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Nov 27, 2015

Incubus Makes Three by Tiffany Dawn

Cover & Excerpt

Incubus Makes Three
by Tiffany Dawn

Incubus Makes ThreeAn incubus loved her and him...and she loved them both.

Dorian Black is a nine-hundred-year-old Incubus born of a Master Demon father and a mortal mother. As a spawn of the demon realm he is immortal and without a soul. He longs to earn a soul and gain his mortality in hopes of being visible to God and eventually reuniting with his mother in heaven.

The demon masters use incubi to suck out the darkness that hides within some human souls. Dorian’s work through the last millennia has been to seduce mortals and pull this darkness from them, transporting it to his masters. Once he provides enough of this human nectar he will be rewarded with a soul from the well of souls.

Dorian has been busy seducing and being seduced by local Florida con artist Gabriel. Unfortunately, he is becoming attached to the attractive grifter. He’s supposed to be sucking an entire soul from him, thereby killing the sexy young man. Meanwhile, he becomes mesmerized by the purity of Shari Worth, local veterinary assistant and do-gooder. He courts her in hopes of both distracting him from his growing feelings toward Gabriel and finding the chink in her selfless decency.

Matters quickly grow complicated in the spirit of a Shakespearean farce. Dorian discovers Shari and Gabriel are step-siblings that share a secret and forbidden love. As his feelings for both mortals grow he must decide whether to hand over Gabriel’s life in exchange for his new soul or sacrifice his long held goal to save the hearts of two humans he no longer wants to be without.

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Content/Theme(s): Incubus, Demons, Ménage (M/M/F), Gay, GLBT
Release Date: November 9, 2015
Siren Bookstrand
Excerpt & More

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What the hell had happened to him? He actually told the most pure-souled woman he’d sensed in millennia that she smelled. He was a demon, yes, but he was an incubus demon—he could certainly be smooth. Telling a girl she smelled was not usually part of his playlist. If only she’d stuck around longer, he might’ve been able to get his wits back fast enough to have gotten the word heavenly out, but she bolted. He knew by the red hue coloring her skin that following her would be a mistake. He should leave her alone. She deserved a perfect human man with as pure a soul as hers, not an incubus who would only bring her corruption and misery.

Oh, but her goodness made his mouth water. He could sense she wasn’t a virgin—her purity was not of the flesh but of a far more rare form—purity of the heart. She truly cared about others in this world in an unselfish and altruistic way. It was inhumanly alluring.

If he had any sense, he would go back and hook up with the blonde who’d practically been calling out for evil to find her. Dorian finished his shopping in his usual precise manner, avoiding the longing looks the ladies and some of the men of the supermarket cast him. Mentally, he continued with his long list of reasons to leave the red-haired girl alone. Despite his best intentions, he knew in the end he wouldn’t be able to resist her. Somehow, fate was going to bring him to her again. Fate was a conniving bitch.

He got into his car, flipped the air conditioning on high, and drove off, determined to drop his groceries at home, deliver the previous day’s darkness, and meet up with his last appointment. He was close to finally paying for his freedom. Soon he’d give the demon masters enough darkness for them to release him and finally be granted a human soul of his own.

It wasn’t all sex and screams being an incubus. Especially not in the twenty-first century. Oh, it used to be a lot more interesting. Sure, back in the day, an incubus could be accused of being a demon and run out of town by pitchfork-wielding villagers, but at least the victims showed some real terror. Those sweet sheep would beg, cry, and call out prayers to whatever God they hoped would save them but to no avail. The real fun was watching them try to explain their lost virtue and moans of pleasure in the night to angry fathers and cuckolded husbands. Some of his past victims had been burned as witches, accused of frolicking with a demon, and Dorian had enjoyed seeing their torment. That was all starting to change the closer he came to earning a soul of his own.

He slammed his hand against the dash, frustrated over his fumbled speech. What was it about her that had him strung so tight? He’d made mistakes before but learned from them. For a moment, he let his memory drift back. He’d foolishly become infatuated with a beautiful noblewoman. Their affair had been hot and heavy, and her beauty so profound that he mistook lust for something more. He’d fought battles to keep her by his side and hadn’t rested until his quest had been complete. By then, hundreds had been slain, villages set on fire, and vast expanses of farmland scorched. When all the smoke cleared, he realized too late that it had only been the conquest he’d found so appealing. The woman was just another beautiful girl with manipulation and greed in her heart. The humans would get the story all messed up, name her Helen, and make it a much bigger deal than it had been.

How full-blooded mortals viewed events was inconsequential, for him it had been a learning experience. Now he knew the difference between the thrill of the chase and the savoring of victory. What he didn’t know was what the pure-souled girl would be—another thrilling chase or a victory.

For the last couple of weeks, he’d been trying to interest Dorian in a partnership with benefits. The young hustler spent half of his time trying to demonstrate how astute he was with finances and the other half simmering with lust for Dorian. Fortunately, Dorian was good at playing games and this one was on. He wanted the blond con artist, and he even wanted to help him. Get him out of what was a doomed future.

Dorian suspected tonight they would seal the deal, and he would finally get to seduce Gabriel. Gabriel had been showing more and more willingness to experiment with him. A bi-curious man was a joy to be savored.

“You made it. I was starting to worry.” Gabriel smiled at him and stroked his hand lightly before pulling it away and looking nervously around the packed bar.

“Sorry to be late, I had to run a few errands.” Dorian looked him up and down, slowly studying the young man. Oh yes, Gabriel was definitely interested in hooking up tonight. His brown eyes shone hungrily. He rubbed Dorian’s hand with his fingers, making a circular pattern and licking his full lips. He’d been keeping Gabriel at bay, stoking his passions in a teasing manner but never satisfying them. He knew how to seduce even men who thought they were straight.

“How about we take this meeting to my place? I’ve got a decent bottle of Scotch we could share,” Gabriel offered, tugging Dorian’s hand. It was so tempting to go there. They would have privacy, comfort and time to play. Damn, he wasn’t ready to consume Gabriel’s soul. Once done, he’d die and Dorian would be mortal. Fuck it was tempting but he didn’t wish to start out his mortal life as a murderer.

“What if we just go out to my car and talk? I have some early appointments in the morning,” Dorian countered, certain that Gabriel was desperate enough to accept whatever crumbs of attention he would give him. He had been teasing him and hinting at carnal delights they could share during their last couple of meetings. At first, Gabriel had believed Dorian a possible mark and then his status had been upgraded to potential partner in crime. Now Gabriel had been so lured by his lust for Dorian that his interest in a business partnership had almost faded completely into the background. Gabriel nodded and followed Dorian obediently out to his car. A smile brightened his attractive face. Dorian was beginning to enjoy this hunt once more. He had parked in the very rear of the lot away from the crowd of cars, anticipating this rendezvous. He clicked the remote to unlock the doors, and each man climbed into the vehicle.

“Would you like some music? I have satellite radio,” Dorian offered, not waiting for an answer before flicking on the buttons. Soft rock music gently flowed out of the speakers. “Do you like this?” he asked, running his hand down Gabriel’s jean-clad leg and letting him wonder if he meant his touch or the music.

“I like it all.” He grabbed Dorian’s hand and pressed it against his bulging erection. “I can’t take any more teasing though. I’m gonna explode if I don’t have you soon. I don’t know what’s happening to me, but you are all I think about lately. It’s not like I’m gay, and I get that you’re not but…”

Dorian chuckled at his mark’s desperate tone. “You’ll have me tonight. But only if you do exactly as I say.” He squeezed the crotch of Gabriel’s jeans before pulling away.

“Anything. I’ll do anything,” Gabriel declared with lust shining in his eyes. He leaned over and took Dorian’s mouth in a hard kiss, pressing his tongue between soft lips and groaning when Dorian pushed him away.

“You have to do it my way or nothing.” Dorian kept his hand against Gabriel’s chest, preventing him from swooping over again.

Gabriel whimpered, leaning back into the passenger seat. He almost pouted.

With a nod and a sigh, Dorian began his instructions. “Now that you understand I’m in charge, we can begin. First, I want you to wrap those amazing lips around my cock, and once you’ve sucked me good and hard, I will let you kiss me again. I want to taste myself on your mouth.” He eased the seat back farther from the steering wheel. The young mortal was all blond hair and sculpted features. Certainly appealing to a creature that fed off of desire and sin. He was forming feelings for this human.

Gabriel nodded, licking his lips.

“You may unzip me, but you have to use your teeth.” Dorian always did like to play with his food.

Gabriel leaned over, pressing his face to Dorian’s trousers, and easily popped the top button loose. He struggled to get the small zipper between his teeth. It took several attempts, but finally he eased the zipper down and Dorian’s large cock sprang free. Gabriel gasped at its size, the bulging head already purple and turgid. He looked up into Dorian’s face and waited for his nod of permission. Gabriel used his hands to slide Dorian’s pants down a bit and stroked his impressive member. He dipped his head and took as much of Dorian into his mouth as he could. Dorian put his hands on Gabriel’s head, forcing the man to take in just a fraction more of his length. He felt his head poke against the back of Gabriel’s throat and sighed in pleasure. His mark had some pleasing oral skills. Gabriel was licking up and down his shaft, sucking his head on each up stroke. He wrapped his fingers around his balls and squeezed gently. “That’s it, take a bit more. Suck my cock harder,” Dorian instructed, pushing on Gabriel’s short hair.
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