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Nov 15, 2015

Playing With Fire by Desiree Holt

Cover & Excerpt

Playing With Fire by Desiree Holt

Playing with FireSports reporter Cassie Fitzgerald is back home in Stoneham, Texas, scene of her sister’s murder and the place she lost her heart to hot, hot Griffin Hunter. Griff is hotter than ever and Cassie forgot—when you play with fire, you’re bound to get burned.

One hot summer Cassie Fitzgerald gave her virginity and her heart to Griffin Hunter. When he married her sister, Diane, she fled Stoneham and for six years nothing could make her return. Not her sister’s murder, for which Griffin was and continues to be the only suspect. Not her father’s suicide, which the police chief wants to sweep under the rug.

But now her mother is dead and she’s back home in Stoneham, Texas, assaulted by memories and battling resentment along with sadness. She has legal obligations she can’t avoid, responsibilities she wants to take care of and get the hell out of the place she ran from so long ago. And then there is Griff, the man whose hold on her heart has never slackened or eased. She wants to hold her hatred for him close to her but he wants to hold her body close to his. Despite everything that happened he wants her more than ever and makes no bones about it.

And damn it, she finds herself just as susceptible.

Together they begin to unravel the mysteries surrounding her sister’s murder and Griff’s implication in it. With each layer they peel back more secrets are revealed. As they work side by side will she be able to control her own hot need for this man or will she be pulled back into the same sensual vortex? Can she uncover the secret Stoneham’s hiding, the riddle of Diane’s murder and the answer to her relationship with Griff without destroying herself in the process?

Note: Originally published in November 2009 as Once Burned; it has been newly edited.

Genre: Western Romantic Suspense
Content/Theme(s): Cowboy, Contemporary
Release Date: October 29, 2015
Decadent Publishing
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Passing Diane’s room on the way to her own, she again stopped in the doorway. She could almost smell the scent of Diane’s rich perfume, hear her throaty voice as she hummed to herself. Had someone flown too close to her flame, burned themselves and retaliated? She turned to escape the sense of choking when something nudged at her consciousness.

She stopped, forcing herself to wipe everything out of her mind and put on her reporter’s brain. What was she noticing? What was wrong or out of place? Her eyes lit first on the dresser. That was it. Every drawer was open just a fraction, as if it had been closed hastily. Her mother would never do that. She was known for her prim neatness.

Cassie opened each drawer slowly, looking through the contents. Again, everything was almost neat but if you knew the history, you could see that things had been marginally displaced.

Next she turned to the closet. The folding doors were fractionally open, again as if someone had been in a hurry. The inside of the closet was messier than the drawers. Someone obviously had been looking for something and might have been running out of time, not able to be so careful.

The fine hairs on the back of her neck stood up and a shiver ran down her spine. Tomorrow she would go through this room more thoroughly. It was obvious, though, that someone had been in here searching. When? And what for? Most important of all, who had a key and could come here whenever they pleased?

That thought was more than unsettling. Tomorrow, first thing, she would call a locksmith and have all the locks changed. She knew it was the weekend but she’d pay double time for this. She’d never sleep comfortably knowing there was a stranger out there who could enter the house at will.
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