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Nov 20, 2015

Strange Brew by Emma Weylin

Cover & Excerpt

Strange Brew by Emma Weylin
Secret Blood Book Four

Strange BrewMeet Ozz and Lily. Lily has turned a rundown bar into a success despite her ruined reputation. Ozz is a werewolf who knows Lily is his mate, but he won’t claim her because she has no idea that shapeshifters exist. But now Lily’s life is in danger and Ozz must save her, even if it means turning her world upside down.

Lily Malory has never known the love of a man because of a vicious rumor. With a knack for relationship advice and a good head for business, she turned Dark Moon Bar and Grill into a success despite the building’s rundown appearance. She’s learned to live with her loneliness.

Ozz Kendell is an executioner for the Shifter Tribunal. He knows the dark-haired beauty running the bar is his mate, but he refuses to claim her. His dark past will ruin her life. When the minions of an evil scientist discover she is a shifter mate, Ozz has no choice but to protect her. Once she is safe, he will find the strength needed to walk away forever—forgoing the happiness he deserves.

Lily forges a tentative friendship with the dangerously sexy Ozz. He comes into her bar every week like clockwork. She discovers shapeshifters exist and her world changes. Now she must depend on Ozz to save her from a threat she doesn’t understand. A threat that could destroy the one man she could love.

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Content/Theme(s): Shifters, Evil Scientist, Suspense, Fantasy
Release Date: November 9, 2015
Liquid Silver Books
Excerpt & More

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Ozz jogged into the square. His job was to keep the townspeople safe in the event of a battle. Well, he’d follow the objective for one person. He spotted at least three men who didn’t belong in town. They weren’t shifter by size, but they were armed. Ozz assumed hunters.

Tiberius and his mate were getting out of their vehicle.

The other werewolves of his home pack were also walking the square on foot in case the three large shifters walking into the square, two of them dragging Aiden, turned on the people. Ozz scanned the crowd and then noticed Lily’s intoxicating scent. He weaved through the mass of people going about their daily business.

He came up behind Lily, recognizing her coat, and then wrapped his hand around her upper arm.

She jumped and let out an eep as she looked over her shoulder. “Ozz,” she said through her teeth. “What are you doing here?”

“You have to go home. Now.” He turned her and walked her away from the coming altercation in the square.

“What are you talking about?”

He growled low and let the wolf show in his eyes. “You’re about to find out why I think I’m so goddamned dangerous.”

She stepped back and tried to pull out of his hold. There. Proof he should be nowhere near her, she was afraid of his kind. He refused to let her go as he tugged her through the crowd of people.

An enraged tiger’s roar tore through the afternoon.

Lily hopped in closer to him and twisted around. “Ozz. Oh my God. Look!”

“Were-tiger,” he said through gritted teeth. “And the other is a Kodiak and they are going to be fighting in about ten seconds.”

She screamed and ducked down when a bear roar shook the air.

“Move,” he barked.

Lily kept his pace as they headed for the nearest side street, only for a stranger with an air rifle to block the path. “I get paid double for a Ridge Line shifter.”

“Stay close to me no matter what you see,” Ozz said and prayed Lily didn’t get stupid now. Hunters were all over this place, and that asshole was holding a tranq gun. He couldn’t afford to go down, and his only hope to stay conscious long enough to get Lily out of here was to shift. A whooshing sound filled the air, and Ozz willed himself to shift. Light swirled around him, his clothes ripped as the big warrior Lycan form took hold of his body, and the dart from the air rifle fell harmlessly to the asphalt.

The hunter backed up a pace. “Oh shit.”

Ozz latched the hand-paw of his Lycan form around Lily’s wrist and pulled her down the side street, up another one, and stopped at his truck. He shifted back into his human form and turned around to face her.

She stared up at him, fear etched on her features.

He captured her face. “Lily.”

“You’re a werewolf.”

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