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Dec 28, 2014

Cover Reveal - Watch Me by Cynthia Eden

Cover & Excerpt

Watch Me
by Cynthia Eden
Dark Obsession Book One

Watch MeHe was hired to protect her.

Watching gorgeous Gwen Hawthorne wasn’t a hard job—but it certainly was tempting. Chance Valentine had tried to keep his distance from the sexy socialite for years, but when her father hired him to keep watch on her—as a twenty-four, seven bodyguard—Chance knew his control was about to be pushed to the limit.

He’d never wanted another woman the way he desired her. Hot. Intense. Consuming. Being so close to Gwen, Chance knew that he wouldn’t be able to resist her. So he gave into his need, her need, and he took them both to the edge of a dark and consuming desire.

But Chance soon realizes that he isn’t the only one watching Gwen. Someone else is out there, a stalker who won’t rest until Gwen is destroyed. Every day, every moment…Gwen is in danger. And Chance knows that if he can’t unmask the stalker, then he may just lose the only woman he has ever loved.

Watch me.

Genre: Romantic Suspense
Content/Theme(s): Military, Bodyguard, Thriller, Contemporary
Release Date: December 5, 2014
Publisher: Hocus Pocus Publishing, Inc.

Excerpt & More

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“You and me,” Chance murmured. “Let’s see what can happen between the two of us.”

Gwen already had a pretty good idea of what would happen. An explosion. No, maybe an implosion. They’d touch. They’d go wild. It would be awesome.

But then the aftermath would come. She’d just be left with ashes.

Been there, done that.

She slipped away from him. Raised her hand. Got a taxi to miraculously stop in about ten seconds.

Chance just watched her with those dark eyes of his.

“Good-bye, Chance,” she said as she reached for the cab’s door. She’d learned her lesson before. Some fires burned too hot. It was better to be cold than to go up in flames.

She slid into the cab and mumbled her destination to the driver. When the cab eased away from the curb, Gwen told herself not to look back at Chance. But, dammit, she did.

The snow was falling on him. His hands were thrust deep into the pockets of his jacket. And he was just…staring after her.

Gwen shivered in the cab. She didn’t know why Chance Valentine was suddenly back in her life, but she wasn’t dumb enough to believe his reappearance was due to some overwhelming desire for her.

If only.

She knew how Chance felt about her. Chance and his control…the man never let anyone or anything break through that iron control of his. And he sure as hell wasn’t coming after her because his need for her had grown too strong.

No, something else was happening. She just had to figure out what it was.

But if Chance is involved…it can’t be good.

Chance had been her father’s chief of security. The man who took care of any danger that arose. He had a well-deserved reputation for being a bad-ass.

So why was the bad-ass after her?
Purchase links:  Amazon  ARe  iTunes  Kobo  B&N  Google
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