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May 21, 2015

Brad by Sotia Lazu

Cover & Excerpt

Brad by Sotia Lazu
Threefold Trilogy Book Two

BradBrad Miller thought he was being attentive to his girlfriend's needs when he talked his best friend into having sex with her. It's Becca's fantasy he wants to fulfill, and that's the only reason he's trying to convince Colin to join the two of them on her birthday.

Colin stubbornly insists it's a bad idea. Feelings may develop and risk their friendship, as well as Brad's relationship with Becca. But Brad wants it all, and for the first time in his life, he doesn't want to think about consequences.

Until consequences catch up with him, and he's forced to admit an attraction he isn't prepared for.

Warning: The story includes two hot men being confused and sexy together, as well as with a big, beautiful woman.

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Content/Theme(s): Bisexuality, M/F, M/M, BBW, Rubenesque, GLBT
Release Date: May 15, 2015
Acelette Press
Excerpt & More

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“What I feel is wrong.” Colin still held on to Brad’s shirt.

“Not if it doesn’t hurt anyone.”

“It can hurt me,” Colin said through gritted teeth.

“I won’t let it.” Again Brad made a promise he didn’t fully understand. “If you fall for her, and she falls for you…maybe she won’t have to choose.” Where had that come from? He and Becca had invited Colin to their bed, not their relationship.

Colin’s eyes held confusion and something else. Hope? Whatever it was, it vanished as swiftly as it had appeared. “Please let it go. This isn’t good for any of us. What happened—I shouldn’t have done it.”

He regretted one of the best nights of Brad’s life.

Ice water poured through Brad veins. “I see. Okay.” He slapped Colin’s hands away, and turned to leave.

“I said I’d tell you the truth, so”—Colin took a sharp breath—“it’s not just about Becca. I can’t do this with you. ”

Brad faced him again. Studied his drawn face through narrowed eyes. Did Colin mean he wanted Becca to himself, or…

“If I keep seeing you naked, so close to me, eventually looking won’t be enough. I’ll slip, and I’ll touch you. And you’ll be disgusted by me.”

Brad could hear the unspoken ‘too.’ Colin had told him about his fallout with his brother, who’d waited until their father was hospitalized to spew bile at Colin for his sexual preferences. “I’m not Alan, Colin.”

Colin let out a forced laugh. “Oh, believe me, I know. I never wanted to fuck my brother.”

And there it was, out in the open. The one word that changed it all.


Colin wanted to fuck him.
Purchase link(s):  Amazon & more retailers coming soon
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