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Oct 6, 2015

Bloody or Nothing by Kate Hill

Cover & Excerpt

Bloody or Nothing
by Kate Hill

Bloody or NothingMeet Sudsy Waters, drag queen, martial arts master, and owner of Bloody or Nothing, vampire hotel.

Sudsy: Las Vegas life is wild, but when it comes to vampiric activity, there's a protector who not only enforces the rules, but makes them, too. Sudsy Waters, owner of Bloody or Nothing, an exclusive vampire hotel, is an irresistible, ass-kicking beauty who gave The Elixir Maidens their killer looks. When Sudsy's path crosses that of a gorgeous singer in trouble, he lifts his "no mortals" rule.

Bottoms Up: When Vampire Master Rory saves Dana from an assault, they recognize each other as kindred souls and enter a relationship stronger than friendship and deeper than lust. Then another man arrives who drives them both to distraction. But by denying his bisexual nature, Jason may destroy the greatest love of his life.

Madly: Captured during the war with the mysterious new reign, Patrick is starved to the point of insanity, then released to terrorize Las Vegas, where Anthony and his Creator keep the streets safe from vampiric crime. Can Anthony save Patrick before he kills—or dies?

Villain Tamed: The last thing Lao wants is to fall in love with a human, but when he meets Tyler, the doctor at Bloody or Nothing, a love ignites that will burn all barriers Lao has built around his heart. Can love redeem the man feared almost as much as the devil?

Publisher's Note: Contains the previously published novellas Sudsy, Bottoms Up, Madly, and Villain Tamed.

Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Content/Theme(s): Vampires, Gay, GLBT, M/M, M/M/F, Box set
Release Date: September 27, 2015
Changeling Press
Excerpt & More

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He had walked only a couple of blocks when his keen senses detected trouble. A woman's muffled cries and the aroma of blood mingled with the scent of a vampire, one unknown to Sudsy, who was acquainted with most of the bloodsucking residents of Las Vegas.

Quickening his pace, he headed toward the voices. In a dimly lit alley, a tall blond man forced a curvy redhead against the side of a building. Mascara streaked her tearstained face and she tried to scream around the large hand clamped over her nose and mouth. Blood trickled from bite wounds in her neck. The vampire snarled and forced his knee between her legs.

Glancing over his shoulder, he said to Sudsy, "Get lost. She's mine.”

Sudsy strode closer and the man snarled. When Sudsy grasped his arm, he released his victim and tried to backhand Sudsy, who dodged the blow. He struck the blond in the solar plexus, then grasped his arm and smashed him headfirst into the side of the building.

The woman fled, and that was just as well. Sudsy would have preferred to use his mind manipulation to erase her memory of being bitten, but even if she talked, who would believe she'd been attacked by a vampire? Even she would eventually convince herself he was simply a madman who thought he was a vampire.

On his hands and knees, the blond glanced up at Sudsy through bleary eyes.

"Newsflash. The mortals in this town are under my protection. You want blood, then you take it like a gentleman or you answer to me.”

The blond's lips parted in a savage grin, revealing the tips of his bloodstained fangs. "I know who you are, but you don't know my Creator. A new reign is in store. Not just here, but everywhere. His time is coming and when it does all you little vampire masters will fall in line or be destroyed.”

"What are you ranting about?”

"The end. The beginning. The way it was meant to be.”

Sudsy grasped the front of his shirt and hauled him to his feet. He pushed the blond against the wall and stared into his eyes. "You're coming with me.”

Again the man smiled. "There's no need to get rough. I know I can't fight you.”

Sudsy loosened his grip, but remained wary. The man's leg snapped out in a kick, pushing Sudsy back.

Before Sudsy could attack, the man pulled a dagger from a sheath at his waist and plunged it deep into his own chest. He collapsed onto the pavement and Sudsy squatted beside him.

He pulled the dagger from the blond's chest and examined it. Silver.

Why had this vamp committed suicide? Was he merely insane, or was there truth to his story about his Creator? Not that Sudsy believed there would be one vamp to rule all vamps. If anyone could achieve that status, it would be his own Creator, the oldest living vampire on Earth -- an ancient called Ariel.

Sudsy called his hotel and asked his manager and old friend, Anthony, to arrange cleanup for the body.

The rest of the night was fairly quiet, except for a few scuffles with rowdy vampires drunk on blood and risking exposure for their kind. When he arrived at Bloody or Nothing just moments before dawn, he decided to check on Julian before taking a shower and getting some much needed rest.

He tapped on Julian's door and was surprised when Jonah answered.

"What's up?” Sudsy asked. "Something wrong?”

"No.” Jonah smiled and stepped aside, gesturing for Sudsy to enter.

Julian and Jeffrey sat at the breakfast table, involved in a game of poker and

sharing a bottle of wine. The sexy singer's gaze fixed on Sudsy and his lovely green eyes widened a bit.

Sudsy realized his present attire was quite different from what he'd worn the last time they'd met. His stomach clenched and cock twitched at the appreciative expression in Julian's eyes. The mortal's fresh yet deliciously musky scent grew stronger, another obvious sign of arousal.

Jonah rejoined his companions at the table and kicked out another chair, offering it to Sudsy. "Want to play?”

"No. I've been busy all night and I want to get some sleep. Am I paying you guys to have fun?”

"We got off duty -- officially -- two hours ago,” Jeffrey said.

Sudsy wasn't focused on his employees, however. Julian still stared at him with those beautiful eyes. They were so green and gentle, but with underlying strength. He imagined looking into those eyes while making love to the gorgeous mortal.

"How are you feeling?” Sudsy asked.

"Much better, thanks,” Julian replied. "But I am getting a little tired again.”

Jeffrey glanced from Sudsy to Julian, then said, "Jonah, let's get out of here.”

"I want to finish this hand.”

"Another time,” Jeffrey practically growled. He stood, grasped his friend's arm and hauled him out of the chair.


"It's dawn.”

"So? When has that ever stopped us from playing before?” Jeffrey shrugged off his friend, but followed him toward the door.

Moments later, Sudsy and Julian faced each other, alone.

Julian rose and approached. He wore another simple black shirt open halfway down his chest. Sudsy longed to stroke those curly dark hairs dusting his pecs and take a closer look at Julian's interesting tattoo of roses.

"Different look,” Julian said, his gaze searching Sudsy's face, then sliding down his chiseled chest in the snug tank and lingering on the bulge in the front of his trousers. When he was in drag no one had a clue exactly how well endowed Sudsy was. "I like it.”

Sudsy cocked an eyebrow, as if to say who asked. This didn't seem to intimidate Julian in the least.

The singer stepped even closer and added, "I like it a lot.”

"So the rumors about you are true?”

"Which ones?”

"The ones that say you swing both ways?”

A few of the local gossip columns had made mention of Julian's bisexual tendencies.

A smile tugged at Julian's adorable lips. The top one curved into a delicate bow, but the lower one was full and enticing. Sudsy longed to nip and suck it.

"Partially true.”

"Oh.” Sudsy stepped away and turned to the balcony where he looked out at the city lights. "I see.”

Seconds later, Julian's hand fell lightly on Sudsy's shoulder. Sudsy turned to him. Their burning gazes locked and this time Julian stood so close that their lips almost touched.

"Playing along with the bi rumors helps my career. I have a fair share of female fans and women love to flirt, you know.”

Sudsy smiled. "Naughty boy.”

"I'll show you just how naughty I can be, if you let me.”

Julian's face dipped even closer, but Sudsy stepped back and placed a hand to the mortal's chest. He'd meant the gesture to stop any further contact, but that was a very bad idea. Beneath Julian's warm, hair-dusted flesh, he felt the mortal's heartbeat and its quickness told him the man was truly aroused, not just offering payback or prepayment for the business deal they'd discussed. Not to mention the scent of his lust didn't lie.

Julian drew a deep breath and hesitation glistened in his eyes. "Is something wrong?”

"I've had a long night, Julian, and you're still healing. Not to mention we need to talk business.”

"Yes. Business. If you think I'm trying to bargain for a better offer --”

Sudsy narrowed his eyes. "You're good at getting what you want, aren't you, Julian?”

At that comment, Julian laughed sardonically. "Yeah I'm great at getting what I want. I'm unemployed, unattached and recovering from a stab wound. Everything is going exactly as I planned.”

Sudsy folded his arms across his chest and sighed deeply. This guy got to him and that could be either wonderful or dangerous. "I'll be glad to help, if you tell me what happened, because I don't believe for a second you were mugged.”

"Why would I lie?”

Shrugging, Sudsy said, "People have lots of reasons to lie. I don't think you're into anything illegal.”

"I'm not.”

"Then maybe it's someone you care about -- someone you're trying to protect?”

The look in Julian's eyes and the sudden skip of a heartbeat told Sudsy he was close to the truth. Sudsy was an excellent judge of character. He'd possessed that gift long before becoming a vampire.

"Whoever it is, are you certain he or she is worth risking your life for?”

Julian didn't reply and for several long moments they stared at each other, Sudsy willing the mortal to confess and Julian holding strong against the vampire's hypnotic gaze. Very few mortals could endure a vampire's probing stare without surrendering, but despite Julian's pretty boy appearance, he emanated underling toughness. He was a complex man and one Sudsy wanted to know better.

"I've had a long night,” Sudsy said. "And I need to get some sleep.”

When he headed for the door, Julian's long fingers curved snugly around his upper arm. Sudsy glanced at his hand then met Julian's piercing gaze.

"Sleep here,” Julian said, his voice soft but commanding.
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