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Jun 23, 2015

Redheaded Stranger by Amie Stuart

Cover & Excerpt

Redheaded Stranger by Amie Stuart
Bluebonnet, Texas Book Three

RedheadStrangerWhen Keilana Boudreaux married the love of her life, Alexander Boudreaux, she understood that he was estranged from his family, but the birth of their son changes everything.

Nobody holds a grudge like a redhead—Alexander is proof of that. Ten years ago he found out his father had an affair…and a child. Unable to forgive or forget, he's stayed away until one fateful Thanksgiving when instead of telling his family about his own marriage (and child), he loses his cool.

But Zander isn’t the only one with a fiery temper. When Kei finds out what really happened, she issues an ultimatum—tell your family about us or else. Zander refuses and Kei takes matters into her own hands, packs up the car and heads for Bluebonnet, Texas, and her unsuspecting in-laws.

Warning: This book contains a secret baby (or two), family feuds, and married people having hot sexy times.

Genre: Contemporary Western Romance
Content/Theme(s): Cowboys, Interracial, Light Spanking, Holiday, Christmas
Release Date: June 12, 2015
Publisher: Indie

Excerpt & More

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The minute Alex hit the kitchen door, he knew Keilana was gone. Some of the cabinets had been left open, the pantry door hung open, and Darrach’s baby food was out of order. And, of course, his Tahoe was gone. He’d frantically searched their townhouse, every horrible thing that could go wrong running through his head on a perverse loop.

The townhouse wasn’t just quiet, it was dead. As if the very life had been sucked from it.

Quick calls to their credit card companies assured him she hadn’t taken off for Oahu without him. Another to her cell phone and he left a message after it automatically went to voicemail.

Next he tried the daycare. No, they hadn’t seen or heard from her since Darrach was supposed to be out all week, right Mr. Boudreaux?

He wandered around, lost and stunned that she hadn’t even left a note, before his legs finally gave way and he collapsed on the couch. He'd known something was wrong the minute he reached work. No one had called him, and no one knew anything about a break in any case.

The next time Alex checked his watch, almost an hour had passed. An hour he’d spent in a daze. He wiped his face, shocked when his hands came away damp. He took a deep, cleansing breath and tried to organize his thoughts. He had to get a grip, get himself under control.

Back upstairs he went to assess the damage and reassure himself that she’d left voluntarily. Closet doors were thrown open, a couple of her T-shirts had fallen to the floor, an extra tote bag had been tossed across the room, his favorite sweater was gone and there was a dusting of face powder on the bathroom cabinet. In Darrach’s room a few of his outfits had fallen to the floor, along with an empty diaper package, as if she’d packed in a hurry—which she had. If she’d been kidnapped—a thought that had crossed his mind—he doubted they would have stopped to pack her makeup or Darrach’s porta-crib.

She'd set him up so he’d be gone just long enough for her to take off with Darrach.

"Where" didn’t seem to matter since he couldn’t get past "gone".

Last but not least, he tried Connie, hoping she’d know something. Over the sounds of the twins and JJ fighting, he learned she’d stopped by that morning, and that Kei hadn’t mentioned any errands. When Connie suggested that Kei was planning a last-minute surprise for their anniversary, it hit him. Last minute wasn’t Kei’s routine, but neither was taking off with an exer-saucer shoved in the back of his Tahoe.

He should have seen it coming. He’d denied her what she wanted for an anniversary present, so she’d taken it instead. Planned it even.

He sank down onto the top step and scrubbed at his face, then his hair, at a loss as to his next move. Bluebonnet was the last place he wanted to go, but that’s where his wife was. With his son. And his parents. And his brothers. The world he’d built—his peaceful, orderly, perfect world—had just collided with the world he’d left behind.

A thought that turned his stomach.

Damn, Kei! He stood and headed to the bedroom. He might as well pack. Looked like he’d be spending Christmas in hell. Or at the very least, Christmas Eve.

Not an hour later, Alex was back in the Z4 and back on the highway, dialing Kei’s cell phone every twenty minutes.

He’d decided his freshman year of high school that ranching wasn’t where his future lay. His brother Ty was made for it, but not him and not Zack. A full scholarship to the University of Virginia had gotten Alex out of Bluebonnet; a trip home for Christmas his sophomore year had answered the burning question about why his parents didn’t get along when he’d discovered his father’s infidelity—and reaffirmed his decision to never come back; his brains and hard work had gotten him into the FBI Academy. Being sent to Texas had never been a part of his plan. He’d been hoping for the West Coast.

Then earlier this year, his mom had called and said that his half-sister—Delaney—was going to live with them, and he’d gone through the roof. As long as he’d stayed away, he was fine. But his brothers had called, begging and blackmailing and threatening to come get him for Thanksgiving, and the last thing he’d needed was them showing up on his doorstep in Dallas.

Just as he hit traffic in downtown Austin, his cell phone rang. Without even thinking, he answered, sure it was his wife. "Hey, baby?"

"Kei’s out in the living room talking with your mother."

Alex immediately tensed, growling as the traffic rushed around him. No way did he want to get into an argument with his father in the thick, fast-moving traffic.

"I’m driving. Can we talk later?"

"Where are you?"

He heard Darrach cooing in the background and realized his dad was holding his son. "Austin."

"Good. We’ll see you for dinner, then."

"Can I talk to my wife?"

"She’s busy."

The line went dead before he could get another word out. Once the traffic thinned out a bit, he dialed Kei’s cellphone again, only to get her voicemail.
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