legal guardian for her sister the past few years, romance has been the last thing on Nora’s mind. But she broke her rules for the town’s golden boy—former SEAL Jackson O’Connor. When Jackson does something stupid and almost loses Nora for good, he realizes just how far he’s willing to go for the woman who’s stolen his heart. But it might take a Christmas miracle to get Nora to give him a second chance.
Find Katie Reus at:
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Sinful In Snow by Laura Wright
Billionaire Back In Town: Gabriel Fox is a ruthless, heartless, soulless grinch. His only goal in coming to Holly, North Carolina is to ruin Carol Cardini’s Christmas. Like she ruined his—and his life—ten years ago. Now that her business is in trouble, he’s finally found the way. But the beautiful owner of Christmas Carol’s Shop and Crafts won’t allow her dream to be destroyed. Not by revenge, and certainly not by the sexiest man she’s ever known. She can, however offer an apology, and a chair at her holiday table. But can a grinch’s cold heart be warmed and healed by the love of a good woman—and the magic of Christmas spirit?
Find Laura Wright at:
Twitter: @LauraWrightRom
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Home Advantage by Skye Jordan
NHL super star, Meier Grant, finds himself sidelined for a bum shoulder and sentenced to three weeks recovery—in his hometown of Holly, North Carolina. But an extended family stay isn’t on his holiday wish list, especially when his parents are more interested in capitalizing on his fame than much needed family bonding. So when he learns the high school beauty and so out-of-his-league Faith Nicholas is suddenly single, and even sexier ten years later, home doesn’t seem so bad. Not when it includes spending some quality bonding time with Faith. Meier may have some of the best moves in the league, but will they be enough to win a woman deserving of forever?
Find Skye Jordan at:
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Glitter and Gunfire
Glitter and Gunfire
by Cynthia Eden
Shadow Agent Book Four

Cale Lane had his orders: keep Cassidy Sherridan alive at all costs. But who sent six armed men storming the Rio ballroom to take her out? The gorgeous party girl wasn't giving it up. Now he had a more urgent mission: uncover Cassidy's secrets...one by one.

Cassidy didn't need the former Army Ranger to play hero and blow her cover. Using herself as bait was the first step in bringing a killer to justice. How could she do that with Cale shadowing her every move...and awakening feelings that tempted her to put her life-and heart-on the line?

Note: Previously published in the Harlequin Intrigue line in August 2013

Genre: Romantic Suspense
Content/Theme(s): Military, Contemporary
Re-Release Date: November 16, 2015
Harlequin Intrigue

Glitter & Gunfire Purchase links:  Amazon   ARe   iTunes   Kobo   B&N
Glitter & Gunfire Excerpt:
So much for secrecy.

Her fingers pressed against his shoulders as Cassidy leaned back to study him once more. "I didn't catch your name."

Because he hadn't given it to her. "But maybe that's for the best," she added with a little nod. "Since this is the end of our acquaintance."

No, it wasn't even close to the end.

"When I walk away in a moment, I expect you to do the same," Cassidy told him.

The woman was giving him orders? Almost cute.

"Head to the back door. It's ten feet on your right. Go down the stairs there. That's the entrance and exit used by the staff at this event. None of the guests will notice when you leave."

Ah, yes, she was giving him an order. And it wasn't as cute anymore.

"I don't want to see you again." She was smiling as she said it, but her eyes had hardened. "Don't get in my way."

Then she turned and walked away.


His gaze slid over the slender column of her back. Far too much skin—such golden, perfect skin—was revealed by the plunging back of her gown.

She didn't look at him. Just headed over to a pretty redhead, and the two women immediately started talking, their voices seemingly happy and light.

Cale realized that Cassidy Sherridan had just dismissed him.

He wasn't the type of man to be dismissed.

When he had a mission, he executed that mission. An angry debutante wasn't about to get in his way.

Cale glanced toward the exit she'd indicated, then right back to her.

With a faint smile curving his lips, he started to stalk his prey.

Voices rose and fell around her, and Cassidy tried hard to focus through the rumble—and to ignore the wild pounding of her heart.

He's gone. You 're in control. You have this—

"Um…Cassidy?" Her friend Genevieve Chevalier's voice had dropped, so Cassidy had to lean closer to hear her words in the crush of people. "Who is that delectable man coming after you?" A light French accent brushed her words.

Cassidy blinked at her. Wait, had Genevieve just said… coming after?

Cassidy locked her back teeth even as she gave a smile, the same fake smile that she'd grown used to offering people in the past year. "I'm sure I don't know who you're talking about." She laughed lightly. "But then, this room is full of delectable men."

Not that she paid those men much notice. Ever since she'd arrived at the charity ball, she'd been totally focused on him.

She glanced over her shoulder, following Genevieve's gaze. The man in question should have been heading toward the exit. The stranger—the guy with the dark blue eyes, the hard jaw, the face that she found both dangerous and sexy—was striding toward her.

He was tall, around six foot three, with wide shoulders. She'd first noticed him three days ago—mostly because it was hard to ignore a man like him. Especially with that dark intensity that seemed to pulsate off him.

The day she'd noticed him for the first time, they'd been at another party, another glittering ballroom, one decked out in the familiar gold-and-purple colors of Carnival. He'd been leaning against the back wall there, too, watching her.

But not with lust in his eyes, the way others sometimes did.

Instead, cold calculation had filled his stare.

"He seems very taken with you," Genevieve murmured.

With an effort, she kept her smile in place. He should have taken himself out of there. Like she couldn't spot an EOD agent a mile away.

Deliberately, she looked away from him, making a point of giving the man her back. Take a hint. The band started to play again, a slow, romantic tune, and some of the chatter quieted just as—

A hand closed over her shoulder. Warm, strong, his. Every muscle in Cassidy's body tightened in response to that touch.

"I want this dance." His words were rough, a demand, certainly not the suave invitation that most of the men at this event would have offered her.

But, then, he wasn't most men.

Genevieve stood watching them, her golden eyes wide.

Cassidy realized the stranger hadn't given her much choice. She could refuse, then Genevieve—glorious gossip that she was—would want to know why. The point had been to make the mysterious man vanish, not to pull him into her life even more.

He'd obviously missed the point.

"One dance," she agreed softly, inclining her head in what she hoped appeared to be a gracious move.

She'd be sure he got the point this time.

Cassidy turned toward him, tried to brace herself against the impact of staring right into those blue eyes of his. But there was no bracing that would be good enough. Each time she looked into his eyes, her heart beat faster even as sensual awareness spiked through her.

Handsome, he definitely was. With those strong cheeks, that long blade of a nose and that chiseled jaw, the man certainly would catch the attention of most women. He even had a cleft in his chin, a cleft that softened the roughened edge of his features and made him even more appealing.

His hand closed around hers as he led her onto the dance floor. Cassidy noticed that there were calluses on his fingers, and he was just so…warm.

She swallowed and held her faint smile in place as they began to dance. She tried to keep some precious distance between them but—

He pulled her even closer.


"I told you to leave," she gritted out through her locked teeth.

His lips twitched. "Um, you did. But I decided that I wanted to stay."

He was moving easily, fluidly, a bit surprising for a man of his size. A solider who knew how to dance—and dance well, she realized, as he gave her a little spin and dip.

Her lips parted as she pulled in a quick breath. Then he was moving her again, leading her around the dance floor.

His gaze dropped to her mouth. It seemed to heat. "I think—" his voice was deep, rolling "—that you owe me an explanation."

Her brows climbed. "What?" She didn't owe him anything. They didn't know each other. As soon as the dance ended, their association would end, too.

"Tell me about the EOD," he said. Cassidy realized that he'd just used her trick. When he'd said those words, he'd put his lips right next to her ear and whispered his demand.

Only…had his lips pressed lightly against her ear? It felt as if they had. And his tongue. Had he…licked her? She certainly hadn't…licked…him.

Had she?

Goose bumps rose on her arms. "I don't need to tell you anything."

Really, Mercer had stooped to this level? Sending a new babysitter after her? He'd promised the last agent was it. It looked like he'd broken another promise.

Same story, different day. She should have expected this from him.

"You think I work for something called the EOD," the man told her. She pulled back, staring up at him. His hair was dark, thick, and her fingers were brushing against the nape of his neck.

Why were her fingers doing that? She immediately flattened them against the back of his tux.

"Shouldn't you at least tell me what the EOD is?" he pressed.

Cassidy sighed. "Cut the act, okay? I've seen your dossier picture. I know you're an agent." That was how she'd first recognized him at the other party. She had a thing about faces. Once she saw one, she never forgot it.

Actually, there were quite a few things that she couldn't forget.

His jaw hardened just a bit. "Well, I'm at a disadvantage—"

"Yes, you are," she interrupted him, making sure that her voice stayed low so that none of the other dancers would overhear. "Because you've been sent down here for no reason. I don't need you."

The song ended. Thankfully. Blessedly.

She tried to pull away from him.

He didn't let her go.

"Are you sure about that?" he asked.

"Yes," she hissed. "I'm sure. I'm perfectly fine. This place is safe—"

A scream cut through the ballroom. At the high-pitched, desperate sound, everyone froze.

Cassidy's blood iced. Genevieve. That had been her scream. She knew Genevieve's scream.

Cassidy's gaze flew to the right as she looked for her friend. There, near the staircase. One glance and Cassidy knew why her friend had screamed. Men in black—men wearing ski masks and armed with handguns—surrounded Genevieve. One man had a gun to her side. The other three men were fanning out, advancing toward the unarmed guests.

"Anyone moves," the man holding Genevieve shouted, "I kill her." No accent covered his words.

Cassidy's breath heaved in her lungs. No, no, this could not be happening now. It shouldn't be happening—not to Genevieve!

But it was happening. She was staring at a nightmare straight from her past. The armed men swept into the crowd.


"Cassidy Sherridan!" the man holding Genevieve shouted.

"We want her."

Cassidy took a step forward.

Only to be halted by the man who was quickly becoming the bane of her existence.

"Too bad," the EOD agent whispered—a whisper that reached only Cassidy's ears. "Because I'm not letting them get you."

He didn't understand what was happening. She did. She was also more than ready to trade herself for Genevieve.

So while everyone else was frozen, she jerked away from the agent and called out, "You want me? I'm right here."

The agent swore.

The masked man shoved Genevieve away and began closing in on Cassidy. His gun was aimed dead center at her chest.

Cassidy lifted her chin and waited.

Only in the next second she wasn't staring at the gun. The EOD agent had grabbed her and pushed her behind him.


"Don't play hero," the masked man snarled. "It's a surefire way to end up dead."

"That's a chance I'll take," the agent drawled, letting his Texas accent slip in once more as he pulled out his own weapon. A gun she hadn't even noticed when they'd been dancing.

The men in masks inched closer as everyone else in the room started to rush for the doors.

So much for everyone freezing. I'm the one they want.

And if tall, dark and handsome hadn't just tried to be a white knight, the gunmen would have gotten her.

The EOD agent had just ruined her plans.
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