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Aug 3, 2015

Sexy to Go series by Eva Lefoy, et al

Sexy to Go Vol1 Flat
Sexy to Go Vol2 Flat
Sexy to Go Vol3 Flat
Sex to Go Vol4 Flat
Sexy to Go Vol5 Flat
Sexy to Go Vol6 Flat
Sexy to Go Vol7 Flat
Sexy to Go
Vol 1
Sexy to Go
Vol 2
Sexy to Go
Vol 3
Sexy to Go
Vol 4
Sexy to Go
Vol 5
Sexy to Go
Vol 6
Sexy to Go
Vol 7
Seven sexy multi-author romance anthologies

Sexy to Go Vol7 3D
Sexy to Go Volume 7
by Eva Lefoy, Pamela Moran, Sorcha Mowbray, Sofia Grey, Leigh Ellwood, Haley Whitehall, Virginnia DeParte, Daisy Banks, Jocelyn Dex, Shiloh Saddler & Kathryn Lively

11 sexy book boyfriends to steal you away. Hot rock stars, billionaires, gigolos, PI’s, and even the boss! Erotic romance for women by women. A new volume every month, always delicious.

Genres: Romance (Contemporary, SciFi, Historical) & Romantic Suspense
Content/Themes: M/F, M/M, Billionaire, Rock Stars, Geeks, Cougars, Aliens, Psychic, Civil War, Post-Apocalyptic, Office romance, GLBT & more
Release Date: July 30, 2015
Publisher: Indie

Excerpts, Vols 1-6 & More

Volume 7 Purchase links:  Amazon   ARe   iTunes   Kobo   B&N

First Class by Jocelyn Dex
Shay fantasizes about Max after their sexy plane experience, but when she finds out his true identity, she fears she’ll be fired for her wanton behavior. Will Shay lose her job or just her panties?
First Class Excerpt:
When she looked up, her breath caught in her throat, her stomach dropping. Max, looking as gorgeous as he had on the plane, strode right toward her. He wore a similar dark gray suit that was obviously custom tailored to fit his tall, muscular frame perfectly.

His eyes were cold, no recognition in them. When he offered her his hand and said, “Max Steel,” she looked at him dumbly for long seconds before finding her brain. Did he really not remember her? Was she that forgettable?

She grasped his hand, the one that had brought her to orgasm, and her whole body flushed. “Um, Shay. Shay Tills.”

He inclined his head as he released her hand. “I’d like to speak with you about this department. Pick your brain for streamlining the processes within and such.”

What? Why would he be interested in…Oh my God! Steel. His last name was Steel. As in Steel Solutions. She’d been finger-fucked on a plane by the owner of the company she worked for.

“Uh,” her voice cracked, throat suddenly dry, “Danny is the shipping manager. He’d be more helpful than I would.”

Max stared at her hard and she was about to crack up, hysterics bubbling inside her. Thankfully Danny happened to notice the boss was in the room and hurried over.

“Mr. Steel. What brings you down here? What can I do for you?”

“You can find someone to cover for Miss Tills. I require a meeting with her.”

Danny didn’t do a good job of hiding his surprise. “Sure, she has lunch in thirty minutes if that works for you.”

“She’ll take lunch now. Come, Miss Tills. My office.”

Max didn’t wait for her as he walked out.
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Landscapes of Love Part 1 by Virginnia De Parte
Sally is stunned when Louise admits that her gardener, Raffety Blake is providing her with “extras.” From the small print on his business card Sally has no problem understanding the meaning of that word ‘extras’. In this case the fine print is definitely worth reading. Louise’s recent bloom isn’t all the result of good health.

Sally needs a gardener and she needs the extras as well. Raffety Blake is a man of charm and inventiveness. As well as his magic touch in the garden he indulges Sally and she blossoms under his care.

Follow the seasons as these two cougars enjoy watching their gardens return to rude health as Raffety Blake endeavors to tame their cravings.

Landscapes of Love Excerpt:
Sally looked around, leaned over the table toward her friend and whispered,

“Even his phone number is provocative - 202 6969. Honestly Lou’ is this man for real?”

She put the business card down and slid it with the tip of her long scarlet fingernail across the white linen tablecloth back to Louise. Around them the restaurant conversations buzzed, rising and falling in volume like an ocean wave, a background noise that at times drowned out their own discussion.

“I can guarantee he is, Sally. Every pulsating inch of him,” said Louise. “Keep the card. I know his number by heart.” Louise pushed the card back.

Did she have no shame? “You hire him as your gardener and he provides extra services at your request.” She didn’t expect an answer, she was simply reaffirming what she’d just been told. Her friend nodded. Yes, Louise had blossomed of late. Today she looked beautiful. Not because of the elegant hair style, nor the pearls resting at the base of her long neck and not for the soft, pastel blue, silk blouse that draped her bodice. Her beauty glowed from within. Her hair, a charcoal blend of grey and black shone with good health and a sparkle danced in her eyes. Sally hadn’t seen her friend look so attractive for several years, since before Henry died.

Catching a rising wave of conversation she held the card aloft read and loud, “‘Raffety Blake, Gardener Extraordinaire, Wisteria trimmed, hysteria tamed’ I see the last two words are in very small print.” Glancing up she caught the smirk on Louise’s face. “’Specializes in the eradication of widow’s weeds’. Now that’s rather pointed. ‘Lawns, edges, pavings – pruning, thinning and cravings. All undertaken with specialist care’. Has the man no shame?”

“It doesn’t appear so. He’s very good, Sal’. I’m feeling better than I have since Henry died.”

“I can see that.” She leaned forward, pitching her voice low so Louise could hear, but not the people at the next table. “Do you order what you want – or leave it up to him? I can’t imagine crooking my finger and saying ‘come here, I need to be serviced’. It seems a bit cold-blooded to me.” Despite the words coming from her mouth, a tightening in her lower pelvis and her longing to be loved made her wonder if she should stop on the way home and buy a vibrator. She’d been putting it off for two years, hoping her craving for sex would ease, but perhaps the time had come, unless Louise’s gardener could satisfy her need.

“How did you come by this gem?” she pressed. Her friend would need to give this man a glowing reference before she’d let him into her home. Sex in the garden, whilst exciting on occasions wasn’t something she wanted to do unless she checked out the undergrowth first. Nettles on the bottom? The very thought made her buttocks tingle. “Do you trust him?”

“I saw his business card pinned to the notice board at the supermarket. I was actually looking for someone to do some work around the garden, but the wording piqued my interest. I took his card thinking the wording might have been a misprint, but I rang him anyway. He came for an interview and…” At this point a pink tide rose to cover Louise’s neck and face. “The rest is history, as they say.”
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Geek Overboard #2 by Kathryn Lively
How did Natalie go from jilted girlfriend to sci-fi celebrity in less then a day? A kiss at the pool from a B-list actor may be her ticket to an out of this world adventure.
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Dreamwalker: Finders, Inc. by Pamela Moran
When psychic PI, Flint Payson, accuses Dreamwalker, Iona Brooks, of stealing from his client, all bets are off. Flint never expected navigating the dream world to be quite so treacherous. Or so sensual. Can he keep his hands off Iona long enough to discover the truth?
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Rewriting the Law Part 5 by Daisy Banks
What is found in the sands of Jagan is owned. Ansgar discovered his off-worlder and claimed her. His discovery of her secret desires means he will never think of the Law’s punishment in the same way again. But there is more to their mating. Somehow he must help her complete her mission or lose her.
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Sing for Me by Haley Whitehall
Kate is a lady of the night and works at the Bird Cage in Butte, Montana. She keeps her heart closed, and figures her life will be as lonely as her mama’s until a miner, Cliff Jensen, makes her a promise for the future.
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Meeting the Parents by Sofia Grey
Daisy has a bad feeling about taking her rock star boyfriend home to meet her family. Charlie doesn’t take anything—or anyone—seriously. Will their fledging relationship survive the visit?
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Rescued by the Billionaire by Eva Lefoy
Madison falls off the tour boat in Lake Union and swims for the shore. There she’s rescued by a billionaire with a preference for plus-sized women who’ll pull out all the stops to keep her to himself.
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GLBT Stories

Love & Survival by Sorcha Mowbray
Best friends since they were kids Liam Whelan and Nate Lords struggle to survive in a post-apocalypse civilization where the government is crumbling. Dramatic changes in their lives will either drive them apart or bring them closer together than they ever imagined.
Love & Survival Excerpt:
In the back room he walked in to find a bare-chested Nate. Every muscle rippled under the dim glow of the gas lighting. His best friend’s lean muscular build was familiar, and in that moment a welcome sight.

“You’re soaked.” Nate took a step toward him.

“It’s raining.” He closed the door and faced his roommate.

“Liam, please you have to stop with this self-punishment.” Worry creased his bro’s brow and darkened his blue eyes.

It wasn’t so much punishment, as a need to remind himself he still lived. “Pain is all I can feel anymore.” He stepped closer to the man he’d known and trusted for so long. Something deep inside pressed outward, sought a seam or crack to escape. Hesitant to acknowledge whatever it was and confused by the storm brewing inside, he stopped short.

Something flashed in his friend’s gaze, but whatever it was disappeared as quick as it had come. Nate clamped his jaw tight, spun around, and opened a cabinet behind him. “Get out of those wet things.”

Liam obeyed, lost in the swirl of pain and sorrow. He peeled the wet shirt from his torso and then shucked his boots and jeans. Nate hadn’t turned back around, but tossed him a towel. “You’ll feel better once you get warm and dry.”

“Nate, it’s my inside that’s cold. Not my skin. I don’t know how to live with their deaths. It’s my fault they’re gone.” He finished drying off and wrapped the damp terry cloth around his hips.

His bro whipped back around and locked a hand on the back of his neck as he hauled him in close. “What happened to our family is not your fault. If we had been there, chances are we’d be dead right along with them.”

Pain speared through his chest. “But what if—”

“Stop it. Stop it right now. Is this what you’ve been doing for the last month? Stoically walking around here believing you could have changed the outcome that day?” Nate cursed under his breath. “You couldn’t have saved them. We couldn’t have saved them. I fucking miss them, too. That was my family of choice. But nothing I can do will bring them back.”

Nate’s grip tightened on the back of his neck, forced him to meet his pain filled gaze.

“They wouldn’t want you torturing yourself like this. They would want you to move on. To live.”

To love.

Nate didn’t say the words, but something unfathomable in Liam’s soul shifted as the words reverberated deep inside him. He was right; he couldn’t continue to wallow in their loss. But he also didn’t know how to let go of the pain. “How? How do I live again?”

As though the question unblocked a dam of sorrow, his anguish welled over the walls he’d erected and flooded him. His legs shook with the effort to stand as the pain and loss crested. His physical form could no longer support the emotional weight. Muscle and bone failed, letting him collapse into a heap on the floor. Tears poured from him in great wracking sobs as reality slammed into him like a biker hitting pavement at eighty miles an hour. It felt like a fatal collision.

And then strong arms wrapped around him. Human warmth cocooned his icy limbs. He shuddered with the force of his grief, but latched on to his anchor in the storm. Nate held him, stroked his shaggy head, and whispered promises.

“I’ll always be here for you.” Nate’s soothing tone burrowed beyond the pain to wrap around his aching heart. “I’m your family now.”
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Surprise Waiting by Shiloh Saddler
James is hired out for a month to repay for Daniel’s loan. Separated from his lover, he imagined his life would be lonely. He never expected two surprises waiting for him on the Moore plantation.
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On the Sly, Part 2 by Leigh Ellwood
The Jackson Park Jumper is caught, or is he? Colin isn't convinced and he's willing to take the law into his own hands. Tru, however, is determined to keep him safe.
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Sexy to Go Vol6 3D
Sexy to Go Volume 6
by Sorcha Mowbray, Jocelyn Dex, Kathryn Lively, Pamela Moran,
Daisy Banks, Allie Ritch, Haley Whitehall, Shiloh Saddler, Leigh Ellwood, Sofia Grey & Eva Lefoy

11 sizzling stories for women who like it hot! Erotic romance for women by women featuring contemporary, paranormal, BDSM, and more.

Genre: Erotic Romance
Content/Theme(s): M/F, M/M, Shifters, SciFi, Contemporary, Historical, BDSM, Ghosts, GLBT & much more
Release Date: June 30, 2015
Publisher: Indie


Volumne 6 Purchase links: Amazon   ARe   iTunes   Kobo   B&N

Command Performance by Sorcha Mowbray
Can a billionaire playboy take charge of a headstrong ballerina or will she lead him a merry chase before dancing off into the sunset?

First Class by Jocelyn Dex
Shay is terrified to fly, but when a sexy-as-sin man sits next to her in first class, he provides a distraction that changes her outlook on flying and leaves her longing for more.

Geek Overboard, #1 by Kathryn Lively
Dumped at the last minute by her boyfriend, Natalie is stuck on a cruise ship with hundreds of sci-fi fans. She intends to make the most of it...maybe that handsome man by the pool can help.

Dreamwalker: Dream Date by Pamela Moran
Dreamwalker Lee Jacobs needs answers to who shot him, to who wanted him dead. Can a dream date with sexy Dr. Brynn Keegan, a researcher at the Lucid Dream Center, help him find the answers? Or will that date only lead to murder?

Rewriting the Law, Part 4 by Daisy Banks
Elana attempts to leave the safety of the bakery. She discovers Jagan law is implacable, or at least it is when administered by the broad palm of Ansgar. His promise to listen to her tale once the law is satisfied isn’t the only reward for obedience.

Alien Sex Life an Alien Sex Ed by Allie Ritch
Can alien lovers negotiate a life together? Four-armed Valene is madly in love with Apax, but she’s nervous about her impending marriage.

Pleasured by a Ghost by Haley Whitehall
Confederate soldier Randal Hartford promised his intended he’d wed her after the war and make her dreams come true. Killed at the Battle of Shiloh, he returns in ghostly form. Although not the reunion she expected, he fulfills her every fantasy.

GLBT Stories

Love or Money by Shiloh Saddler
After being attacked, Daniel owes Dr. Abrams a lot for saving his life and nursing him back to health. Only the doctor asks for a night with his lover, James, as payment. Could this destroy their relationship or open a new door?

On the Sly, Part 1 by Leigh Ellwood
It's 1989, and somebody is attacking gay man in Archer Beach. Officer Jeremy Truman is determined to find the assailant, and protect Colin.

Daylight (48 Hours #3)by Sofia Grey
Joel is happily falling in love with his new boyfriend, Anton, so why is he attracted to Anton’s female roommate? He doesn’t do girls any more – especially not when he has everything he wants in Anton.

Unburied Hatchet by Eva Lefoy
The pack’s move is delayed by a double childbirth. Afterward, Casi experiences her first shift, but on return home, discovers a brutal attack on the pack will separate her from everyone she loves.
Volumne 6 Purchase links: Amazon   ARe   iTunes   Kobo   B&N

Sexy to Go Vol5 3D
Sexy to Go Volume 5
by Virginnia De Parte, Tara Quan, Allie Ritch, Pamela Moran, Daisy Banks, Jocelyn Dex, Leigh Ellwood, Sofia Grey, Sorcha Mowbray, Eva Lefoy
& Shiloh Saddler

This May, purple is the new black! Join us for Volume 5 of Sexy to Go, the only erotic romance boxed set that matches the thermometer degree for degree and always leaves you wanting more.

Genre: Romance, multi-genre
Content/Theme(s): M/F, M/M, Urban Fantasy, Contemporary, Fantasy, Demons, Cowboys, Shifters
Release Date: May 28, 2015
Publisher: Indie


Volume 5 Purchase links:  Amazon   ARe   iTunes   Kobo   B&N

Black Dress and Pearls by Virginnia De Parte
Rachel is mad keen on competitions and spends time, while recovering from an accident, entering them. She wins ‘dinner with the sponsor’ as a prize for contest she can’t remember taking part in. She’s had memory problems since the accident but who wouldn’t welcome a dining experience - and a break from looking after her toddler, Julian?

Her dining partner is good-looking, charming and still single. Why hasn’t someone snaffled him up and why does he have an air of sadness?

Reflected Pleasures by Tara Quan
A shopping trip turns sexy when Kailee’s dominant husband steers her to a private boutique. To reward his patience, Damien demands a striptease from his reluctant bride—one they both get to watch.

In Deep by Allie Ritch
Elandra’s people are magically connected to the sea, but an act of heroism leaves her scarred and terrified of the water. Dorian is determined to overcome her fear…by offering his sexy body as bait.

Dreamwalker: This Time by Pamela Moran
Something is stalking Tessa's dreams. Is Cole, her Dreamwalker ex-lover, willing to risk his heart to keep her safe, or has that bridge been completely burnt to ashes?

Rewriting the Law Part 3 by Daisy Banks
Retrieval officer Elana Harnip is saved from death in the Jagan desert by Ansgar, a Jagan male who longs for a mate. She discovers there is no fragrance sweeter than his. The water he offers stimulates her hormones so she can only find satisfaction with him. Physicality overwhelms all her cool logic and emotions she thought controlled rise, forcing her to question all she knows.

Demon's Bounty by Jocelyn Dex
When the Network hires a siren named Lydie, things get a lot more complicated for veteran demon hunter Tanner, and a lot hotter. Passion ignites when Tanner decides to give in to his desires and sample what Lydie is offering.

Sly Fox, Part 2 by Leigh Ellwood
Better late than never! After years of living a lie, Adrian is finally out and proud. He's ready to make up for lost time with Anson, but are they rushing things?

Sunrise by Sofia Grey
After a passionate night with his new lover, Joel gets a shock in the morning. A naked girl in bed with them. Has Anton been entirely honest with him?

Roping His Cowboy (One Night with a Cowboy) by Sorcha Mowbray
Brig and Shane have been long time roping partners and best friends. But, after a drunken kiss everything changes. The question is, can Shane snag the cowboy of his heart or will he get away?

Mate me or Hate me by Eva Lefoy
Still reeling from the revelation of her shifter heritage, Casi and her unborn baby are threatened by another pack. As she and Snake grow closer, Liam attempts to claim her for his own.

That’s How It Is by Shiloh Saddler
Daniel and James run into an acquaintance in town who agrees to loan them the money they need to pay the bank. Things are looking up until Daniel is attacked. Will James’ love save him?
Volume 5 Purchase links:  Amazon   ARe   iTunes   Kobo   B&N

Sexy to Go Vol4 3D
Sexy to Go Volume 4
by Tara Quan, Eva Lefoy, Sofia Grey, Jocelyn Dex, Daisy Banks, Sotia Lazu, Pamela Moran, Leigh Ellwood, Sorcha Mowbray & Shiloh Saddler

April showers bring May flowers and erotic romance stories filled with BDSM, contemporary and historical lovers, psychics, erotic science fiction and paranormal twists. With so many stories to choose from, there’s no way to read just one, so read them all!

Genre: Erotic Romance, multi-genre
Content/Theme(s): M/F, M/M, Leprechaun, FBI, BDSM, Rock stars, Shifters, GLBT
Release Date: April 29, 2015
Publisher: Indie


Volume 4 Purchase links:  Amazon   ARe   iTunes   Kobo   B&N

Broad Daylight by Tara Quan
After sneaking off to confront the woman her husband had almost married, Kailee faces immediate reprisal. Damien has a creative punishment in store for his reluctant bride, one involving an audience.

Ghosts From the Past by Eva Lefoy
Called before the Supreme Shifter Council, Casi faces the repercussions of her impulsive actions, and their impact on the pack, but instead of reprimand, she receives the shock of her life.

A Proper Rock Chick by Sofia Grey
Rock star Charlie has stolen Daisy’s heart, but is she enough to satisfy him? A weekend away in London might just be enough to turn her into a proper rock chick.

Claimed by a Leprechaun by Jocelyn Dex
Desperate to claim Sky and to explain his disappearance, Desmond takes drastic measures. Will Sky embrace Desmond and his world, or will she run in horror?

Rewriting the Law, Part 2 by Daisy Banks
Ansgar Vorstil has discovered a lone female who has wandered in from the desert. Though an off-worlder she fulfills all requirements of a mate. She drank the water he offered, allowed him to strip her profane garb, and he will claim her.

The Boss’s Brother by Sotia Lazu
June expects to get fired, after how she’s been ogling her boss’s brother, Dorian. She's in the midst of her own pity party when Dorian shows up. June gives him a piece of her mind—and then some.

Dreamwalker: Touched by Pamela Moran
Sent to protect a local lawman from a Cartel Dreamwalker, FBI agent Shaye Taggart is shocked to find the tables turned as sexy Sheriff Hawkins walks right into her dreams.

Sly Fox by Leigh Ellwood
Anson Fox moves to Archer Beach for a fresh start in life. He has designs on his older, gorgeous boss, but Adrian Sinclair is new to dating men. What better way to start than with the new guy in town?

Due Diligence Part 2 by Sorcha Mowbray
Lucas Bowerton needs to confirm the CFO of Darrington, Inc, Adriana Leighton, lives up to her resume. He never expected to find a sexy submissive he'd break all the rules to posses. Together they will discover if due diligence will pay off.

Almost Goodbye by Shiloh Saddler
Daniel and James are about to sell their cotton harvest. If it doesn’t bring the money needed then the bank will take James to cover the debt. Daniel wants to give his dark lover enough pleasure to last a lifetime, something they can remember if this is goodbye.
Volume 4 Purchase links:  Amazon   ARe   iTunes   Kobo   B&N

Sexy To Go Volume 3 3D
Sexy to Go Volume 3
by Tara Quan, Virginnia De Parte, Jocelyn Dex, Sofia Grey, Daisy Banks, Eva Lefoy, Pamela Moran, Leigh Ellwood, Sorcha Mowbray & Shiloh Saddler

Ten authors bring you erotic romance stories filled with BDSM, regency splendor, contemporary lovers and paranormal twists.

With so many stories to choose from, there’s no way to read just one, so read them all!

Genre: Erotic Romance, multi-genre
Content/Theme(s): M/F, M/M, Leprechaun, Vampires, BDSM, Mates, Marriage of convenience, Interracial,
Release Date: March 30, 2015
Publisher: Indie


Volume 3 Purchase links:  Amazon   ARe   iTunes   Kobo   B&N

Water Games by Tara Quan
Certain her marriage of convenience won’t last, Kailee seeks emotional distance from her dominant husband. As punishment, Damien interrupts her shower, binds her wrists, and seduces her submission.

Sensuous Sensibilities by Virginnia De Parte
When Archie St.John gallops up the drive on Bacchus, Abigail's heart leaps, despite being cross with him for missing their assignation. He is set on winning her love, but can she marry him when she carries a burden that darkens her moods?

Gettin' Lucky with a Leprechaun by Jocelyn Dex
When Desmond, the mysterious hunk of hotness, leads Sky to the end of the rainbow, will she find a pot of gold, or will she just get lucky?

Just a Bit of Fun by Sofia Grey
Harlie’s a player. Daisy is a nice girl.
He wants a fling. Will she be happy with just a bit of fun?

Rewriting the Law, Part 1 by Daisy Banks
Retired warrior Ansgar Vorstil finds his world is flipped upside down with his discovery of a stray female. The off-worlder is exquisite, perfect, and his for the taking—if he can cope with her strange ways.

Reunited by Eva Lefoy
Casi runs from her new mate, Flint, determined to not take their so-called mating seriously. But when the bond kicks in, she returns to his side and finds Dahlia and Liam have come back. In Dahlia’s arms, mating doesn’t seem so silly anymore.

Dreamwalker: Power of Attraction by Pamela Moran
Law of attraction takes on a completely different meaning when Audra gets pulled into the dream of the sexy man she’s just met. Can she and Trigg hold on long enough to figure out what’s real?

He’s So Sly by Leigh Ellwood
Terence and Evan have known each other forever. They may have made a great couple, but the timing was never right. Now they’re both single, and Terence wants to make up for lost time.

Due Diligence by Sorcha Mowbray
Lucas Bowerton needs to confirm the CFO of Darrington, Inc, Adriana Leighton, lives up to her resume. He never expected to find a sexy submissive he'd break all the rules to posses. Together they will discover if due diligence will pay off.

Love Hurts by Shiloh Saddler
When James punches the nosy neighbor intent on buying their land out from under them, his efforts to protect his white lover cause him both pain and pleasure.
Volume 3 Purchase links:  Amazon   ARe   iTunes   Kobo   B&N

Sexy to Go Vol2 3D
Sexy to Go Volume 2
by Tara Quan, Jocelyn Dex, Sofia Grey, Ann Gimpel, Shiloh Saddler, Allyson Lindt, Nerika Parke, Leigh Ellwood, Daisy Banks, Pamela Moran, Eva Lefoy

11 new stories full of sensuous aliens, shifters, stranded commuters, dominant husbands and naughty neighbors. We promise to tempt, tease, and deliver the hotness you desire!

Genre: Erotic romance, multi-genre
Content/Theme(s): M/F, M/M, Aliens, Shifters, Submission, Exhibitionist, Cops, Farmers, Fantasies, Second chances & more
Release Date: February 26, 2015
Publisher: Indie


Volume 2 Purchase links:  Amazon   ARe   iTunes   Kobo   B&N

Lip Service by Tara Quan
Forced into a marriage of convenience, Damien discovers an intense attraction to his new bride. When Kailee's past prevents their pleasure, this dominant groom must teach her the joys of submission.

Neighborhood Watch by Jocelyn Dex
Happily married Astral would never cheat on her husband, but when the moving guy next door sparks her exhibitionist fantasy, will she take it too far and get herself in trouble?

Blackout by Sofia Grey
A breakdown and blackout on the late train home, could be bad news. But for Anton, stuck in a carriage with the sexy stranger of his dreams, it could be the hottest encounter he's ever had.

Roman’s Gold by Ann Gimpel
Devon’s been a cop for a long time, but he can’t get his latest target’s stunning body and coppery hair out of his mind. Maybe an afternoon delight will obliterate his fantasies—at least for a while.

Lust in Bloom by Shiloh Saddler
During cotton harvest Daniel and James spend their days picking and nights in each other’s arms. They must guard against a nosy neighbor intent on taking their farm and separating the lovers forever.

Roll Against Fantasy by Allyson Lindt
A daring trip to a topless beach goes from hot to scorching for Tasha when Ryan pushes all the right buttons, both physically and through fantasy, and strips away her inhibitions.

One More Chance by Nerika Parke
Eleven years ago, Calum was Ella's first love, before her family moved away and they lost each other. With a chance to see him again, she is determined to finally put all thoughts of him in the past. But he proves harder to get over than she'd anticipated.

An Arresting Development by Leigh Ellwood
Shy, geeky Wynton's idea of a good time is a marathon role playing game. After meeting Mitch, he's tempted to put away his seven-sided dice and play something different.

First Contact by Daisy Banks
Clancy hopes to claim first contact with an alien life force. When her dream comes true she agrees development of interstellar relations needs more interaction, and after their first encounter, she can hardly get enough.

Dreamwalker: Nighstcape by Pamela Moran
Reggie and Cliff have a common goal: Keep her patient and his friend from being killed. If they can keep their hands off of each other, they might stand a chance of them all coming out of this alive.

Bound by the Beta by Eva Lefoy
Casi ventures to the alpine music hall once more, and meets a sexy new wolf. His kisses set her aflame, but after their lovemaking end he demands they mate. Will she run or will curiosity and her desire to see Dahlia again make her stay?
Volume 2 Purchase links:  Amazon   ARe   iTunes   Kobo   B&N

Sexy to Go Vol1 3D
Sexy to Go Volume 1
by Tara Quan, Eva Lefoy, Allie Ritch, Sofia Grey, Jocelyn Dex, Allyson Lindt, Ann Gimpel, Leigh Ellwood, Nerika Parke, Pamela Moran & Shiloh Saddler

Sizzling short stories from top-selling authors.

Sample romance in all its flavors. From paranormal to contemporary, you’ll find your fix here.

Genre: Erotic Romance, multi-genre
Content/Theme(s): M/F, M/M, Menage, Shifters, Fae, Sidhe, Music, Psychic, Sorceress, Spanking, Vampires, BDSM, Contemporary, Historical, SciFi & much more
Release Date: January 27, 2015
Publisher: Indie


Volume 1 Purchase links:  Amazon   iTunes   Kobo   B&N

Punishing the Messenger by Tara Quan
When her flighty cousin bails hours before the wedding, Kailee Chan is forced to deliver the news. The dominant groom punishes her instead, and her submission leads to a far more serious commitment.

Trio Concerto by Eva Lefoy
Casi suffers a scheduling mishap, but finds impromptu sex in the forest fulfils more than one personal fantasy. When the sexy shifters vanish, she’s left with an invitation to return. Does she dare?

To Love Again by Allie Ritch
Kara is a reincarnated sorceress who has cheated death to return to her vampire lover again and again. She always comes back to Griffin. And she always leaves him, too. Now the anniversary of her first death has arrived, and she’s fated to die. Will she finally let Griffin turn her so they can be together forever? Or will she love him again in the next life?

Faking It by Sofia Grey
Lucy can’t believe her luck. Upgrade to 1st class flight and a hot hunk in the next seat. He’d never be interested in a geek, so maybe it’s time to reinvent herself? Faking it has never been such fun.

Assistant Seduction by Jocelyn Dex
When the temp agency sends Kyla a hunky male assistant, who looks as if he stepped out of one of her erotic stories, will she get more than she bargained for?

Unconventional Spark by Allyson Lindt
If Jade can’t learn to balance business and pleasure, she’ll lose the best thing that’s ever happened to her—the unconventional spark she shares with her boyfriend, Brandon

Dancing in the Flame by Ann Gimpel
Keira’s an indentured hooker. Mired in the hopelessness of her dreams, she longs for more and finds it in Barrett. He’s not what he seems, but neither is she—except she doesn’t know it yet.

Skin by Leigh Ellwood
Skin - One needs a tough skin to endure an unpleasant situation. When Lt. Andromeda Kurn is sentenced for damaging property during a shore leave, the skin suit she must wear enhances the pleasure of her punishment.

Meant to Be by Nerika Parke
A rock concert, a chance meeting with a sexy musician and a night on the beach turn Jessica’s unremarkable life upside down when she takes a weekend away for her birthday.

Dreamwalker: Key to Paradise by Pamela Moran
Pulled together through a world of dreams, Lena and Davis might have found the Key to Paradise. Can he convince her to take a chance, to believe in impossible possibilities, to hold on to their dream?

For His Pleasure by Shiloh Saddler
A black slave and white plantation owner’s son narrowly avoid being separated when the estate is sold. Forced into poverty they must work hard to survive. But through the hardship their love endures.
Volume 1 Purchase links:  Amazon   iTunes   Kobo   B&N

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Be on the lookout for more Sexy to Go volume releases: Vol 8 coming Aug 2015, Vol 9 coming Sept 2015, Vol 10 coming Oct 2015, Vol 11 coming Nov 2015, and Vol 12 coming Dec 2015

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